Chapter 2345: Haggling

Jiang Chen smiled in lieu of an answer.

“What’s that for? Your smirk tells me that you aren’t going to be honest with me. Forget it. I don’t care if my plan interferes with yours. If you undermine my plan, I’ll stop you from attending the godking conference.”

Jiang Chen flashed her an unconcerned smile. “I can find other ways to attend the conference even without the Fiendstar Sect. If I expose you though, you’ll never get access to the lake.”

If he wanted to, he could very well seek out a lesser godking and butter them up. He would still have a chance to attend the conference then.

Nevertheless, that would be much riskier. He would be more likely to attract suspicion, and would seem like a fool for pulling such a rudimentary trick.

Han Shuang, though, had to consider the possibility.

She had to admit that Jiang Chen was right. She was at a disadvantage here. There were indeed other ways to attend the conference. Her plan, however, hinged on the Heavenly Crimson Lake. In fact, the lake was the most crucial part, without which the rest of her plan would fall apart.

They were at a standstill.

“I’ll make you an offer, Sectmistress Han,” Jiang Chen said, breaking the silence. “Hear me out before you come to any decisions.”

Han Shuang flipped her silky hair and stared at Jiang Chen. “Go on.”

“I’m genuinely offering my help solely because I don’t want you alerting the godking’s people and interfering with my plan,” Jiang Chen said deliberately. “However, you have to tell me what I can do for you.”

“You still want me to tell you my secrets, don’t you? When all is said and done, you’re just tricking me into talking!”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I swear to the heavens that no matter what you’re after, I won’t do anything to undermine you, and I’ll keep your secrets! If I go back on my oath, may the heavens smite me. Is that good enough for you?”

A heavenly oath was an insurance as good as any.

Han Shuang’s expression relaxed in an instant. She considered Jiang Chen carefully, obviously bewildered by his action. The man offered to help her for nothing in return and had even sworn an oath!

The fact that he’d made such compromises in order to offer her his help meant that he was planning something big as well. Otherwise, there was no reason to go to such trouble.

Han Shuang smiled. “This seat has underestimated the strength of your conviction, Elder Zhen. You’ve made concession after concession. You’re after something just as big, aren’t you? Am I wrong to make such an assumption?”

“You’re not wrong,” Jiang Chen said calmly. “What I’m after is equally important to me.”

“Why don’t we clear the air and share our plans? Perhaps we’ll come up with a win-win solution.” Han Shuang was much more relaxed once she knew Jiang Chen didn’t mean her any harm.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “My plan would be considered outrageous by most. I worry that you might faint with fright if I tell you about it.”

“Oh?” Han Shuang chuckled. “What a coincidence. The same is true of my plan. Many may faint if they hear about it too. We’re both doing something equally outrageous, aren’t we?”

Jiang Chen paused. He’d underestimated the sect head.

It was certainly interesting to butt heads with someone like her. He could tell that Han Shuang held no ill intentions against him, despite having her own agenda.

As long as their plans didn’t interfere with one another, they could make things work.

Han Shuang crossed her legs and looked at Jiang Chen with a lazy look. “I think you’ve made a good point, Elder Zhen. I can swear to keep your plan a secret as well. Whatever you’re planning, we’ll give each other room to execute our respective plans. When the situation calls for it, we may even work together.”

There was a reason that the woman had become the sect head of the Fiendstar Sect and gained a foothold in such a short amount of time.

Jiang Chen considered the viability of a collaboration instead of immediately turning her down.

If Han Shuang turned out to be an unreliable ally, his final plan would be to capture her or even take her out. He could then find an excuse to take over the Fiendstar Sect.

He was sure that he’d be able to do that much without implicating himself. He’d still be able to attend the godking conference then.

Jiang Chen smiled leisurely. “Alright, why don’t you go first? Once I make sure you haven’t lied about your plan, I’ll consider letting you in on mine.”

“Why should I go first?” Han Shuang pouted unhappily.

“Ladies first,” Jiang Chen responded with a smile.

“Then I should be the first to listen to your plan, not the first to talk.” Han Shuang could be unreasonable as well.

Jiang Chen knocked on the table with his knuckle and cracked a strange smile. “Although you’ve considered almost everything, Sectmistress Han, there’s one important thing you’ve neglected.”

Han Shuang paused. “What?”

“Have you considered the situation you’re in?” Jiang Chen grinned. “You’re in my residence. There are a thousand ways for me to take you out and take over as the sect head. You aren’t going to force this subordinate’s hand, are you?”

Han Shuang’s expression turned steely for a brief moment before she put on a bright smile. “Now that you’ve reminded me, aren’t you afraid that I’ll just kill you? My sect has a spot here now. I can get rid of you now that you’ve served your purpose.”

“The same is true for you,” Jiang Chen said coolly. “This subordinate stands a better chance of taking you out than the other way around.”

“Hmph! You’re much too confident. Your uncle isn’t here. I can summon Elders Ge and Xu to help me take you out. Will you be as confident then?”

Jiang Chen snorted. “You’re really bad at threatening people, Sectmistress. Listen to yourself. Are you really trying to intimidate me by bringing up those two clowns?”

Elders Ge and Xu?

They were as threatening as flies in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“I don’t know where your confidence comes from, Elder Zhen, but do you think you and your uncle are the only ones who have been hiding their true power?” Han Shuang asked solemnly. “Do you take me for easy prey?”

Jiang Chen smiled lazily. “We know you’ve been hiding your power, Sectmistress, but let me give you a friendly reminder: Even if you’re a ninth level god, you’ll still lose this fight. Do you believe me?”

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