Chapter 258: Jiang Feng’s Departure

Chapter 258: Jiang Feng’s Departure

Jiang Chen didn’t raise a high profile after returning to the Jiang manor. He acted as if nothing had happened. He didn’t care even if this matter was traced to him in the end.

Firstly, the other sides had no evidence, and even if they did, those dead had provoked him first.

Besides, Jiang Chen and the Rat King had acted surreptitiously with no one being the wiser. They hadn’t left behind anything that would incriminate him.

The devouring abilities of the Lotus were even more perverse than the Rat King’s, it could swallow even the bones of its victims.

After he returned to the manor, Jiang Chen went into closed door cultivation for a few days to thoroughly refine the spirit power essence that the Lotus had taken in and make it a part of his spirit ocean.

The essences of four second level practitioners were naturally greatly nutritious.

This actually made Jiang Chen’s spirit ocean achieve a tangible breakthrough, and he welcomed the advent to the third level spirit realm shortly after.

This breakthrough had come about quite suddenly.

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that the Lotus would be so heaven defying,...

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