Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping

Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping

Now that the bulbous nose man had brought out the sect medallion, matters had gotten a bit grave.

Jiang Chen and Dan Fei were alright as they weren’t part of the sect, and so they had no particular feelings towards that medallion. They also didn’t think that the sect had the right to suppress them.

Although Ye Rong wasn’t part of the sect, it was hard for him to take a hard attitude in front of the sect medallion.

Zhou Kai and Tian Shao were of the Dragonteeth Guard, and so their attitudes were similar to Ye Rong.

As for Shi Xiaoyao and Fei Xuan, they were under the sect’s jurisdiction to begin with. Seeing the sect medallion was the equivalent of laying down sect law.

If the medallion was a rank higher, it would almost literally crush people to death then.

Even someone as fierce as Shi Xiaoyao had his facial expression twist when he saw the medallion. His mouth moved, but he looked weakly at Jiang Chen and then shut his mouth accordingly.

Cautious and wariness was also written all over Palace Head Ning’s face. A few more hints of submission was apparent in her gaze...

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