Chapter 2374: Returning to Divine Abyss

Inside Hoarfrost’s mansion, the godking chortled at Han Shuang. 

“Girl, aren’t you usually the bold and headstrong sort? Why are you playing the timid maid at a time like this? Just tell me, do you want to be his concubine or not?”

Her cheeks bright red, she refused to give an answer, opting for a soft smile instead.

“I’ll take that as a no, then. I’ll refuse His Majesty’s proposal. He should pick a virtuous and proper daughter-in-law instead.”

“Err, my lord, are you saying I’m not virtuous enough?” Han Shuang grew anxious.

The godking chuckled. “You, virtuous? Are you skilled with needlework? How about cooking, aiding a husband, or raising children? I don’t think...

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