Chapter 236: Must Repair Relations with Jiang Chen

Chapter 236: Must Repair Relations with Jiang Chen

The scene within Yang Zhao’s secret chamber was too ghastly to look at. Yang Xiaoqian’s heart ripped in two as she gnashed her teeth before crying out crazily, “Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen! I’ll have your clan annihilated!”

“Iron dear, you must take action on my behalf! I only have one elder brother and one nephew, and they both died because of Jiang Chen! In the end, my brother was a vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard and your, a Precious Tree Sect elder’s, brother-in-law. Tell me, are you just going to watch over his death like this?!”

Elder Iron’s face turned ashen as all sorts of tests verified that this was indeed Yang Zhao’s corpse, and that he had died a grisly death.

“Xiaoqian, that dumb animal Jiang Chen will die for sure! However, look at this injury, it couldn’t have been created by an ordinary person. It looks like a monster chewed on him, and not just one at that.”


Yang Xiaoqian’s face drained of color, “Dearest Iron, what kind of monster is horrifying enough for even an earth spirit realm practitioner to be unable to fight back?”

Elder Iron’s expression was...

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