Chapter 245: The Conflict Escalates

Chapter 245: The Conflict Escalates

Liu Chengfeng had used both his network and Elder Iron’s instructions to invite five disciples from the Precious Tree Sect this time.

Of these five, a middle aged man with a bulbous nose was their leader. Judging from his clothing, he was someone who held a certain level of status within the sect.

The other four were younger, but were all dressed in the accoutrements of core disciples.

All of the disciples within the Precious Tree Sect were divided into multiple levels.

The disciples of the four great sites were also technically disciples of the Precious Tree Sect. However, they were only considered outer disciples.

Those who’d entered the Precious Tree Sect were counted as inner disciples.

Inner disciples who did well for themselves could be promoted to core disciples.

The elite of those core disciples could be chosen as personal disciples for any senior executives that looked upon them favorably.

The senior executives wouldn’t have only one personal disciple either. Of their personal disciples, any who were selected as candidates for passing on their heritage would become true disciples.

Thus, overall speaking,...

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