Chapter 235: Yang Zhao is Dead?

Chapter 235: Yang Zhao is Dead?

The honored tutor couldn’t help but sigh internally when he saw Elder Iron jeer and taunt in that manner. It was such a shame that the Precious Tree Sect had such a elder like him.

That a vaunted senior executive of a sect would lose his composure this way in a mundane kingdom and lose so much face to a young man, Elder Iron was quite a unique character alright.

In comparison, Jiang Chen had remained the same throughout in maintaining his cool composure.

Elder Iron looked like he was wasting his years of experience in contrast.

When Elder Iron noticed Jiang Chen’s noncommittal posture, directionless rage surged in his heart. The calmer Jiang Chen was, the greater of a provocation that appeared in Elder Iron’s eyes.

You’re just a brat who still reeks of your mother’s milk. What right do you have to act like you’re above others in front of me?

Elder Iron stared viciously at Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, don’t you think you can relax after escaping today. Yang Zhao isn’t Lu Wuji!”

Yang Xiaoqian also bit off her words, “My brother won’t let you off the hook for killing my nephew! Jiang Chen, you best pray that you don’t end up in our hands! We’ll have you begging for death but denying...

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