Chapter 247: The Marriage is Settled

Chapter 247: The Marriage is Settled

The farce of proposing marriage was settled after old man Fei flashed his medallion.

If he hadn’t considered the fact that he was here on Qiao Baishi’s behalf, old man Fei wouldn’t even have let those from the Northern Palace leave that easily.

However, when Liu Chengfeng’s group slunk away with downcast heads, old man Fei didn’t forget to warn him, “Liu Chengfeng, you said earlier that you wouldn’t give half a step of ground away if I came to propose marriage. Mm. I’ve remembered these words. Out of consideration for the Southern Palace’s face, I’ll let you go today, but mark my words, I carry a grudge!”

Liu Chengfeng’s heart trembled when he heard these words, but he quickly scuttled off, not daring to even let out a fart. He was both regretful and shocked.

Even now, he still couldn’t make sense of things. How had old man Fei become a senior executive of the Precious Tree Sect?

Shi Xiaoyao was in a great mood when he saw Liu Chengfeng slink off. He laughed heartily, “Palace Head Ning, bring out the wine! We saw such a great show today, how can we not drink to our heart’s content?”

This fellow’s alcoholic tendencies...

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