Chapter 2343: Han Shuang’s Visit

On the shores of Heavenly Crimson Lake, spirit energy was no issue for Jiang Chen, unlike a certain Han Shuang. The beautiful and usually spirited sectmistress had recently become increasingly mysterious.

Jiang Huan was away almost all year round, so the young lord had no choice but to personally keep tabs on her to prevent her from stepping out of bounds and attracting the godking’s wrath.

No matter her schemes, his own plans came first and foremost. Not even she could be allowed to disrupt them.

He wanted to spend the next six decades peacefully, right up to the start of the godking conference.

Anything unexpected might constitute a roadblock. He’d need to look for alternatives if he were to lose his right to attend the conference, which would entail unwelcome distractions detrimental to his ambitions.

Hence, busy or not, he kept an eye on her lest she should suddenly do something outrageous.

Of course, she was fully unaware she was the target of surveillance.

As to Elders Ge and Xu, their heads had swollen out of control after becoming one of the five greatest sects on Crimsonwaters. They’d sometimes strut around, creating trouble that the sect had to clean up afterward.

It was quite a headache for Han Shuang. Now and then, the urge to give these two fellows a good thrashing was almost impossible to resist.

Her repeated admonishments to stay low-key slowly started to take with the two elders, but their descendents, disciples, and womenfolk, drunk on their newfound fame, often stirred up trouble.

Having to deal with these issues once every few days was an immense distraction.

One day, she finally got ahold of Jiang Chen and cut right to the chase. “Elder Zhen Junior, I met a roadblock in my cultivation a few days ago and need to go into seclusion to resolve this issue. It might have long-lasting repercussions otherwise. You’ll be in charge while I’m gone. Keep an eye on Elder Xu and Elder Ge. They’ve been causing me no end of trouble lately.”

Jiang Chen responded woodenly, “How long will your seclusion last? A week, half a year? Kindly ask someone else if it’s more than a month.”

Trying to shirk your responsibilities and pass off the hot potato? I’m not stupid enough to buy into your story.

Han Shuang giggled, glamorous ripples in her eyes. “Elder Zhen Junior, you’re a senior of our sect. I’m letting you take over the reins because I think you’re ready for it. Don’t you want to prove yourself should future opportunities arise? I might be in really high spirits one day, and find you particularly pleasing to the eyes. Who knows if I won’t promote you to vice sect head by then?”

“Not interested. I’m content being an elder.” Jiang Chen chuckled.

There’s nothing to negotiate, no matter your wiles!

But Han Shuang wasn’t flustered. She hadn’t expected him to capitulate so easily. With a smile, she sashayed over to him, sat beside him, and softly rocked against his shoulder. Intentionally or not, her two soft hills rubbed against him.

“Elder Zhen Junior, you’ve joined us for quite some time already, haven’t you? I’ve never asked you to do something against your will, so do you have the heart to tell me no this one time? I really have to go into seclusion. I’m not asking for the moon, it’s nothing but day-to-day routines. Blame your uncle for being away. He’d have been my first pick.” Her head almost brushed against his as she implored in a soft, velvety voice, like a sister coaxing her younger brother. Her breath smelled like orchids.

But Jiang Chen remained deaf to her pleas.

In all honesty, anyone else would long have succumbed to such an offensive. However, clarity shone through his heart, determination unswayed.

Han Shuang fidgeted nervously when she saw she couldn’t budge him.

“Elder Zhen Junior, what’s with you?” She stood up and put her hands on her hips. If soft persuasion didn’t work, she seemed ready to resort to a harder line.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Hehe, Sectmistress, I’m young, so don’t scare me. What did you say your problem was? You can tell me. I do have some insight when it comes to cultivation, you know. Maybe I can figure it out for you, and then you won’t have to seclude yourself anymore. How would our sect make giant strides towards becoming a peak faction without you at the helm?” 

Seeing his face almost literally sparkle with sincerity, Han Shuang itched to slam a fist right into his nose. How could she fail to see the kid was putting up an act?

Both of them were dissembling, talking in circles without a clear winner. A little disheartened, she sat down huffily, glaring at the young lord as if ready to come to blows.

“Elder Zhen Junior, what do I have to do to make you help?” She finally opted to give peaceful negotiations another try.

“Sectmistress, don’t look at me like that. People might think you want to eat me.” Jiang Chen continued to tease, more and more amused.

“Little bastard, don’t even go there. I’m your sectmistress and your elder sister! Even if you want me, I’m not that type!” Han Shuang rolled her eyes at him and said with a straight face, “But I’m open to other conditions.”

Jiang Chen curled his lips. “But I thought it was the very thing you’ve been going for. Seems like I’ve misread your intentions, my lady.”

Han Shuang’s eyes softened as she blushed. “Little rascal, it seems you’ve had your eyes on me for a long time. It’s your fault for usually behaving so uptight. To be honest, I also enjoy your company, but if you really want to be with me, you should formally propose. I’m not as easy as you think.”

Jiang Chen froze. Was she being sincere, or was it another subterfuge?

Smiling, he stared meaningfully into her eyes.

“Sectmistress, I think we should get to know each other better,” he suddenly said.

“How so?” Han Shuang still looked like a charming, gentle girl. “Are you coming on to me? I’ve been engaged once, but I’m essentially a maiden. This isn’t a suitable subject this late at night, don’t you think?”

Jiang Chen was finally certain she was still play-acting.

“Of course this one never would. I was alluding to your escapades to the lake. If you’re hatching plans of grand supremacy, why don’t you share them with me? Two heads are better than one.” 

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