Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!

Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!

Old man Fei chuckled when he heard these words and nodded, “Good, very good. Liu Chengfeng, I’ll remember your words. I hope you don’t regret them in the future!”

Old man Fei had always been an eccentric person and liked to carry grudges. Liu Chengfeng’s words had thoroughly offended old man Fei.

Liu Chengfeng snorted lightly and didn’t pay much attention to old man Fei’s words. Of the four great sites, his Northern Palace had always been ranked number one.

The Qingyang Valley had always ranked last.

Therefore, Liu Chengfeng truly didn’t pay much heed to old man Fei’s words. Not to mention that Liu Chengfeng was well aware of old man Fei’s history, that he was a discarded pawn of the Precious Tree Sect. He’d offended those within the sect and had been exiled. His life was basically worthless.

Liu Chengfeng would naturally not mind the threats of a piece of trash.

“Old brother Shi, this old man Fei says that Qiao Baishi is his brother. I’m rather curious, what is Qiao Baishi’s relationship with you?”

Liu Chengfeng was planning on dismantling all parties involved and had started targeting Shi Xiaoyao of the Myriad Treasures Palace with these words.

Shi Xiaoyao’s temper wasn’t any better than old man Fei’s.

He rolled his eyes when he heard Liu Chengfeng’s impertinent question, “What the hell does Qiao Baishi’s relationship with me have to do with you? Aren’t you a little busybody?”

“Shi Xiaoyao, what are you strutting about for? My palace’s head is giving you face in asking you a question!” A senior executive yelled from the Northern Palace’s side.

Liu Chengfeng looked at Shi Xiaoyao coldly and then turned his gaze to Zhou Kai.

Zhou Kai didn’t wait for Liu Chengfeng to speak before he smiled faintly, “Old Liu, you don’t need to ask me what my relationship with Qiao Baishi is. I admire young men like him and need no reason.”

These words directly threw Liu Chengfeng off guard and made it so that he didn’t even have the chance to ask anymore questions.

Although the position of vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard was mighty and influential, the position of a Palace Head wasn’t that much worse off. Not to mention the two really didn’t interact much, so Zhou Kai had no need to fear him.

As for Crown Prince Ye Rong, Liu Chengfeng didn’t dare pose any questions to him.

And for Miss Dan Fei, even if she had no relationship to Ye Chonglou, Liu Chengfeng didn’t dare start anything when such a goddess-like girl was sitting there.

Flicking a glance at Jiang Chen by Dan Fei’s side, Liu Chengfeng had a strange expression on his face, “I wonder what kind of background this brother Jiang Chen has in order to sit at the same level with so many noble courtiers and officers of the kingdom?”

Liu Chengfeng was more than aware of who Jiang Chen was given that the Northern Palace’s patron in the Precious Tree Sect was Elder Iron.

How would he not know who Elder Iron’s hated personage, Jiang Chen was?

Jiang Chen flicked a noncommittal glance at Liu Chengfeng, “Palace Head Liu, I don’t have any pleasantries to exchange with you. You have a large group of disciples with whom I have blood feuds with. You better keep a close eye on them and ensure that they don’t end up in my hands.”

Since they were enemies, Jiang Chen had no need to be polite with him. The Northern Palace was obviously here to fight over Ning Qingyan today. They were going to erupt in open hostilities sooner or later, so there was no need to be polite with them.

Not to mention that he had been pursued by so many Northern Palace disciples when he first traveled to the Skylaurel Kingdom. Although he’d disposed of Liu Can in the maze realm, the others still remained at large.

Liu Chengfeng had gotten a face full of dust for his troubles in front of the others, but who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen would be even more outrageous!

“Good, good, very good! I, Liu Chengfeng, have truly had my eyes opened after living so many years. Jiang Chen, you were the one who mentioned death grudges. You beat one of my Northern Palace disciples to death in the streets of the capital last time. Liu Can’s mysterious death within the maze realm also probably has something to do with you as well. I’m going to find some time to thoroughly settle these debts with you!”

Liu Chengfeng was thoroughly irritated.

Although Elder Iron had lost so much face in front of Jiang Chen, Liu Chengfeng had thought that it had been because of Ye Chonglou’s aura, not that Jiang Chen had that much ability to him.

Liu Chengfeng wanted to make use of this opportunity to take Jiang Chen down a peg and accomplish something in Elder Iron’s eyes!

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “You don’t need to find a separate time, it’s a rather good time today. Don’t you have a so-called trio of geniuses within your halls? I just so happen to despise the most the sort of trash that blasphemes the title of genius. My greatest hobby is to trample over all sorts of fake geniuses and thoroughly destroy them!”

Provocation! This was naked provocation!

Even the Crown Prince and Dan Fei were rather surprised and looked at Jiang Chen in astonishment.

However, they immediately understood the meaning behind Jiang Chen’s actions.

For one, Jiang Chen’s new and old grudges with the Northern Palace were fated to be impossible to resolve.

Secondly, he could make use of this opportunity to thoroughly crush the aura of these so-called geniuses. The supreme art of war was to subdue the enemy without the slightest bit of effort.

Once these so-called geniuses were suppressed, what face would Xiao Yu have to continue to linger here? How much face would he have to fight with Qiao Baishi?

Indeed, the expressions of the disciples behind Liu Chengfeng changed drastically when they heard these words.

They had heard of Jiang Chen’s reputation during this time and knew much about him. They knew even more deeply of the various conflicts and grudges between their Palace and Jiang Chen.

The news of Jiang Chen killing Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian with three arrows had travelled like wildfire, making it difficult for them not to hear of it even if they didn’t want to.

Although Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian’s level of training weren’t up to that of the three geniuses of the Northern Palace, the gap between the two parties shouldn’t be too wide.

Therefore, when the three geniuses were directly slapped in the face in front of all those assembled, although they had the urge to charge up and challenge Jiang Chen, they withheld their impulse with effort when they thought of Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian.

Although the courage to advance in the face of adversity was necessary on the path of the martial dao, this didn’t mean that one should charge in heedlessly and recklessly. It was obvious that Jiang Chen harbored a great amount of grudges against their Northern Palace and was making use of this opportunity to create trouble for them.

If they couldn’t rein in their temper and rushed into Jiang Chen’s trap, they’d be absolutely walking to their deaths!

Liu Chengfeng felt sour that Jiang Chen had sidelined his three geniuses with a mere word. However, he was used to interacting in large scenes and smiled faintly, “Jiang Chen, you don’t seem to be the one proposing marriage today, are you? You’re shouting and yelling in Palace Head Ning’s territory, don’t you think you’re acting like a gatecrasher supplanting the host?”

“If I’m a gatecrasher, then what does that make you?”

Jiang Chen’s words were cuttingly sharp. Although Liu Chengfeng was an old hat in matters like these, he also rarely met opponents who were so wholly unreasonable as Jiang Chen.

Although he really wished to maintain his composure, he still had the urge to grind his teeth in anger.

He controlled the flames of rage in his heart with effort and said, “Xiao Yu is my disciple and I’m here on his behalf as his parent to propose marriage. What wrong is there in doing so?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Why can’t I represent Qiao Baishi if you’re representing Xiao Yu?”

“You’re representing Qiao Baishi?” Liu Chengfeng looked strangely at Jiang Chen and then at Qiao Baishi.

Qiao Baishi was someone who was at least thirty years old, and this Jiang Chen was not even twenty. A young man was representing Qiao Baishi?

Even Palace Head Ning creased her forehead slightly as she looked at Qiao Baishi with some dissatisfaction. Why were the people who Qiao Baishi had invited such fools?

Qiao Baishi smiled leisurely when Palace Head Ning’s gaze swept over. “Honored Palace Head, it seems that Baishi should be forthright regarding some matters. Young master Chen is my honored master. A master is as if one’s own parents.”

Although a few present knew that Qiao Baishi and Jiang Chen were in the same party, they all thought that Qiao Baishi was just one of Jiang Chen’s guests or a follower at most.

No one had thought that they would be master and disciple.

“Jiang Chen is your honored master?” Liu Chengfeng splurted out in laughter. “Qiao Baishi, have you gotten senile in your years? A brat still stinking of his mother’s milk is your honored master? You should draft better lies!”

Even Palace Head Ning couldn’t help but exhort lowly, “What a farce.”

It was old man Fei who wouldn’t stand for this kind of treatment now. They were looking down on young master Chen! Turning their nose up at young master Chen was the same as doing so to him, Fei Xuan!

At the heart of things, he didn’t even have the right to be young master Chen’s disciple! He was only a medicine boy!

Of course, he couldn’t very well say these things.

However, these bastards were thus blaspheming the name of young master Chen, essentially giving him no face!

Thoroughly rolling his eyes, old man Fei laughed coldly, “Liu Chengfeng, is this all you’re capable of? A disciple is not necessarily lower than their master, and a master doesn’t necessarily have nothing to learn from their disciple. Who says one can’t be a teacher just because they’re young?”

“Heh heh, you are all ignorant and ill informed.” Shi Xiaoyao also laughed coldly.

Ye Rong sat with a demure smile. Although he didn’t say anything, he was obviously in accordance with old man Fei and Shi Xiaoyao.

Zhou Kai also had a trace of a smile as he shook his head, thoroughly disagreeing with Liu Chengfeng’s words.

Although Dan Fei wasn’t quite aware of what was going on, she understood some of Jiang Chen’s secrets more than anyone present. So when she heard Qiao Baishi’s words, not only did she not suspect their truthfulness, she also contemplated about how many secrets this fellow had about him.

Even the honored tutor asked for Jiang Chen’s opinion with regards to many matters. He was such a genius that he was capable of teaching Ye Chonglou, not just Qiao Baishi.

When old man Fei saw that his own camp was supporting him, he felt even more bolstered.

He was one who grew more excited with the situation. With this reassurement, his tone became even more domineering. “Liu Chengfeng, I would hail you as my master if you could refine the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill, the Heavenly Karma Pill, or the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine. You don’t have what it takes! I don’t want to bluff as to how much Jiang Chen’s potential is. I will only say that even I am only fit to carry young master Chen’s shoes in terms of knowledge and potential of the dao of pills. I don’t know what kind of problem there is in such a genius being Qiao Baishi’s teacher?”

Dan Fei had always suspected that the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill had something to do with Jiang Chen. This had finally been verified through old man Fei’s lips, and a meaningful gaze shot out of her beautiful eyes.

Palace Head Ning was flabbergasted in this moment.

Although old man Fei Xuan was quite eccentric, he was still a proud man at heart. He was particularly talented in the area of pills, and all the heads of the four great sites publicly acknowledged Fei Xuan as number one.

His potential and level in pill making was quite remarkable even when placed in the Precious Tree Sect.

However, everyone knew that Fei Xuan had offended someone he shouldn’t have in the Precious Tree Sect and was exiled for his troubles, wasting away the rest of his life in the Qingyang Valley.

That the proud old man Fei would say that he was only fit to carry Jiang Chen’s shoes when it came to pills, although his words were a bit of an exaggeration, it was still quite shocking!

Any of the Four Seasons Pill or Heavenly Karma Pill would be an incredible product when placed on the market, to say nothing of the others. If it wasn’t the act of a master, there was no way that any of these pills could be produced!

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