Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken

Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken

As he looked at the signature at the end of the letter, it was indeed his father’s handwriting with nothing fake about it.

Jiang Chen stared dumbly at the letter in his hands, feeling a mix of emotions.

When he reincarnated into this world’s Jiang Chen, he’d inherited the latter’s memories, his body, and had always cherished the fatherly love he’d received from Jiang Feng.

Since he’d reincarnated, that father son relationship had risen to new heights after going through countless trials together in less than two years.

It could be said that Jiang Feng’s position in his heart wasn’t any less than that of the Celestial Emperor’s in his past life.

As for his mother, Jiang Chen had always thought that his mother was no longer part of this world, so he hadn’t had any particular feelings towards her.

Now, he’d suddenly learned that she was actually still alive. Although Jiang Chen was taken aback, he didn’t feel anything else.

However, Jiang Feng had left just like that and he had set out without even knowing where the Upper Eighth Region was, proceeding without hesitation on a path to locate his wife.

This deep level of sentiment and...

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