Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor

Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor

Dan Fei didn’t seem to know much about the great selection either. What she did know came from snippets gleaned from the honored tutor.

“Jiang Chen, the honored tutor told me to come. He would like you to visit him tonight.”

Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t refuse the honored tutor’s invitation. And honestly speaking, he was quite interested in the great selection of the four sects.

“Alright, I will be sure to visit.” Jiang Chen agreed readily.

Come to think of it, it was time to visit the honored tutor after all. When Elder Iron had oppressed Jiang Chen last time, he might’ve been forced to expose the Goldbiter Rats if it hadn’t been for the honored tutor coming to his rescue.

Life wouldn’t have been that easy for Jiang Chen if that trump card had been exposed. Many old practitioners may have set their sights on him after that.

When Dan Fei took her leave, Jiang Chen thought for a moment and felt that he couldn’t go empty handed to visit the honored tutor.

But with the honored tutor’s level of existence, he may not be interested in any gift that Jiang Chen brought. He thought for a moment and took out brush and paper.

He first outlined thoroughly all the information about the Five Winged Lesser Dragon, including key areas to note when raising and awakening them.

Although this material may not aid the Five Winged Dragon in awakening immediately, there would be greater hope for it to awaken if the honored tutor kept to these instructions for a prolonged period of time.

Otherwise, with the honored tutor’s inexperienced way of raising the Five Winged Dragon, it was indeed wasting its ancient bloodline.

With the way things were, there wasn’t even much hope for it to break through to the saint rank.

But how was the true potential of the Five Winged Dragon only at this level?

Apart from the methods to raise the Five Winged Dragon, Jiang Chen also outlined the ways to raise the Silvermoon Monsterapes, holding nothing back.

There was no need to conceal anything. Jiang Chen rather admired and was generous to his own people.

The honored tutor and Dan Fei didn’t count as outsiders anymore.

Setting aside their pre-existing relationship, the fact that the honored tutor had helped him out this time was enough to warrant Jiang Chen bringing a great gift.

Jiang Chen put away this material carefully when he finished.

He didn’t bring any personal guards with him when night fell and set off for the tutor’s manor alone.

The tutor’s manor was in a quiet and beautiful place. Everytime he came here, he had the feeling that he was on an island of quiet within the city. He was also curious that with the honored tutor’s power, why did he insist on remaining in seclusion in an ordinary kingdom instead of entering a sect? This didn’t make any sense from the angle of martial dao training.

Dan Fei leaned against the doorframe. Her lithe figure looked even more slender and tall beneath the dusk, giving others a feeling of mysteriousness.

“Tsk tsk, Sister Dan Fei, are you really trying to charm people to death? How will the men passing by on the street bear to return home with you standing here like this?”

Jiang Chen joked when he saw Dan Fei.

In actuality, there was no one who would pass by where the tutor manor was. Ordinary people couldn’t even enter this neighborhood at all.

It wasn’t that Ye Chonglou put on airs or wanted special treatment, it was that the royal family didn’t allow interruptions to disturb the honored tutor’s life.

When she heard Jiang Chen make fun of her, Dan Fei gave tit for tat as her charming eyes rolled and she smiled slightly, “Then don’t go home. You wouldn’t miss those two followers now, would you?”

“As charming as they are, they’re not as charming as you, sister Dan Fei.”

Dan Fei smiled with pride, “You have an eye for beauty after all. Come, the honored tutor has waited a long time for you.”

Jiang Chen didn’t dare linger when he heard that the honored tutor had been waiting for him, and he followed Dan Fei inside.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’re here.” The honored tutor was in a great mood when he saw Jiang Chen. “Come come come, I couldn’t bear to drink the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that you gave me last time. That’s what we’ll be drinking today!”

Jiang Chen hastened to say, “We can drink the wine, but we can’t drink yours, we should drink mine. The honored tutor should keep the jug that I gave you.”

Jiang Chen quickly took out a flask of spirit rank wine from his storage ring.

“Alright, alright, then this old man will take advantage of you one more time.” The honored tutor was in fabulous spirits as he put out three cups of old vines. “Come, little Dan, taste this too. This kind of wine isn’t easily procured.”

Dan Fei usually didn’t dare to sit in front of the honored tutor, but she had to listen to the honored tutor’s words.

Jiang Chen moved adroitly when he saw Dan Fei sat down. He immediately filled the cups of old vines with wine.

Dan Fei had heard the honored tutor compliment this wine before but she had never had the chance to taste it. However, anything that Jiang Chen brought out would most likely be astonishing.

Of this, the effect of the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill on Elder Ning was the most prominent.

Indeed, Dan Fei immediately felt a wondrous sensation that she’d never experienced before as soon as the wine slid into her mouth.

Dan Fei had never been interested in drinking before, but not only did she not frown this time, her lips grew even more urgent as she drained all the wine within the cup.

“Well?” Even the honored tutor asked with a smile.

Dan Fei placed her cup down as a strand of red floated onto her cheeks, making her appeareven more alluring.

“Mm, this wine is more than ten times better than the ones you used to drink.” Dan Fei nodded.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you should be proud of yourself! Little Dan has always viewed drinking wine as a burden. You’re the first to ever make her feel that wine tastes good.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “The saying goes that ‘fine wine goes with great heroes’. It looks like it’s a bit inaccurate. Fine wine and beautiful women bring out the best in each other as well.”

“Hahaha, well said, well said!” The honored tutor laughed heartily.

Dan Fei wasn’t the sort to become bashful or feel awkward like a little girl when Jiang Chen complimented her.

“Come, Jiang Chen, I’ll drink with you.” Dan Fei poured a glass of wine as her usually straightforward demeanor made an appearance again.

“Sure.” Jiang Chen was also similarly decisive.

Dan Fei raised her glass, “This wine is to thank you for accompanying me in the maze realm.”

Jiang Chen smiled, “I think I should be the one to thank you instead. I’ve heard from the others that you’ve always been a lone, heroic damsel, and that you have never formed teams.”

Dan Fei smiled faintly, “It’s not that I don’t form teams, it’s that there’s no one worthy of me forming a team with them.”

Ye Chonglou chuckled, looking at Dan Fei and then at Jiang Chen, his smile became more and more meaningful. However, the old tutor was quite shrewd and only smiled without saying anything.

Jiang Chen tossed his head back and drained his cup. “Alright, one should see good deeds through to the end. Honored tutor, sister Dan Fei, I’ve come in a rush this time and haven’t prepared many gifts. These two sets of information may be of some use to you. I hope you like it.”

“I don’t even need to look at it to know it’s something good. It’s a gift from you after all.” The honored tutor smiled. “Little Dan, take it, take it.”

He reminded Jiang Chen at the same time, “Heh heh, Jiang Chen, come and visit often if you have nothing to do in the future.”

Jiang Chen was momentarily speechless. He seemed to see old man Fei’s devilish shadow on the honored tutor’s figure for a second. This kind of smile was one from poor relations welcoming a rich man to come visit their house often.

What for? Because he came bearing good gifts.

Dan Fei took the sheaf of papers and flicked a cursory glance through it, her body stiffening slightly she sent a look of surprise towards Jiang Chen.

“This is so you don’t say I kept things to myself. I’ve taught you everything. It’s up to you how you raise it.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Dan Fei nodded multiple times in quick succession. She then puffed her chest out as if declaring war on Jiang Chen, “With these exclusive methods, the Monsterapes I raise will absolutely not lose to yours! Want to bet on it?”

“Let’s not, if we really let awakened Monsterapes meet, they’ll definitely fight to the death. We wouldn’t be able to separate them at all.” Jiang Chen hastily waved his hands.

“Right, honored tutor, you can study the material with regards to the Five Winged Dragon in greater detail. I once heard an expert say that it’s a given that a Five Winged Dragon will evolve to the saint rank. The saint rank is only its starting point, and stronger Five Winged Dragons can evolve to the earth, heaven, and even divine ranks.”

The honored tutor yanked the papers out of Dan Fei’s hands when he heard these words and started reading them with wide eyed wonder.

It’d been at least a hundred years since a look of such impatient enthusiasm had appeared on the old tutor’s face.

If anyone else in the Skylaurel Kingdom witnessed this scene, their jaws would’ve likely dropped with astonishment.

The honored tutor read without stopping for almost an hour, becoming more and more excited the further he read on. His long, white brows were almost dancing with eagerness.

The honored tutor finally put the materials aside when he was finished as he looked at Jiang Chen with eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “Jiang Chen, this old man rather admires you now. The unearthly expert whom you met when you were young was absolutely at the peak of existence in the world. Fortuitous, what a fortuitous turn of karma!”

Jiang Chen was likely the only person in all of the sixteen kingdoms that would cause the honored tutor to sigh with amazement and look at him with jealousy.

“What a pity, what a pity. If that expert had been willing to take you with him, that would’ve been an even more wondrous twist of fate. Jiang Chen, you were young then, if you were older and begged him to take you as his disciple, then your achievements in this lifetime would be even more extraordinary. Sigh!”

The honored tutor did indeed feel regretful on Jiang Chen’s behalf.

To run into such a turn of fate had indeed been luck, but what a pity it was that he hadn’t been accepted as a disciple!

When Jiang Chen had spoken of this last, the expert had only been in Jiang Chen’s life for a few years and hadn’t purposefully taught him anything.

Even so, Jiang Chen had become so uncommon with just a few casual years.

If the expert had kept Jiang Chen by his side and seriously taught him for a decade or two, wouldn’t Jiang Chen conquer the world in the future?

Jiang Chen smiled, but kept a composed expression on his face.

Of course he was composed. What expert was there? That was just an unavoidable excuse he’d had to make up to rationalize his incredible performance.

If he had to pinpoint an expert, then he himself would be the one.

But since the honored tutor had said thus, Jiang Chen decided to continue in the same vein and perpetuate the lie.

“Honored tutor, how much fortune one has in life is all preordained by destiny. Perhaps my fate with the expert is just to this level. If I become greedy, then the loss may outweigh the gains?”

A strange light shot out of the tutor’s eyes when he heard these words as he looked at Jiang Chen with admiration.

He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would be so enlightened at such a young age!

To have such an easy, carefree sense of awareness and reflection within a youngster -- this was even more rare than uncommon potential!

Enlightenment, this was absolutely great enlightenment! The honored tutor’s view of Jiang Chen grew greatly once again.

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