Chapter 248: A Plan for Future Strength

Chapter 248: A Plan for Future Strength

Old man Fei had also guessed that it wouldn’t be easy to recruit Jiang Chen into the sect. This matter had to be approached slowly.

He wasn’t in a rush to recommend Jiang Chen to the sect head yet.

After all, he’d been exiled from the heart of the sect’s power for decades. Although he was now valued by the sect head, he couldn’t appear to be too enthusiastic in the beginning. That might actually be met with rebuffs.

After returning to his manor, Jiang Chen organized all of the spirit medicine ingredients he’d gained from the maze realm. There was actually quite a bit to go through.

For the next month, Jiang Chen spent almost all his time and concentration on this. His unique eye for appraisal had left him with a rather sizable haul.

The last time he’d gone into closed door cultivation, he’d used all of the spirit medicines available to him. However, there was still a substantial amount of ingredients that weren’t appropriate for use at the time.

It’d be a while before he found a use for the remaining ingredients.

“It’d be a waste to just store the spirit ingredients I don’t have a use for, and I’m always short on ingredients I do need. It seems that there’s a constant...

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