Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News

Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News

As she saw the two Silvermoon Monsterapes fight fiercely with blood and fur flying, some traces of anguish appeared in Wen Ziqi’s eyes.

She had already formed an attachment to these Monsterapes over the few days of taking care of them.

Seeing them suddenly fight to the death made Wen Ziqi feel as if her two children were fighting, making a nameless distress rise in her heart.

Jiang Chen sighed lightly. He didn’t know why, with a character as Wen Ziqi’s, she’d chosen to walk the path of martial dao.

Whether it was martial dao for human practitioners or beasts, which genius hadn’t paved the road of their rise with the bodies and skeletons of the fallen?

Slaughter and fresh blood were unavoidable on the road to the peak of martial dao.

That Wen Ziqi couldn’t bear to see two Monsterapes fight each other to the death meant that her heart of martial dao wasn’t just typically fragile.

When approached from another perspective though, kindness and gentleness were likely her greatest positive traits?

“Young master, does one of them really have to die?” Wen Ziqi lightly bit her lip in question.

“The rules of survival for the Silvermoon Monsterape means that only one is destined to live. The other one will become the food of the one who lives. Swallowing the bloodlines of its kind is also a way for the Monsterapes to evolve.”

“But…” Wen Ziqi’s eyes were a bit misty. “I really can’t bear for that to happen. Young master, can I beg you to raise them separately?”

Wen Ziqi’s voice was like a mosquito’s buzz. She was like a shy child raising a slightly ridiculous request to her parents. She hung her head and almost didn’t dare look Jiang Chen in the eye.

“Young master, I’m willing to spend double, no, four times the effort to raise them.” Wen Ziqi promised Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sighed lightly. “Ziqi, your personality is truly not suited for training. How about this, I’ll gift you a Monsterape and raise the other myself.”

“Young master, I can raise both of them separately at the same time.” Wen Ziqi became a bit anxious.

Jiang Chen smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not blaming you. Actually, it makes more sense for me to raise one myself. You can raise the other. Perhaps in the future, it will become your bonded creature and protect you!”

Jiang Chen wasn’t joking. With Wen Ziqi’s personality, she may very well run into many dangerous matters in the future. Having a fierce Silvermoon Monsterape to protect her would be quite appropriate.

Wen Ziqi only let go of her worries when she heard Jiang Chen’s words and knew that he wasn’t blaming her.

Jiang Chen was about to speak when he suddenly heard footsteps come down the hallway.

“Young master, miss Dan Fei from the Tutor Manor is here to visit.” Xue Tong walked in with Dan Fei.

Dan Fei, amongst a few others, enjoyed special treatment. If it’d been anyone else, Xue Tong would’ve never brought them in without reporting first.

Dan Fei saw that there was only Jiang Chen and Wen Ziqi present, and the latter had a shy expression on, with traces of tears not yet dried at the edges of her eyes.

“Hehe, it looks like I haven’t come at the right time?” Some traces of teasing were present in Dan Fei’s laughter.

No matter how extraordinary a woman was or stunningly beautiful, she was still a woman in the end.

Women would always have those sort of nuances to her thoughts.

When Dan Fei saw this situation, her first thought was that Jiang Chen had been flirting and teasing this genteel lady follower, bullying her so much that she’d ended up crying.

“Sister Dan Fei, such words don’t seem to match your bearing.” Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t mind Dan Fei’s teasing.

This woman was an eccentric one. You’d only be torturing yourself if you treated her words seriously.

Dan Fei’s laughter tinkled. “Little sister, did Jiang Chen bully you? Tell your older sister and I’ll lecture him for you!”

Wen Ziqi’s already reddened face flushed even hotter as she hastily waved her hands, “No, not at all. Sister Dan Fei, please don’t misunderstand my house’s young master. He… he would never bully me.”

“Tsk tsk. Oh Jiang Chen. I have to say I envy you a little. Of your female followers, one is prettier than the next, and each is the epitome of loyalty. She still covers for you after being bullied, steadfast to the end. Tell me, just how do you treat them?”

Dan Fei looked at the Silvermoon Monsterapes as she spoke.

She suddenly exclaimed in surprise as her beautiful eyes were thoroughly attracted. She kept exclaiming in shock as her slender, jade hands couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

“Jiang Chen, your Monsterapes have already started to awaken? How did you do it?” Dan Fei didn’t waste any further effort on teasing Jiang Chen as her attention was completely taken up by the Monsterapes.

“You’ll have to ask them about that.” Jiang Chen smiled and pointed at them.

Dan Fei was a spirit creature fanatic alright. She completely cast her womanly demeanor aside and rolled up her sleeves, preparing to pick up a Monsterape and examine it.

“Don’t touch them, you have the presence of their peers on you. They’re unable to discern what is real and fake when they’re only half awakened and will attack you!”

Dan Fei had already let out a startled scream before Jiang Chen had finished talking as the two Monsterapes turned their heads in unison and swiped at her.

It was a good thing that her level of training wasn’t weak, dodging stiffly to the side and evading injury.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier Jiang Chen?!” Dan Fei couldn’t help but complain when she heard Jiang Chen’s warning after the fact.

“I already spoke up as soon as I could alright? Who knew that you’d move faster than I could speak? Don’t you already have two Monsterapes? Why do you want mine?”

Dan Fei chuckled as her beautiful eyes darted back and forth twice, a hint of slyness in her gaze.

“I hadn’t planned on making any designs on yours, but since you’ve raised yours so well, it’s tough for me to not covet them.”

Jiang Chen’s face darkened when he heard these words. “Forget about it. It’s difficult for these Monsterapes to become familiar with a master. If you trade with me now, that means everything we’ve done up until now would’ve been a waste. It would be even more difficult to build a relationship with them in the future.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t voicing a shocking statement just for the heck of it. Spirit creatures changing master was a huge taboo.

Dan Fei responded huffily, “Jiang Chen, am I really such a greedy person in your eyes? Who says I wanted to trade with you? I still possess that bit of knowledge that spirit creatures shouldn’t change masters easily. I only wanted to ask if you had any secrets to raising spirit creatures that you could share with me.”

“Heh heh, well then, this we can talk about. However, I’m in sore need of some spirit ingredients lately because of raising these spirit creatures. Miss Dan Fei, your Tutor Manor is quite well off, how about…” Jiang Chen chuckled.

“Alright, you Jiang Chen! You’re including even the honored tutor in your schemes! And to think that he was so protective of you! You wolf!” Dan Fei’s beautiful eyes flicked slightly as her slender brows arched.

Although she was pretending to be angry, her every expression and laughter made Wen Ziqi off on the side feel self conscious.

Miss Dan Fei was truly a flawless beauty. There was a certain spirituality and air to her every word and smile. No wonder all men and women fell victim to her charms.

Jiang Chen, however, laughed heartily. “The honored tutor takes great care of youngsters. I’m sure he would greatly support me if I felt embarrassed about the state of my money pouch.”

“Hmmph. Glib tongues, do you think you’re the only one who knows how to talk? Alright, Jiang Chen, the honored tutor is sure to have the spirit ingredients that you want. But the Precious Tree Sect has even more of them. One can say that half of the spirit ingredients in the sixteen kingdoms belong to the sect. The sect is a natural vault of spirit ingredients, an enormous medicine garden. You can only go to the sect if you want more spirit medicine ingredients.”

Dan Fei’s lively eyes looked at Jiang Chen as they sparkled with the light of seriousness.

“What? Sister Dan Fei has come to persuade me to join the Precious Tree Sect this time?” Jiang Chen chuckled. “Is it that you find me irritating and want me to join the sect so that fool Iron Can can torture me?”

“Jiang Chen, stop joking around. I’m speaking seriously now. I’m here on the honored tutor’s orders to tell you something.”

Jiang Chen started when he saw that Dan Fei didn’t seem to be speaking lightheartedly. He suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Does this have something to do with the great selection of the four sects?”

“Hmm? You’ve heard of it? Where did you hear about it?” Surprise glimmered in Dan Fei’s eyes. This type of top secret intelligence was only something the core disciples of the sects would know.

“Hehe, I heard about it from the wind.” Jiang Chen realized that he’d revealed his knowledge too quickly. He naturally couldn’t say that he heard about it from Zhou Yi and Luo Huang.

It was a good thing that Dan Fei didn’t dwell on this, but nodded instead. “The scale of this time’s great selection is unparalleled. The honored tutor had originally held no good feelings towards this so-called selection, because there’s nothing fresh about it at all. However, this time’s selection is quite different. The four sects have gone to great lengths and brought out rich rewards to award those who emerge. Even some of those old hidden origin realm monsters will be making an appearance.”

A trace of respect and admiration was present in Dan Fei’s tone when she spoke of the “old origin realm monsters”.

Although there were aspects of her personality that were aloof and lofty, Dan Fei was still in awe when she faced a true practitioner.

A venerated origin realm practitioner undoubtedly meant the peak of the sixteen kingdom alliance.

Even honored tutor Ye was a step away from that peak.

Dan Fei viewed Ye Chonglou as her god, and thus naturally held the utmost respect for origin realm practitioners.

Jiang Chen, however, wasn’t that interested in those old monsters.

He was most interested in what rewards the four great sects had brought out to sweeten the deal for the geniuses participating in the great selection.

What Jiang Chen lacked the most right now was resources, which were precisely the materials the sects possessed.

In the entirety of the sixteen kingdoms, these four sects held the majority of the core resources.

“It looks like I can’t miss this time’s selection. I should make use of this opportunity to thoroughly swindle some good stuff out of these four sects.”

Although Jiang Chen was quite irritated with the sect disciples, he could set those prejudices aside for the chance to obtain the resources they controlled.

He must make use of the great selection to enter the sect and make use of their resources!

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