Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!

Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!

Old man Fei chuckled when he heard these words and nodded, “Good, very good. Liu Chengfeng, I’ll remember your words. I hope you don’t regret them in the future!”

Old man Fei had always been an eccentric person and liked to carry grudges. Liu Chengfeng’s words had thoroughly offended old man Fei.

Liu Chengfeng snorted lightly and didn’t pay much attention to old man Fei’s words. Of the four great sites, his Northern Palace had always been ranked number one.

The Qingyang Valley had always ranked last.

Therefore, Liu Chengfeng truly didn’t pay much heed to old man Fei’s words. Not to mention that Liu Chengfeng was well aware of old man Fei’s history, that he was a discarded pawn of the Precious Tree Sect. He’d offended those within the sect and had been exiled. His life was basically worthless.

Liu Chengfeng would naturally not mind the threats of a piece of trash.

“Old brother Shi, this old man Fei says that Qiao Baishi is his brother. I’m rather curious, what is Qiao Baishi’s relationship with you?”

Liu Chengfeng was planning on dismantling all parties involved and had started targeting Shi Xiaoyao of the Myriad Treasures Palace with these words.

Shi Xiaoyao’s temper wasn’t any better than old man Fei’s.


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