Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping

Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping

Now that the bulbous nose man had brought out the sect medallion, matters had gotten a bit grave.

Jiang Chen and Dan Fei were alright as they weren’t part of the sect, and so they had no particular feelings towards that medallion. They also didn’t think that the sect had the right to suppress them.

Although Ye Rong wasn’t part of the sect, it was hard for him to take a hard attitude in front of the sect medallion.

Zhou Kai and Tian Shao were of the Dragonteeth Guard, and so their attitudes were similar to Ye Rong.

As for Shi Xiaoyao and Fei Xuan, they were under the sect’s jurisdiction to begin with. Seeing the sect medallion was the equivalent of laying down sect law.

If the medallion was a rank higher, it would almost literally crush people to death then.

Even someone as fierce as Shi Xiaoyao had his facial expression twist when he saw the medallion. His mouth moved, but he looked weakly at Jiang Chen and then shut his mouth accordingly.

Cautious and wariness was also written all over Palace Head Ning’s face. A few more hints of submission was apparent in her gaze to the bulbous nose man.

The sect disciples were beside themselves with cockiness at this moment as they stood on both sides of the man, appearing as if they were on the top of the world and sneering arrogantly.

The discomfited expressions of those assembled were something that these sect disciples had long grown accustomed to. It was the kind of reaction that these lowly ants should have!

Fighting with the Precious Tree Sect -- this was teaching your grandma how to suck eggs!

Liu Chengfeng also swept away his prior dejectedness like he’d suddenly received infinite strength. He crowed, “Old man Fei, weren’t you saying something? Were you strutting around? I’d like to see just how tough you can be, if you’re tougher than the sect medallion!”

A high rank could crush someone to death. With the rigid hierarchy in the Precious Tree Sect, a high rank could doom someone beyond redemption!

Liu Chengfeng sniggered inwardly to see the crowd fall dead silent after the medallion had been displayed. He couldn’t help but admire his own wisdom. It was a good thing that he had asked Elder Iron to put in an appearance and resulted in the presence of a great personage like Executive Wang. Indeed, the scene had come under his control as soon as the medallion had been flashed.

Damn good, this feeling was damn good!

However, Liu Chengfeng was incensed to see a trace of a smile on Jiang Chen’s lips. He knew that since Jiang Chen wasn’t part of the sect and was bold enough to offend even Elder Iron, it was understandable that he wasn’t afraid of this medallion.

However, with the situation as it was now, without the aid of old man Fei and Shi Xiaoyao, Jiang Chen would have no backup no matter how arrogant he was.

Liu Chengfeng restrained his irritation and said to Palace Head Ning, “Palace Head, look, even Elder Iron is inquiring after this marriage. Otherwise, why would he send such a mighty personage like Executive Wang to bear witness?”

Executive Wang was quite satisfied with this flattery and said loftily, “Palace Head Ning, this matter cannot be dragged on any longer. I must return to the sect for training after this issue is concluded.”

Palace Head Ning knew that this was the senior executive’s last warning to her. If she hemmed and hawed any longer, she likely incur his great wrath.

Once the senior executive grew wrathful and suppressed her with the sect medallion, things would become very tricky then. She might lose her position at the very least, or her life at the worst.

She looked at her daughter with resignation. She had no strength to look in Jiang Chen’s direction now, deathly afraid that he would suddenly come up with something that would impact her standing in the senior executive’s eyes.

Ning Qingyan’s eyes grew red as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Haha, this is to say that Palace Head Ning has no further objections.” Liu Chengfeng laughed heartily, and then swept his eyes provocatively across the room. “All of you surely don’t have anymore objections now, huh?”

This was blatant provocation and mockery.

Old man Fei’s face suddenly split into an odd grin as he stuck his finger into his ear to pick at his earwax, saying lazily, “Liu Chengfeng, are you unilaterally announcing your victory?”

Liu Chengfeng frowned, “Old man Fei, do you dare to make any further trouble in front of the sect medallion?”

“Medallion? Is having a medallion a thing now? Who knows if it’s real or if it’s fake?”

“Who dares fake a sect medallion?” Liu Chengfeng roared.

Executive Wang You also flicked an eyebrow, “Old man, you dare blaspheme against a sect medallion?!”

Old man Fei chuckled oddly, “The sect medallion represents the sect, and so I wouldn’t dare make light of it. However, if you’re going to bring out a medallion, at least bring one out with a higher rank, alright?”


A higher ranked medallion?

Would this executive level medallion not be enough to suppress you, a mere head of an outer faction?

Liu Chengfeng grew anxious and slapped the medallion down in front of old man Fei, yelling, “Open your dog eyes and look carefully. This is an executive medallion! Old man, you’re just a Qingyang Valley head, do you know the meaning of respecting your superiors?!”

The smile on old man Fei’s lips didn’t change as he lazily flicked a glance downwards, sweeping the medallion away casually like he was sweeping away trash.

“Such a low level medallion, are you bringing it out to slap your own face?”

Liu Chengfeng was shocked senseless by his actions. Even Palace Head Ning and Shi Xiaoyao were flabbergasted!

Fei Xuan had swept the medallion away like trash! This was an utmost blasphemy to the sect and he would absolutely be executed by the law-enforcing disciples!

“You… old man, you dare joke with the sect medallion? Are you courting death?!” Liu Chengfeng was beyond shocked as he quickly stooped down and picked up the medallion, wiping it off on his clothing. His face had an expression like he’d seen a ghost on his face.

Wang You was also thoroughly incensed as he slammed his hand on the table. “Old man Fei, you making yourself a public enemy of the sect! Do you understand that you need to give way in front of your superiors at all?! Do you understand the hierarchy in the sect at all?!”

Fei Xuan smiled faintly. “Of course I do. I should be the one asking you this question, given how the two of you are jumping up and down, yelling in front of me.”

There was a calm, showing off expression on his face as he flung out his sleeves, lightly setting something down on the table.

The scene froze in this instant as even the air seemed to stop flowing.

All eyes, apart from Jiang Chen’s and Dan Fei’s, were drawn to the item. All eyes widened as if they’d seen a ghost.

Incomprehensible. Completely incomprehensible!

It was a medallion. Old man Fei had indeed brought out a medallion that looked similar to Wang You’s.

However, whether in terms of quality or appearance, it was vastly superior to Wang You’s.

The words on the medallion weren’t that difficult to make out either -- senior executive Fei Xuan.

It was a unique medallion with a special design and its own style. It was something that no one could forge and something that no one would dare to forge.

A sect medallion!

The medallion of a senior executive!

A senior executive was part of the senior leadership within the sect.

A novice executive was at most middle management.

The next step up for an senior executive was to be elder-in-waiting, representative of truly entering the ranks of the senior leadership!

“H-how... how is this possible?” Liu Chengfeng’s eyes bugged out at the medallion. His mouth and tongue felt dry. Something also seemed to be caught in his throat. “This… this is a real medallion?”

Old man Fei smiled faintly. “Weren’t you the one saying earlier that no one would dare to forge a sect medallion? What now, slapping your face with words you’ve just spoken?”

Liu Chengfeng was completely losing his mind. His teeth chattered as his legs trembled, his mind completely blank.

He never would’ve dreamed that the Qingyang Valley head he’d always sneered at, the weak and incompetent old man Fei, would turn out to be a senior executive of the sect with a shake of his hand!

He couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes, but the sect medallion couldn’t be forged. Whoever faked it would be asking for death!

He looked desperately at Wang You, but the latter wasn’t any better off. Wang You’s face had drained of all color and he completely lost his previously imposing aura.

The several core disciples were also dumbfounded. Their cocky air bled away like deflating balloons. They didn’t even have the courage to look old man Fei in the eyes.

Senior executive! It was a level of existence that these disciples couldn’t afford to offend within the sect.

Even Wang You had to admit that if a senior executive was to make trouble for him, life would be hell for him in the future even with Elder Iron’s patronage.

However, he did find it odd. How had old man Fei suddenly turned into a senior executive all of a sudden? Just what kind of show was playing out?

Wang You had never heard of this during his training within the sect.

However, this medallion was the real deal and even if his courage stretched up to the heavens, Wang You didn’t dare go head to head against it. Old man Fei was two levels higher than him, he could roll directly over him, and he could use the laws of the sect to suppress him!

“So tell me Wang You, are we listening to you now or are you listening to me?” Old man Fei chuckled.

“To you, of course.” Although Wang You resisted inwardly, he appeared quite docile on the surface.

“Then this matter of proposing marriage?”

Wang You quickly responded, “None of my business. I have no ability to stick my nose in idle affairs like these. I’ll leave, immediately, straight away!”

Liu Chengfeng almost wanted to cry when he heard these words. Wang You was retreating! This was leaving him to face the music alone.

Wang You only prayed for self preservation right now, why would he care about Lu Chengfeng’s survival? He slunk away with the core disciples and he didn’t even have the courage to look back.

He only had one thought at the moment, and that was to hurry and return to the sect to tell Elder Iron of this news, to tell him that this thorn had once again returned to the sect!

When he saw Wang You run away, Liu Chengfeng collapsed on a chair. His expression was quite a show as he yearned desperately to hide in a hole in the ground.

Palace Head Ning had drastically different emotions from Liu Chengfeng. These great rises and falls had taken her emotions on a rollercoaster ride as well. She almost couldn’t follow the development of things.

Shi Xiaoyao was of a similar mind to her.

“Ai, old… old brother Fei. You know how to keep a secret alright! When were you promoted to senior executive? You walk amongst the clouds now and don’t notify your old friends?” Palace Head Ning smiled wryly.

It was blindingly obvious who her daughter would marry now.

A senior executive medallion was in front of her. She knew there was no other choice available to her even without another word.

Not to mention, they had mentioned all manner of good words earlier.

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