Chapter 239: Breakthrough, Second Level Spirit Realm!

Chapter 239: Breakthrough, Second Level Spirit Realm!

The Rat King’s words were precisely what Jiang Chen was most preoccupied with as well.

Ever since leaving the maze realm, the focus of Jiang Chen’s martial dao training had been in this area.

Even when ranked against other greater entities, the Lotus was still at a very lofty level of existence.

He’d never thought that he would encounter something as heaven-defying as this within the maze realm.

Not only had he encountered it, but he’d also made it his own!

One had to know that the true core of the Lotus was the Flaming Heart of Ice.

After Jiang Chen had taken the Heart, it meant that he’d received the essence of the Heart. This was the equivalent of planting a Lotus blossom within his spirit ocean that belonged solely to him!

One had to know that the Lotus would be able to transmute into spirit as soon as it fully awakened. Once it transmuted into spirit, it wouldn’t have to stay in one place anymore.

Perhaps it was Jiang Chen’s luck that he had met the Lotus when it was in an infantile state. Since it hadn’t fully awakened, it was in a drowsy, half awake state

If it’d been a fully awakened Lotus, its intelligence would...

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