Chapter 2354: Reaching the Crimson Secret Realm

“Elder Zhen Junior, the Crimsonwaters group will set out in three days,” stated Han Shuang.

Jiang Chen nodded. “Alright, I’ll take you to the secret realm before we depart.”

“Are you sure about this?” The sectmistress was still somewhat concerned.

“A hundred percent sure. No one’s going to stop me. Not even Godking Crimsonwaters himself,” Jiang Chen declared boldly.

“Not even the godking himself?”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen didn’t even hesitate.

“Alright. I’ve come up with an excuse. Just tell the others I’ve shut myself in after something went wrong during my cultivation. You’ll lead the Fiendstar Sect to the conference in my stead.” Han Shuang’s...

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