Chapter 244: Palace Head Ning Wavers

Chapter 244: Palace Head Ning Wavers

Not to mention that even a mortal rank Nine Magnificence Dew Wine had by now, already become the current “it beverage” in the capital, thanks to the Myriad Treasures Palace’s packaging and marketing.

Everyone thought that this wine had been crafted by the Palace. No one could imagine that the person behind all this was actually Jiang Chen!

And judging from Shi Xiaoyao’s demeanor, not only did he not refute this, but he looked on the scene with a slight smile. The gaze he used to look at Jiang Chen was filled with admiration and even some traces of hero worship!

Yes, hero worship.

If one was to say that Shi Xiaoyao had a slight bearing of an elder when he first interacted with Jiang Chen, then by this time, he had already completely accepted Jiang Chen.

A foreign young man had completely upended the situation within the Skylaurel Kingdom in less than a year.

He’d carved out an avenue of light in the chaotic mess of the capital.

Everyone knew that the achievements of Ye Rong in becoming Crown Prince and triumphing over the strong were mostly to be attributed to Jiang Chen.

Shi Xiaoyao no longer dared to have any sort of the attitude of an elder towards...

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