Chapter 2346: Han Shuang Capitulates

Even a ninth level god would lose?

The threat rang unpleasantly in Han Shuang’s ears. Kid, way to trumpet your own horn. What are you, a godking? Are ninth level gods a joke to you?

She frowned, a little enraged. “Elder Zhen Junior, you look honest at first glance, but you’re quite the braggart!”

“Haha, do you think I’m blowing hot air?”

“Aren’t you?” retorted the annoyed Han Shuang.

“Why don’t we bet on it?” Jiang Chen’s smile was harmless, but it was a particularly irksome sight for Han Shuang.

“On what?” she asked, unwilling to back down.

“I bet you can’t walk out of my residence.” Jiang Chen smil...

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