Chapter 240: A Brand New Old Man Fei

Chapter 240: A Brand New Old Man Fei

There was also another emerging from closed door cultivation apart from Jiang Chen, and that was Eastern Gouyu.

This girl who had given up the identity of being an Eastern Kingdom princess had gone through great effort and finally absorbed the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill after three months, smashing through the shackles of the true qi realm, breaking through to the spirit realm, and truly becoming a spirit qi practitioner!

After breaking through, Gouyu’s entire demeanor had also undergone a drastic change.

Her competitive spirit that had originally been written all over her twenty two year old face was now supplemented with a few traces of cool poise.

“Gouyu greets the young master.” Gouyu’s clear voice rang out like a piece of jade.

“Hahaha, congratulations, congratulations. Gouyu, you’ve finally broken through to the spirit realm and become a new legend for your Eastern clan!”

It was likely that a twenty two year old breaking through to the spirit realm had never appeared before in the history of the Eastern clan.

To this day, Jiang Chen still hadn’t caught sight of the revered patriarch of the Eastern clan. As such, he didn’t know what level in the spirit realm his...

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