Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?

Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?

Although Elder Shun had quite a background, that was only when compared to those within the sixteen kingdoms. He had neither ascended beyond the limits of heavenly law nor reached the unlimited heavenly law.

Elder Shun could only speculate when it came to the affairs of the gods.

Even though he also knew that his demands of Jiang Chen were a bit harsh. In the annals of the history of the sixteen kingdoms, no one had ever ascended to the origin realm within three to five years.

One had to know that within the sixteen kingdoms, including even the hidden sects, there were only just a few venerated origin realm practitioners.

Even the lofty Ye Chonglou in the Skylaurel Kingdom was only at the peak of the spirit realm, and a mere spirit king.

The level of spirit king was a step away from the origin realm.

If put in a better light, one could say that they were half step origin realm, but in actuality, they weren’t in the origin realm at all.

Even an extreme expert like Ye Chonglou was still pacing outside the door to the origin realm. To demand that Jiang Chen breakthrough...

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