Chapter 262: Rumors of the Upper Eighth Region

Chapter 262: Rumors of the Upper Eighth Region

That a young man with such potential and enlightenment had come from a third rate kingdom like the Eastern Kingdom made the old tutor sigh with amazement. Life certainly worked in wondrous ways, and sometimes there really was no logic to it.

He also privately felt that it was a shame such a young talent hadn’t been recognized in the Eastern Kingdom, and that this young genius had drifted outside instead. No wonder this Eastern Kingdom was a third rate kingdom.

“Jiang Chen, you absolutely cannot speak of this wondrous encounter of your youth to anyone else. To do would bring disaster to you.”

The old tutor truly cherished talent. He was discovering more and more interesting facets of this young man.

These aspects destined this young man to soar to prominence with a single leap, eventually rising to the heavens.

The great power held within this youth and his enormous luck wasn’t something that the so-called geniuses of the sixteen kingdoms could measure up to.

The old tutor’s heart suddenly warmed when he thought of this. Perhaps some new hope and possibility could be found in Jiang Chen?

“Jiang Chen, I’ve heard from Dan Fei that your recent demand...

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