Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor

Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor

Dan Fei didn’t seem to know much about the great selection either. What she did know came from snippets gleaned from the honored tutor.

“Jiang Chen, the honored tutor told me to come. He would like you to visit him tonight.”

Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t refuse the honored tutor’s invitation. And honestly speaking, he was quite interested in the great selection of the four sects.

“Alright, I will be sure to visit.” Jiang Chen agreed readily.

Come to think of it, it was time to visit the honored tutor after all. When Elder Iron had oppressed Jiang Chen last time, he might’ve been forced to expose the Goldbiter Rats if it hadn’t been for the honored tutor coming to his rescue.

Life wouldn’t have been that easy for Jiang Chen if that trump card had been exposed. Many old practitioners may have set their sights on him after that.

When Dan Fei took her leave, Jiang Chen thought for a moment and felt that he couldn’t go empty handed to visit the honored tutor.

But with the honored tutor’s level of existence, he may not be interested in any gift that Jiang Chen brought. He thought for a moment and took out brush and paper.

He first outlined thoroughly...

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