Chapter 250: Elder Shun, Observing Jiang Chen from the Shadows

Chapter 250: Elder Shun, Observing Jiang Chen from the Shadows

This young girl who seemed so ethereal and unworldly had an uncommon bearing. Her limpid eyes were clean and translucent, without the slightest impurity.

“Huang’er, this old man feels increasingly certain that old man Qian Ji’s divination will be fulfilled in the form of Jiang Chen.”

Elder Shun came alive with interest whenever he mentioned Jiang Chen. A benevolent smile split his aged face.

Elder Shun and Huang’er had come from a mysterious place because a magical seer had once divined that clues about Huang’er’s illness could be found in this mundane world.

The dao of divination was a wispy, intangible art. It would seem definite, yet not, and was beyond mystical.

Old man Qian Ji very rarely employed his arts, but whenever he did, his accuracy was beyond doubt.

Since Qian Ji had once said that there would be clues about Huang’er’s illness within the Eastern Kingdom, Elder Shun hadn’t wanted to give up the slightest bit of hope.

Cultivation of any dao in itself had always been a mysterious matter.

As such, Elder Shun would rather believe in its existence than not.

It was because of this that he had taken Huang’er away from the place they lived and travelled...

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