Chapter 256: The Lotus Devours and Grows

Chapter 256: The Lotus Devours and Grows

Yu Jie had flaunted both his power and his strength in many situations up to now throughout his life, but he’d never forgotten the events of the Second Crossing.

That day, he’d forced Jiang Chen to almost desperate situations in order to curry favor with Long Juxue. In order to express how powerful he was, he’d thoroughly humiliated Jiang Chen with both words and actions, and had killed a countless number of his Swordbirds.

If he hadn’t forgotten these matters, how could Jiang Chen have forgotten?

Jiang Chen would’ve never forgiven Yu Jie, on behalf of those loyal Swordbirds who’d insisted on protecting their master.

Not to mention that Yu Jie was here with Purple Sun Sect disciples to make a second attempt at the Goldwing Swordbirds!

Whether it was the Goldwing Swordbirds, or Gouyu and Tian Shao, they were all Jiang Chen’s friends and followers. Raising a blade against them was the same as raising a blade against Jiang Chen.

As glibly as Yu Jie could talk, Jiang Chen remained unmoved, without even a ripple in his heart, given that he’d trained in the Boulder’s Heart.

“Jiang Chen, listen to me! We both belonged to our sides then. I had no choice because...

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