Chapter 241: Proposing a Marriage, a Wedding

Chapter 241: Proposing a Marriage, a Wedding

Since the head of the Southern Palace had hardened her heart with ideas of proper social status, naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let Qiao Baishi come up short.

Jiang Chen was unequivocal when it came to his own people, and he absolutely wouldn’t allow his own men to suffer losses.

After taking care of old man Fei, Jiang Chen sent a few personal guards to deliver his handwritten letters to vice head Shi Xiaoyao of the Myriad Treasures Palace, Crown Prince Ye Rong and Tian Shao of the Dragonteeth Guard…

Even Miss Dan Fei of the tutor’s manor received Jiang Chen’s letter.

Didn’t the head of the Southern Palace want to make a fuss about a display of splendor? Then let’s see who could be more ostentatious!


When Jiang Chen arose the next day, one of his underlings came in to report that Tian Shao of the Dragonteeth Guard had arrived.

One had to admit that Tian Shao was now one of Jiang Chen’s loyal and diehard supporters.

Jiang Chen had taken him on his solo quest through the Guard headquarters. He’d been the only one to witness the entire process, and the psychological impact that that had left in his heart was indescribable with words.

“Young master Chen, I’d wanted to immediately come and visit you when I received your letter last night, but I learned that you had just emerged from closed door cultivation. So, I was worried that it was too late and I’d be affecting your rest, so… ”

“Haha, old Tian, what are you being so polite with me for?“ Jiang Chen chuckled.

Tian Shao also smiled and then responded, “Oh right, young master Chen, vice director Zhou Kai prevailed upon me to ask you today when he heard that you had invited me to propose a marriage on behalf of your friend. He is also very interested and he would like to join in later if possible.”

Vice director Zhou Kai had been one of the biggest beneficiaries since Yang Zhao's fall.

Previously, his title of first vice director of the Guard had far less influence than that of Yang Zhao’s. Now that Yang Zhao had fallen, he was truly experiencing the sensation of being the first vice director.

His gratitude towards Jiang Chen wasn’t his primary motivator, but that he too could discern Jiang Chen’s uncommonalities from this matter.

He felt that he didn’t have many conflicts of interest with Jiang Chen and he had stood opposite of Yang Zhao in many areas. Therefore, there seemed to be no problem in him taking the initiative and approaching Jiang Chen.

It could even be said that Zhou Kai’s forwardness had a few traces of buttering up Jiang Chen.

Although he was the vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard, he was well aware that in the eyes of a genius like Jiang Chen, a vice director was just a fart!

Yang Zhao had also been a vice director with great power and incredible domination. And what happened to him? He’d paid the price with his life after offending Jiang Chen.

Zhou Kai’s sensitive perception noted that Jiang Chen had a great future in front of him. This was a person worth creating a relationship with.

Jiang Chen knew that Zhou Kai was offering an olive branch when he heard Tian Shao’s words. He smiled, “It’s rare that vice director Zhou Kai is also interested. With vice director Zhou Kai’s aid, the entourage to propose the marriage will be even grander!”

Dan Fei also arrived as they were speaking.

Dan Fei had obviously taken special pains in making herself up today. Fresh, light makeup added a few hints of friendliness to her demeanor.

“Sister Dan Fei, as an ethereal goddess, you don’t mind that I’m asking you to run an errand? Do you?”

Dan Fei’s slender eyebrow arched, “Don’t poke fun at me. What would you do if I minded?”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Then I’ll be part of your entourage in the future when you marry and heighten your presence!”

Dan Fei’s elegant mouth moved slightly when she heard these words and her exquisite nose wrinkled slightly.

Her lips quivered but she didn’t say anything, rolling her eyes at Jiang Chen.

Crown Prince Ye Rong, vice head Shi Xiaoyao, and the vice director Zhou Kai all arrived at the Jiang manor not long after.

Old man Fei also rushed in as soon as they’d set foot through the door.

All of Jiang Chen’s invited party were present and accounted for.

Qiao Baishi tsk’ed inwardly in amazement as he looked at the impressive entourage, touched beyond words. He knew that his honored master had called for so many on such a short amount of time to bolster his, Qiao Baishi’s, entourage!

Who in the Skylaurel Kingdom would be able to measure up to this entourage?

Wasn’t Ning Qingyan’s mother, the head of the Southern Palace, disdainful of his birth?

Qiao Baishi was well aware that the honored master was doing this to enhance his public image and give him face.


It was destined to be a bustling day in the Southern Palace’s stronghold in the capital.

Elder Ning of the Southern Palace was publicly selecting a groom, this was one of the biggest matters in the capital.

As one of the four great sites, the Southern Palace’s position in the capital was more than ordinary. The fact that one of the elders of the Southern Palace, the daughter of the head, was publicly selecting a groom would naturally cause an uproar throughout the capital.

What kind of talented man would it take to be worthy of an elder of the Southern Palace and the Palace head’s son-in-law?

One entourage coming to propose marriage had arrived at the door of the Southern Palace’s stronghold at this moment.

This entourage had come from the Northern Palace.

The star from the Northern Palace was the personal disciple of the head of the Northern Palace, one of the three great geniuses, Xiao Yu.

This Xiao Yu wasn’t on the same level as Liu Can.

Liu Can had broken through half step spirit realm on a fluke to become first level spirit realm. He’d barely managed to squeeze into the top tier of disciples within the Northern Palaces.

However, Xiao Yu was one of the three big geniuses of the Northern Palace, his level of training had reached second level spirit realm.

Entering the Precious Tree Sect was a foregone conclusion.

However, at Xiao Yu’s level, his goal wasn’t simply to enter the Precious Tree Sect. He wanted to achieve even better results during the sect’s selection process and stun everyone present, achieving an even higher position when he entered the sect.

Entering the sect was no longer Xiao Yu’s goal.

His goal was to obtain an even higher title when he entered the Precious Tree Sect.

He possessed full confidence when coming to propose marriage this time. To be honest, he didn’t have much interest in an alliance by marriage to the Southern Palace.

He hadn’t been too happy to hear the seniors in his Northern Palace mention this matter.

But after seeing Elder Ning’s features, his more base desires came to the fore.

Having been madeover by the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill, Ning Qingyan’s beauty was at the level of causing disasters. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that her beauty would cause cities and kingdoms to capitulate.

Add to that, Ning Qingyan’s unique aura, all of it made her seem greatly different to ordinary girls!

Xiao Yu normally had a high consideration of himself but he acted quite out of the ordinary when he saw Ning Qingyan’s looks, proactively pursuing her with declarations of love.

He also cooperated fully with the Northern Palace’s marriage plans.

Due to the previous matter of Liu Can and the others, the Northern Palace had also realized that they were being subtly ostracized by the other three sites.

Therefore, this time’s marriage was one of the ways they could break the stalemate.

They didn’t wish to see the other three sites reach an accordance amongst themselves and exile the Northern Palace. Once they were ostracized, the Northern Palace would be beaten down by the others sooner or later.

The senior executives of the Northern Palace wanted to avoid this at all costs.

Therefore, they had chosen to ally through marriage and change the situation.

Xiao Yu had been the one selected. Although he was a few years younger than Ning Qingyan, with his level of training, it was feasible to overlook being a few years younger.

Particularly when Xiao Yu himself had been mesmerized by Qingyan’s beauty, and she was the daughter of the Southern Palace head to boot.

They were of equal social status when it came down to it.

His entourage included almost all of the senior executives of the Northern Palace. He’d also invited quite a few sect disciples to bolster his train.

It could be seen that he was determined to get the girl.

Xiao Yu himself had also gone to great pains to dress himself. He looked quite vigorous and energetic, with a demeanor of “who else if not me?”.

“Northern Palace disciple Xiao Yu greets Southern Palace head Ning.”

The head of the Southern Palace was also surnamed Ning. This meant that Ning Qingyan had taken her mother’s surname.

The princess of the Southern Palace, old woman Ning, liked what she saw more and more as she looked over the tall and handsome Xiao Yu. “Heh heh, not bad, not bad. I too have heard of you, the genius of the Northern Palace. Your future is unlimited once you enter the Precious Tree Sect to pursue advanced studies.”

Xiao Yu was inwardly filled with pride when he heard these compliments and he smiled demurely, flicking a glance at Ning Qingyan behind the old woman. When he saw Ning Qingyan’s sexy and alluring body, the blush peeking through her glistening, translucent skin, and how her exquisitely shaped face was accompanied with defined features, he couldn’t find the slightest bit of flaw to her, even when using the most critical of eyes to assess her. She appeared quite lovely and she seemed to invite others to protect her.

“Qingyan, Xiao Yu greets you.”

Ning Qingyan frowned slightly. Although this Xiao Yu looked gentlemanly, she wasn’t the slightest bit predisposed towards him.

She even slightly disliked him in her heart. If it wasn’t for this guy, her mother may not have objected to her and Qiao Baishi!

However, she still maintained her composure in front of so many others and nodded faintly, “Hello.”

Her eyes scanned outside the door a bit anxiously after she spoke, her slender neck craning like a white swan as her two clavicle bones further offset the length and paleness of her neck.

Judging from Xiao Yu and the Northern Palace’s attitudes, they felt that they had it in the bag already.

Qingyan was a bit worried, but in a woman’s heart, it was naturally the man that she loved who was the best in the world.

She believed that Qiao Baishi wouldn’t flee and he would surely come with his entourage to propose marriage to her.

She already decided that if someone was up to anything in the shadows today, she wouldn’t mind eloping either.

She liked Qiao Baishi. She liked his conversations, his demeanor, his being, and everything about him!

In the moment that he’d offered the pill to her, she could no longer tolerate another man in her heart.

“Qingyan, sit down. So many honored guests have come today, why are you so distracted?” Palace head Ning’s tone was slightly displeased.

A report came in from outside the door at this time, “Palace head, another entourage proposing marriage has arrived outside.”

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