Chapter 257: The Disciple Scared Witless

Chapter 257: The Disciple Scared Witless

Luo Huang and Zhou Yi were both geniuses who had seen many great scenes in their life. They were notable characters in their respective sects.

However, such a bizarre scene made chills run down their back.

Although the valley was large, those who had gone missing weren’t three year old children. It was impossible that they’d just wandered off. There were only so many areas that they could search in. There was also no reason for them to have separated from the main group.

They searched back and forth in these areas, but they couldn’t find any clues at all.

It was like those people had truly just vanished.

A disciple suddenly approached Zhou Yi nervously, “Senior brother Zhou, do you remember how Yang Zhao died?”

“What?” Zhou Yi was startled and immediately remembered the circumstances.

Zhou Yi had also heard his honored master Iron Can mention Yang Zhao’s death. Yang Zhao had been in a secret chamber, in the heavily fortified Dragonteeth Guard headquarters when he’d died a mysterious and unexplained death. Those outside hadn’t heard any cries for help or sounds of struggle.

But Yang Zhao had...

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