Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken

Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken

As he looked at the signature at the end of the letter, it was indeed his father’s handwriting with nothing fake about it.

Jiang Chen stared dumbly at the letter in his hands, feeling a mix of emotions.

When he reincarnated into this world’s Jiang Chen, he’d inherited the latter’s memories, his body, and had always cherished the fatherly love he’d received from Jiang Feng.

Since he’d reincarnated, that father son relationship had risen to new heights after going through countless trials together in less than two years.

It could be said that Jiang Feng’s position in his heart wasn’t any less than that of the Celestial Emperor’s in his past life.

As for his mother, Jiang Chen had always thought that his mother was no longer part of this world, so he hadn’t had any particular feelings towards her.

Now, he’d suddenly learned that she was actually still alive. Although Jiang Chen was taken aback, he didn’t feel anything else.

However, Jiang Feng had left just like that and he had set out without even knowing where the Upper Eighth Region was, proceeding without hesitation on a path to locate his wife.

This deep level of sentiment and level of guts made Jiang Chen solemnly respect this father.

The doubts that had been present in the bottom of his heart were thoroughly dispelled with the appearance of this letter.

Why had Jiang Feng always given free reign to his son? Why wasn’t he as strict as the other fathers?

This was because he always felt apologetic towards his wife.

Why hadn’t Jiang Chen been able to find any resonance between his bloodlines and Xue Tong’s?

This was because Jiang Chen’s mother and Xue Tong’s weren’t sisters at all. Her background was bizarre, something about an Upper Eighth Region.

It sounded like a place that was a lot stronger than the sixteen kingdom alliance.

From his father’s letter, Jiang Chen could see that his father was leaving with the determination to die.

If his father didn’t find his mother, Jiang Chen believed that he would never see him again in this life.

His father had repeatedly emphasized for Jiang Chen not to go to find him.

It was obvious that the Upper Eighth Region wasn’t a simple place. Jiang Feng wasn’t fully confident, and he didn’t want his son to come to his death.

Jiang Feng even went to the point of using suicide to threaten Jiang Chen, thereby alluding to the fact that he would have a slim chance of surviving in the face of this danger.

“Father, you’ve truly handed me a difficult problem.” Jiang Chen folded the letter and twisted his hands, turning the letter into dust.

Since his father had always viewed the information about his mother as a secret, Jiang Chen naturally didn’t want anyone else to know.

“Young master, where has the duke gone? Did the letter mention that?” Xue Tong was on tenterhooks when he saw Jiang Chen’s solemn expression. He felt quite guilty.

Would things have been better if he’d notified the young master earlier?

Jiang Chen sighed lightly, “My father has gone to a place very far away and he won’t be back for a while. Xue Tong, this matter is not your fault. You’re dismissed for now.”

Xue Tong saw that Jiang Chen’s spirits were flagging and he remonstrated himself even more harshly.

Jiang Chen knew that Xue Tong greatly valued relationships. His every move and gesture would most likely affect his feelings.

However, Jiang Chen really had no intention to fault Xue Tong. His father had obviously made up his mind. Even if he hadn’t gone this time, he definitely would’ve gone in the future.

Jiang Feng might’ve left at any moment as long as the resolution in his mind had not been resolved.

This wasn’t Xue Tong’s fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

This was the love of a man for his wife. It was an incredible power that had compelled his father to start out on this journey to the unknown.

It was a kind of power that even if Jiang Chen erected ten walls, he wouldn’t have been able to stop his father.

As the captain of the personal guard, Xue Tong’s decision to not interrupt his closed door cultivation was correct without a doubt.

Although Jiang Chen now knew that Xue Tong wasn’t actually his cousin from the contents of the letter, and the fact that they had no blood relations at all, he didn’t mind in the slightest.

Forgetting the fact that he had reincarnated into the body of another and retained the memories of his past life, he actually hadn’t placed the greatest importance on blood ties in his past life either.

He valued Xue Tong because he admired Xue Tong’s personality and his potential.

This was like Jiang Chen taking care of Jiang Yu. Although ties of family and blood had a little bit to do with it, at the heart of it, it was because of a congenial relationship. It was this kind of relationship that had ignited his emotions.

It could even be said that this was the reason why he had such close relations with his father.

If Jiang Feng had been indifferent and apathetic the moment that he’d reincarnated, then Jiang Chen’s impression of his father would’ve been greatly affected.

But the moment he’d reincarnated, Jiang Feng was already preparing to rally his men and go at it with Eastern Lu.

It had been this fatherly love, that was willing to fling all reservations aside, that had triggered the emotional whirlpool of Jiang Chen’s past life and made him quickly accept this life’s father.

It was because in this past and present life, his two fathers had been cut from the same cloth, their love as weighty as the mountains.

“If one had to name one thing in all the heavens and realms, on the mortal realm and not, that both gods and men cannot see through and define clearly, that would likely be ‘affection’, no?”

The sentiments of a husband to his wife.

The love of a father for his son.

These sentiments and love were the bonds between heritage and bloodline, both on this world and the heavens above.

If the skies held affection, they too would age.

Was it due to “affection” that had caused the heavens to collapse and order to decay?

Jiang Chen sighed lightly and laughed ruefully, finally deciding to restrain his impulse to go find his father.

With his understanding of his father, he might truly commit suicide the second that he discovered that his son had gone after him.

It wasn’t that Jiang Feng’s personality was stubborn or cruel, it was precisely because of his love for his son and his lack of desire to see him take risks and be embroiled in this danger.

“Father has left things open ended in his letter. He told me not to go looking for him before I’d reached great perfection and grown into my strength. However, the boundaries of growing into my strength are a bit blurry.”

Jiang Chen suddenly felt an extreme sense of urgency. The limits of great perfection would most likely be reaching the origin realm.

That would be growing into his strength in his father’s eyes, no?

“Father, although I have no particular feelings for my birth mother, your wondrous love for her gives me even more of a reason to go find you. Since you’re worried about me, I will respect your wishes. If you haven’t returned before I reach great perfection, then you have no reason for me not to come find you!”

Jiang Chen felt light hearted when he thought through these thoughts.

No matter where the Upper Eighth Region was, his father wouldn’t reach it that quickly. Besides, even if he did reach it, it would be inordinately difficult for him to find Jiang Chen’s mother without any proof or keepsakes.

Jiang Chen trusted that with his father’s personality, he wouldn’t be that brash either.

His goal was to find his wife, not to go and die.

Jiang Chen’s worry for his father lessened slightly when his thoughts traveled there.

He knew that with his father’s caution and ability to swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load, he would keep within his limits.

As long as he kept a low profile along the way and didn’t get into too much trouble, there should be no danger to his life at least.

His father’s sudden departure gave Jiang Chen a greater sense of urgency.

He had to quickly raise his strength and reach the requirement of “great perfection” as soon as possible.

The longer he delayed it, the greater danger his father would be in when he braved the Upper Eighth Region.

Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned about many people in this world. His father was undoubtedly ranked first when it came to those he cared about.

“Young master.”

Jiang Chen was deep in thought when a somewhat shy voice came from behind him.

A series of scattered footsteps walked up to him. Jiang Chen knew that it was his shy follower Wen Ziqi judging from sounds alone.

“Ziqi, what is it?” Jiang Chen was always polite and soft spoken to her because he knew that she became embarrassed easily.

A few patches of red did indeed float onto Wen Ziqi’s cheeks. There were a few traces of panic in that shyness, as if she was a child who had done something wrong. She stood hesitantly in the corner as her hands rolled up the hem of her clothing helplessly.

“Young master, something… something’s gone wrong. You asked me to take care of the two Silvermoon Monsterapes. Ziqi is incompetent. They… they… ”

“What is it?” Jiang Chen smiled. “Don’t be nervous, it’s just two baby spirit animals. Don’t worry, speak slowly.”

Wen Ziqi patted her chest, trying not to be so nervous.

“The two Monsterapes learned how to fight yesterday and they started attacking each other. I didn’t pay any attention to them then because I thought they were playing. But… but just now… ”

“What happened just now?” Jiang Chen’s eyes gleamed. “Are they fighting more and more fiercely?”

“Eh? Young master, how do you know?” Wen Ziqi started.

“Wonderful, it looks like they’re finally starting to awaken. Fight! The fiercer, the better! Silvermoon Mosnterapes are destined to be unable to coexist in harmony.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “Ziqi, the day that only one Monsterape lives is the day that you’ve accomplished something great!”

“Eh!” Wen Ziqi never would’ve thought that this would be Jiang Chen’s attitude. She had been denouncing herself along the way, worried about her personal gain and loss, afraid that the young master would fault her for not taking care of the Monsterapes.

What she didn’t know was that the Monsterapes were spirit creatures that were terribly self conceited.

Two tigers couldn’t coexist in one mountain. This logic was equally applicable to the Monsterapes.

Even out of a litter of Silverapes, only one would survive in the end. If their genders were different, there would only be one male and female left.

The Silvermoon Monsterpaes would never allow any others of the same gender to coexist by their side.

The strongest Monsterapes would rule a region and they never allowed any others of their kind to live.

Even when babies grew up, they would challenge their fathers and fight for the throne until one of them died!

Although this kind of rule of survival looked incredible, this was the rule that many races in this world lived by.

Not only did the Monsterapes did this, many other races did the same.

“Come, let’s go take a look!” Jiang Chen’s depressed feelings regarding his father vanished when he heard that Monsterapes were awakening.

The days of feeding all sorts of spirit medicines to the Monsterapes were finally paying off.

The two babies had grown noticeably bigger, and they were twice the height as before.

They were attacking each other more fiercely and ruthlessly than before.

It was apparent that the innate nature in their bloodlines were slowly starting to awaken, and they were beginning to fight for their survival and battling to defeat their competitors.

This was their rules of survival, their unavoidable destiny.

Ever since their bloodlines had awakened, they were no longer brothers, they were rivals to the death.

In actuality, the ties of brotherhood didn’t exist with most of the spirit creatures.

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