Chapter 242: A Frightening Entourage to Propose Marriage

Chapter 242: A Frightening Entourage to Propose Marriage

Since it was a public selection, it was rather normal for several entourages to put in an appearance.

However, Palace Head Ning was quite aware that this so-called “other entourage” was none other than that foreigner Qiao Baishi.

Who didn’t know that this public groom selection was something she had cooked up to advertise the alliance between the Southern and Northern Palace?

She’d also wanted to use the name of the Northern Palace to push out Qiao Baishi, making him realize his situation and beat a retreat in the face of difficulties maintaining his distance from her daughter.

Ning Qingyan’s alluring body shot to its feet. “Is it Baishi? Hurry and show them in.”

Palace Head Ning’s face darkened as she shouted, “Qingyan, sit down! What Baishi or Laishi? There’s only sir Xiao Yu today, here to propose marriage on behalf of the Northern Palace. I will consider no one else!”

Ning Qingyan wore an aggrieved expression. “Mother, are you the one getting married or am I the one getting married? What do your considerations have to do with me?”

“Parents have the final say in something as momentous as marriage.”...

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