Chapter 237: Iron Father and Son, Secrets of the Sixteen Kingdoms

Chapter 237: Iron Father and Son, Secrets of the Sixteen Kingdoms

An elder with a slightly thickening waist examined at the corpse on the ground with a furrowed brow, remaining silent for a long while.

This person was Elder Iron’s father, one of the four esteemed elders of the Precious Tree Sect, Iron Long.

“Father, say something!” Elder Iron became a bit anxious when he saw his father’s continued silence.

“Iron Can, this person is your brother-in-law?” Iron Long asked.

“Yes, why else would I bring his corpse back for you to look over if he wasn’t Xiaoqian’s brother?” Elder Iron’s full name was Iron Can.

“This person wasn’t killed by a human. What killed him should’ve been a spirit creature, and a very bloodthirsty one at that.” Iron Long sighed. “And, look, Yang Zhao didn’t have the ability to fight back at all when he was devoured. When did such a strong spirit creature appear in the Skylaurel Kingdom?”

“Who knows?” Iron Can was quite dispirited. “Father, do you think this spirit creature is strong? How strong is it?”

Iron Long’s ire rose. “I didn’t see it for myself, how would I know how strong it is? Since Yang Zhao was an earth spirit realm practitioner and couldn’t fight back at all, then it must be much stronger than Yang Zhao. Iron...

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