Chapter 253: In a Precarious Situation, the Scorching Green Ray

Chapter 253: In a Precarious Situation, the Scorching Green Ray

The Yunmeng Kingdom was part of the sixteen kingdom alliance, and also the Skylaurel Kingdom’s neighbor. However, compared to the latter, the Yunmeng Kingdom was far worse off.

It was roughly on par with the Eastern Kingdom within the alliance — a second or third rate kingdom with no right to compete with the four great kingdoms at all.

As one of the four great kingdoms, the Skylaurel Kingdom was naturally a power of mammoth proportions.

In comparison, the Yunmeng Kingdom needed another to protect it, and that happened to be the Shangyang Kingdom.

The Shangyang Kingdom was on par with the Skylaurel Kingdom, and was one of the four great kingdoms within the alliance.

The relationship between the Purple Sun Sect and the Shangyang Kingdom was akin to that of the Precious Tree Sect and the Skylaurel Kingdom’s. They provided the foundations for a sect headquarters!

Since the Yunmeng Kingdom had the protection of the Shangyang Kingdom, it indirectly meant that they were protected by the Purple Sun Sect as well. With this in mind, even the Skylaurel Kingdom wouldn’t easily light the fires of war and bully the Yunmeng Kingdom.

Overall, even though...

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