Chapter 254: Battle Between Geniuses of Two Great sects

Chapter 254: Battle Between Geniuses of Two Great sects

Bam bam bam!

A red blur and a green blur struggled in midair as they punched and kicked, exchanging more than ten blows in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, both blurs crashed together and then separated as two streaks of light, rebounding in their respective directions.

The red blur landed on the ground -- Luo Huang. His blazing green eyes seemed like they would spit fire as they stared fixedly across the distance. Blade cuts criss-crossed the warrior robe draped over his body.

On the other side, the green blur had also dropped to the ground. It was Zhou Yi from the Precious Tree Sect. He wasn’t much better off than Luo Huang. His clothes were in great disarray, as if they’d gone through a fire.

“You’re Zhou Yi of the Sword of Cloud and Wind!” Luo Huang had also recognized Zhou Yi.

“Haha, you’re the Scorching Green Ray alright, that’s an impressive vision. Not bad, I am indeed Zhou Yi, the personal disciple of the Precious Tree Sect.” A group of people surged out from behind Zhou Yi, which comprised of some peers from his sect and some from the Northern Palace, including both Liu Chengfeng and Xiao Yu.

In this regard, the Precious Tree Sect had superiority in numbers.

“Zhou Yi, if I recall correctly, this isn’t within Skylaurel Kingdom borders. Don’t you think you’re overstepping by throwing your weight around out here?” Luo Huang’s tone was cold.

Zhou Yi smiled faintly. “Luo Huang, a straightforward person doesn’t resort to insinuations. Your Purple Sun Sect is oppressing people of my Skylaurel Kingdom, and we’re the ones who are trespassing? You don’t make any sense at all, no matter how you look at it.”

Luo Huang smiled coldly, “Your people? Stop crying crocodile tears. Who doesn’t know that these people are your hated rivals? When have your rivals become your people?”

“Even if we are rivals, that is an internal matter. When did it become up to your sect to interfere?”

Zhou Yi was bolstered when he saw that Luo Huang had fewer people than him.

Luo Huang’s expression turned frosty, “What interference? That woman has a death grudge with my junior sister Long Juxue.”

“Alright, I’ll give you some face since you say that. You can take the woman.” Zhou Yi appeared rather generous.

Luo Huang chuckled. “Give me face? Get this straight, Zhou Yi, you’re in Purple Sun Sect territory now. When it comes to giving face, that’s me deigning to give it to you! Tian Shao is one of yours, so you can have him back. Forget about the rest!”

Both sides were well aware that what they truly wanted was that flock of Goldwing Swordbirds.

If it was just Tian Shao, how could Zhou Yi have possibly pursued him all the way to this place?

“I say, friend Luo, you’ve gotten something wrong here haven’t you? In the world of martial dao, you know better than I do that whoever has the bigger fist has the right to talk.” Zhou Yi’s tone was faint as his ruthless gaze spoke of his intention to beat down the other, due to his superiority in numbers. It was a naked threat.

Luo Huang’s eyes narrowed as he suddenly started laughing. “Superiority in numbers? With just your little crew? Zhou Yi, you’re a frog at the bottom of a well after all. I concede that you’re fast, but I can guarantee that if I wanted to strike out with all my strength, I’d immediately dissolve your advantage in numbers!”

“You and what army?” Zhou Yi laughed coldly.

Luo Huang burst out laughing as he said expansively, “Me and my desire to try!”

Yu Jie started laughing as well at this time, “Zhou Yi, my senior brother Luo is amongst the apex of geniuses within the sect. Him mastering the Scorching Green Ray means that his practice of the “Heaven Scorching Sutra” is also complete. This is one of our sect’s treasured methods. Once this method is activated, one’s meridians will go up in flames and the practitioner’s battle strength will increase explosively to become on par with that of a peak earth spirit realm practitioner. You have more people? When did the world of martial dao ever win with superiority in numbers?”

“The Heaven Scorching Sutra?” Zhou Yi’s face changed slightly. This name obviously struck a chord in his heart.

He’d naturally heard of this name before. As rivals, the Precious Tree Sect wasn’t an unfamiliar name to the Purple Sun Sect, and vice versa.

In terms of numbers of methods and power of treasures, the Purple Sun Sect was the strongest of the four.

Although the Precious Tree Sect possessed many arts as well, this wasn’t its main focus. Its strength laid in pill medicines, and it took that crown home from the four sects.

The four sects all had their own respective strengths.

Although the Precious Tree Sect may not lose out in a battle between all the top geniuses, but in terms of individual combat and comparison of martial dao methods, it was really at a bit of a disadvantage.

Particularly when the name “Heaven Scorching Sutra” was quite a familiar one. Zhou Yi was well acquainted with it, and believed Yi Jie’s words immediately.

“The Heaven Scorching Sutra. Pfft, Luo Huang, are you bluffing me?” Zhou Yi laughed coldly as his mind calculated fiercely. “I admit that the Heaven Scorching Sutra is quite good, but it’s not like there are no side effects to burning your meridians. If something goes awry and your meridians are damaged, which could adversely affect your training or even result in your death, that’d be quite the poor trade wouldn’t it?”

Although the Sutra was impressive, but things couldn’t be burned just because one wanted it to. This was a double edged sword. Deploying it to the extreme and provoking your deepest potential could make your battle strength increase explosively.

But the repercussions were also incredible.

Serious injuries would be the best case scenario, with mandatory bed rest for more than a few months.

The worst case scenario would be damage to the meridians and becoming a cripple with no cultivation at all.

The most frightening case would be instantaneous death.

Luo Huang’s expression didn’t change as he smiled faintly, “As a practitioner, I have prepared myself for death the moment I set foot on this path. It’d be a nice thing to have so many accompany me in death if I die. Besides, I don’t think that your capabilities will make it worth for me to deploy it to the extreme. I only need to activate a bit of the flames to completely take out all of you. I’d only need to rest for three or five months at the most.”

Zhou Yi roared in laughter, “This is to say that you plan on making such a dangerous play?”

“That depends on if you recognize the circumstances you’re in.” Luo Huang’s expression was remote. “If you, Zhou Yi, are not afraid to die for a bit of profit, then why should I not suffer a tiny bit of injury to send you on your way?”

“Don’t be too confident in yourself Luo Huang. You have trump cards and methods, but which one of us doesn’t when we’ve reached this level? Perhaps you can kill me, but the price will absolutely not only be resting for three to five months. Don’t forget that the great selection is about to begin. This time’s selection doesn’t involve only the lower level disciples. Even us personal disciples, with even the stronger true disciples and utmost geniuses will become involved as well. This is a rare occasion that comes around once in a hundred years. Do you truly want to miss it?”

As a sect genius, Luo Huang had naturally heard of the great selection and had his own ambitions for it.

However, his greatest positive characteristic was that he had a resolute heart.

He always acted decisively and would never dither once he made a decision.

“Don’t mention the great selection to me. If I can’t even make it past the small matter of today, then what’s the use in mentioning the great selection? Zhou Yi, your little schemes and ploys are useless on me. Either get the hell away from here with Tian Shao, or fight me one on one! The winner is king!”

Luo Huang knew of Zhou Yi’s reservations and so he fiercely seized on this weakness and didn’t let go.

If Zhou Yi didn’t dare do so, then his presence would be assuredly diminished.

If he did meet Luo Huang in battle, then the latter had confidence that he could defeat Zhou Yi. He was full of confidence with his Heaven Scorching Sutra.

Zhou Yi was backed into a corner by Luo Huang’s words. His face frosty, “Luo Huang, are you joking? Why must I fight you one on one when I have more people?”

Luo Huang leered, “Then come at me in a group! The more I kill, the happier I am. Perhaps I’ll breakthrough as I slaughter you all!”

“Crazy!” Zhou Yi was a bit speechless. This Luo Huang was a true madman alright. If it was anyone else, they would’ve held back a little because of the great selection and not want to lay their life and future down on the line.

But Luo Huang didn’t care about this at all.

Although Zhou Yi wasn’t afraid of Luo Huang, he still knew that he was a bit worse off when compared to Luo Huang. Both sides would undoubtedly end up with grievous wounds if they engaged in single combat.

But if Luo Huang really did deploy the Sutra to its extreme and disregarded the costs, it was possible that he could kill Zhou Yi.

However, Zhou Yi had his trump cards as well.

It wouldn’t be that easy for Luo Huang to kill him.

“Old Liu, join me in attacking Luo Huang in a moment. The others need to take care of the other Purple Sun Sect disciples as quickly as possible. Make the fight quick!”

Liu Chengfeng was the Northern Palace head at the heart of it all, and his strength was at the fourth level spirit realm. As the head of a great site, although there was a gap between his strength and that of true sect geniuses, it wasn’t as if he had no advantage whatsoever in the form of greater age and more battle experience.

Liu Chengfeng nodded, “Alright, make it quick!”

When Luo Huang saw Zhou Yi and Liu Chengfeng speak to each other in low voices, he knew the two were up to something.

He raised his aura and prepared himself for battle.

At this moment, one of the Purple Sun Sect disciples standing guard sprinted over. “Senior brother Luo, those… those two people… are gone!”

Luo Huang had been holding himself in readiness and about to strike when his body froze upon hearing these words. His gaze chilled, “What did you say?”

“Those two people are gone.” The disciple’s face was as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Weren’t you looking at them?!” Luo Huang yelled.

“I… I turned my head to look in this direction for a few seconds. Besides, there’s no way out of the mountain valley.”

“Then how could they have disappeared?!” Luo Huang really wanted to fling a slap over. However, with those of the Precious Tree Sect present, in the end, he restrained this urge.

Zhou Yi started guffawing when he heard this, “Luo Huang, although you’re quite strong, your teammates are all dumb as pigs!”

Luo Huang glared ferociously at Zhou Yi as he strode towards the mountain valley.

Flap flap flap.

The sound of trees weaving suddenly sounded out from the mountain valley, cascading like the tide as scores of Goldwing Swordbirds suddenly shot for the clouds and rose into the sky.

“No, these Swordbirds want to escape!” Luo Huang’s body shot into the mountain valley.

Zhou Yi threw a look at Liu Chengfeng, “Go, go take a look!”

The momentum of a thousands Swordbirds rising from the valley and shooting for the clouds was incredibly astonishing.

Once the Swordbirds spread out, even earth spirit realm practitioners would find it hard pressed to keep them, not to mention that they had no intentions of killing these Swordbirds. They wanted the Swordbirds alive for their own purposes.

However, they had no idea which one to capture once they all spread out. Even if everyone tried to capture one each, how many would they be able to capture?

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