Chapter 238: The Goldbiter Rat King’s First Taste of Sweetness

Chapter 238: The Goldbiter Rat King’s First Taste of Sweetness

To be abandoned by the humans, to lack all protection, to be nibbled away by alien races and become their food!

Although it was only a hypothesis, it still made Iron Can shudder in fear. He could hear his father’s worry from his tone.

“Father, surely our sixteen kingdoms can’t be in that bad of a situation?” Iron Can managed to squeeze out an ugly smile.

“We’re worse off than you can think! Not a single one of our practitioners have broken through from the spirit realm in all these years. Those who’ve gone on to the origin realm are all old monsters who did so hundreds of years ago. Of the sixteen kingdoms, only the four great sects can each boast of one origin realm practitioner!”

A venerated origin realm practitioner!

This was the existence of legends to Iron Can.

He had once heard that the Precious Tree Sect had an origin realm ancestor as well, but as to what this ancestor looked like and where he was, Iron Can had never cared about that.

He’d felt that this was too far away from him and he had no need to pay attention to matters like these.

“Father, a venerated origin realm practitioner is the stuff of legends. Do the other factions in the...

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