Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?

Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?

Although Elder Shun had quite a background, that was only when compared to those within the sixteen kingdoms. He had neither ascended beyond the limits of heavenly law nor reached the unlimited heavenly law.

Elder Shun could only speculate when it came to the affairs of the gods.

Even though he also knew that his demands of Jiang Chen were a bit harsh. In the annals of the history of the sixteen kingdoms, no one had ever ascended to the origin realm within three to five years.

One had to know that within the sixteen kingdoms, including even the hidden sects, there were only just a few venerated origin realm practitioners.

Even the lofty Ye Chonglou in the Skylaurel Kingdom was only at the peak of the spirit realm, and a mere spirit king.

The level of spirit king was a step away from the origin realm.

If put in a better light, one could say that they were half step origin realm, but in actuality, they weren’t in the origin realm at all.

Even an extreme expert like Ye Chonglou was still pacing outside the door to the origin realm. To demand that Jiang Chen breakthrough to said rank within three to five years was indeed beyond his power, even when the person in question had no idea of this matter and that someone was observing his movements from the shadows.

However, Elder Shun’s notions also made a bit of sense as well.

If Jiang Chen was the genius and the clue that he was looking for, then he would naturally be one of the most unparalleled geniuses of his generation.

Historical records were made to be broken.

Regional restrictions were also made to be broken.

True geniuses would steamroll all the other geniuses of their generation and emerge from the masses in the same environment.

In the world of martial dao, which one of the legendary masters hadn’t trampled over scores of other geniuses in their generation to surpass time itself and become eternal legends?

At Elder Shun’s level of existence, his eye for appraisal was naturally different from the practitioners of the sixteen kingdoms.

Even Ye Chonglou in Elder Shun’s eyes was only someone who barely mustered a pass out of the sixteen kingdom alliance.

When placed in the real world, even some of the younger geniuses would easily trample all over the tutor.

The world of martial dao was just that harsh.

Most would be fated for ordinary accomplishments in their lives if they had started off at a weak starting line by being born in a low and backwater place.

Those who could escape the circumstances of their birth were geniuses amongst geniuses. They were those who could surpass their era and true geniuses who wouldn’t be confined by regional restrictions.

Elder Shun had been quite satisfied by Jiang Chen’s performance up to now.

At least, he didn’t see in him any of the flaws that would appear in those from a small place.

Jiang Chen had a particular bearing, an aura and a presence to him.

There was even a certain mysteriousness that Elder Shun couldn’t fully see through.

It was precisely this level of mysteriousness that made Elder Shun feel that there was more to Jiang Chen, that there may actually be something to this youth that might surprise him.

At least, Jiang Chen’s endless stream of pill recipes and his methods and demeanor in handling his enemies made Elder Shun feel that this wasn’t a disciple that could’ve been raised in a mundane kingdom.


Residing in the Jiang manor, Jiang Chen would’ve never guessed that such a mysterious grandfather and granddaughter duo would be covertly watching him from the shadows and even pinning some hopes on him.

Jiang Chen was going about his business as usual. It was either training or pill refining for him.

With the amount of spirit ingredients he’d collected by now, it would be enough for all of the Goldwing Swordbirds.

When the day came in which all of them broke through, his Swordbird army would become his new trump card!

In this regard, the powers he had at his disposal would be greatly enhanced. It’d be enough to handle any problems that suddenly cropped up.

With the matter of the Hidden Hand last time, Jiang Chen had thoroughly felt that he’d a lack of underlings.

He became a bit fidgety after seven days had passed.

Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any problems with the Dragonteeth Guard as an escort. The time that had elapsed was enough for them to make a return trip already.

Under ordinary circumstances, five days would be enough to make a round trip if they hadn’t run into any problems.

It was a bit bizarre that Gouyu and the others hadn’t returned after seven days.

With Jiang Chen’s sensitive perceptions, he felt that something was wrong. Gouyu’s personality was a bit more brash and so she might’ve run into something along the way, but Tian Shao’s personality was quite steady and as such he wouldn’t stir up any trouble at all.

Besides, with the current situation in the Skylaurel Kingdom, who would dare go against the Dragonteeth Guard?

The Northern Palace?

Jiang Chen thought about it and felt that the Northern Palace may not necessarily have the balls to. After all, intercepting or killing the Dragonteeth Guard was running afoul of a serious taboo.

Even though the Northern Palace was backed by the Precious Tree Sect, if something like this blew up, the Northern Palace would suffer a great loss because they were in the wrong.

“I can wait no longer, I need to go take a look.” Jiang Chen couldn’t sit still.

He called over the Rat King and left a horde of Goldbiter Rats on guard in the Jiang manor, making straight for the border with the Rat King and another horde of Rats.

He didn’t take his eight personal guards with him this time.

If even spirit realm practitioners like Tian Shao and Gouyu couldn’t handle things, then his personal guards would be of no use.

The Goldbiter Rats moved through the earth as Jiang Chen rode on a Goldwing Swordbird.

The Goldwing Swordbirds were invincible when it came to short distance sprints. Add to the fact that Jiang Chen had been continuously feeding them good pills, the Swordbirds that he’d brought to the capital all had their level of training raise exponentially, with signs that they were about to break through into the spirit realm.

He made quick time along the way, switching on and off between the Swordbirds. This enabled him to maintain a high speed along the entire trip.

He flew for another two hours after passing by the Qingyang Valley, not pausing or slowing down at all when he entered Northern Palace territory.

He only wanted to make it to the border and thoroughly investigate what had happened.

If any idiots from the Northern Palace came to disturb him, he wouldn’t mind clearing away old and new grudges in one go.

It was a good thing that he didn’t run into any resistance along the way. This surprised Jiang Chen and made him feel that something was afoot.

Logically speaking, the Northern Palace weren’t that accommodating. They were renowned for being robbers and plucking the feathers off of every wild goose that passed by.

It was quiet on his entire trip, and there was not a bit of disturbance where he’d originally stationed the Goldwing Swordbirds.

There were no signs of a fight and not a trace of a single person.

Thousands of Goldwing Swordbirds seemed to have vanished into thin air. Gouyu, Tian Shao, and his Guards had all seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

“Something’s gone awry alright…” Jiang Chen deployed his God’s Eye to the extreme as he looked in all directions. There wasn’t the slightest hint of human presence in the empty valley.

“This Skylaurel Kingdom isn’t a peaceful place.” Jiang Chen felt a bit of regret. He’d even sent Tian Shao along with Gouyu.

With Tian Shao’s identity as a general, who would he be unable to handle within the Skylaurel Kingdom?

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought at all that someone would dare act against the Dragonteeth Guard within the kingdom’s borders. This was scratching the Buddha’s head!

Jiang Chen conducted a carpet style search with his Goldwing Swordbirds in a radius of a hundred li, but still came up empty handed after a few hours.

This range had been enough for them to search for quite a while. The search would become even more difficult if they increased the area.

The Goldbiter Rat army finally arrived under the Rat King’s leadership at this time.

They could greatly increase the range of their search with the aid of the Goldbiter Rats.

Jiang Chen called over the Rat King and said, “Ole Gold, I didn’t run into any resistance at all when I passed through the Northern Palace. I suspect that even if this matter has nothing to do with them, their shadow can be found within it. You’re skilled at moving through the dirt, so come with me to visit the Northern Palace.”

Unless one went through underground tunnels, it would be impossible to get near to the Northern Palace.

Unless Jiang Chen tried to force his way in, it’d be impossible to get close to the seat of their power if he just showed up at their front door.

It’d be much easier with the Rat King leading the way.

They’d be able to soundlessly approach the seat of their power without none the wiser.

Jiang Chen had made use of the Rat King to obtain evidence of Yang Zhao and Lu Wuji’s scheming last time, and he planned on doing the same thing this time round.

He also planned on accompanying the Rat King.

If this matter really did have to do with the Northern Palace, Jiang Chen didn’t mind letting loose and start a slaughter, thoroughly settling all their debts.

One had to say, the Goldbiter Rat tribe really did have their rich, unique advantages. With the Rat King taking the field himself, they snuck into the Northern Palace’s central training center without expending any effort at all.

There was nothing out of the ordinary in the internals of the Northern Palace.

Those ordinary disciples were practicing and training as usual.

“These minor characters likely weren’t involved at all. Ole Gold, let’s go surveil those three geniuses. If there’s nothing to be gleaned from them, then we check in on that old bastard Liu Chengfeng.” Jiang Chen spoke to the Rat King.

The Rat King naturally listened to everything Jiang Chen said, as it wasn’t the first time this had happened either.

However, the three geniuses weren’t always together at all times. Jiang Chen first discovered Xiao Yu in the inner courtyard, the one who’d proposed marriage to Qing Ningyan last time.

Xiao Yu had obviously been greatly affected by this matter. He took it out on all the targets raised around him, furiously training a sword technique. Each stroke was more ruthless than the last as he seemed to want to thoroughly pulverize all of them.

“Senior brother Xiao, the honored master summons you.” A disciple suddenly walked over and spoke to the crazed Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu who completely vented his emotions and then wiped off his sweat, asking coldly, “What is it?”

“I, I don’t know. The honored master said that those from the Precious Tree Sect have arrived.” The disciple was patently a bit afraid of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard these words. “Good, the senior brothers from the sect are finally here! Time is of the essence, I hope it’s not too late.”

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