Chapter 255: The Bewitching Lotus Reveals Its Might

Chapter 255: The Bewitching Lotus Reveals Its Might

“Ole Gold, do you have confidence in taking them all out in one fell swoop?” Jiang Chen asked.

The Rat King sighed, “The greatest weakness of our Goldbiter Rat tribe is our inability to fly. Until we evolve to the point of growing wings, the fighting prowess of the Goldbiter Rats remains limited. I’m confident in killing them all so long as they don’t scatter, but I’m unsure should they try to flee; particularly that Zhou Yi, he’s fast and won’t be easy to take down!”

Jiang Chen felt somewhat regretful when he heard these words. “Then it turns out that you can’t be seen. See if you have the opportunity to ambush some of them.”

“Heh heh, my best target is Liu Chengfeng. Young master Chen, honestly speaking, your Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice is actually the best weapon for ambushes at the moment. With the current strength of your Lotus, you’d have no problem devouring four second level spirit realm practitioners in one go should you command four vines at one time.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes gleamed.

“Young master Chen,...

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