Chapter 2375: The Legend of a Plane

Jiang Chen understood Han Shuang’s mood. She was a foreigner, an outsider, and those coming were supposed to be family. She might be rejected, ostracized, or cold-shouldered.

“Don’t worry, I’m here. My parents and wives are all very friendly. Ah, I also have a younger brother and sister. You’ll meet them all soon.” Jiang Chen clasped her hand tightly and comforted her in a soft voice.

There were no traces of her usual bravado now. Like a kitten, Han Shuang curled up in her husband’s embrace, her heart pounding fiercely.

“They’re here.” Jiang Chen smiled and patted her back.

On tenterhooks, Han Shuang watched a group approach them from the distance.

Huang’er and Dan Fei immediately took note of the unfamiliar woman, and a pair of stunning, enchanting women was the first thing that...

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