Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News

Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News

As she saw the two Silvermoon Monsterapes fight fiercely with blood and fur flying, some traces of anguish appeared in Wen Ziqi’s eyes.

She had already formed an attachment to these Monsterapes over the few days of taking care of them.

Seeing them suddenly fight to the death made Wen Ziqi feel as if her two children were fighting, making a nameless distress rise in her heart.

Jiang Chen sighed lightly. He didn’t know why, with a character as Wen Ziqi’s, she’d chosen to walk the path of martial dao.

Whether it was martial dao for human practitioners or beasts, which genius hadn’t paved the road of their rise with the bodies and skeletons of the fallen?

Slaughter and fresh blood were unavoidable on the road to the peak of martial dao.

That Wen Ziqi couldn’t bear to see two Monsterapes fight each other to the death meant that her heart of martial dao wasn’t just typically fragile.

When approached from another perspective though, kindness and gentleness were likely her greatest positive traits?

“Young master, does one of them really have to die?” Wen Ziqi lightly...

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