Chapter 2339: Round Two

The three other bouts ended shortly. The factions who won entered the second round alongside Fiendstar. The winners of this round would receive qualification.

“Shall we continue our streak as the unexpected dark horse?” Han Shuang’s spirits were very high. 

Jiang Chen and Jiang Huan’s performances had given her a hefty boost of confidence. She almost believed that their victories were inevitable, and she was the only one who needed to win. It would be nice if the Elders Ge and Xu could win as well, but they didn’t actually matter.  

Lots were drawn for the second round’s matchups.

None of the winners from the first round were easy contenders. Among the three potential opponents, two were assuredly stronger than Golden Glyph.

The last one was approximately on equal footing. It would be a difficult fight no matter their assignment.   Fortune blessed Fiendstar this time: they drew the comparatively weaker of the three.

“Heh, Sectmistress Han. Fiendstar’s defied expectations up to now, but isn’t this about as far as you’ll go? The Thousand Battle Sect is composed of only veterans. If our warriors were to accidentally strike with too much force… wouldn’t that be bad for our relations?” The enemy quickly started the attempt to browbeat Fiendstar into submission.

“Are you saying you intend to surrender?” Han Shuang smiled serenely.

The Thousand Battle sect head’s expression darkened. “Don’t play stupid, sectmistress. I am kindly advising you to surrender. When the fighting starts, your safety cannot be guaranteed.”

Han Shuang maintained her smile. “Oh? Are you sure that yours is?”

Jiang Chen gave the woman a thumbs-up. She was a bold one!

“Enough banter. Get in the arena!” The godking’s subordinates weren’t interested in hearing pointless posturing. It was better to let fists decide who was right.

Once again, three wins were needed among five battles.

Han Shuang was first in the randomized lineup. Luckily, she matched up against one of Thousand Battle’s normal elders, perhaps third or fourth among their five.

She tossed a look at Jiang Chen and Jiang Huan that said, I can handle this guy, so the rest is up to you.

Jiang Chen returned it with a confident smile.

Jiang Huan rubbed his nose, then snorted at the sky in a gesture of utter disdain. It was an act put on especially for Godking Crimsonwater. He didn’t want the ruler to pay him too much attention.

The Jiangs’ opponents were drawn in time as well.

Jiang Chen was fortunate to find himself matched up against someone of also middling strength.

Jiang Huan’s opponent, on the other hand, was the Thousand Battle sect head. He was a little vexed. Not about how to defeat his opponent, but how to avoid suspicion while doing it.

Jiang Chen walked easily onstage, leaving his 'uncle' alone with his problem. His adversary had waited quite a while for him already.

The man who was to be his opponent was clearly an expert who had fought in countless battles. The killing aura that lingered upon him marked him as a diehard survivor of great bloodshed.

But then, so what?

If one’s aura alone was potent enough to kill, there would be no need for them to get into the ring in the first place.

The expert’s eyes fixed on Jiang Chen with great venom. “My blade has drunk the blood of at least ten thousand men, kid. You will be number ten thousand and one.”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. “Is it customary among fools to threaten their opponents before fighting? I suppose your threat is better phrased than that old man from Golden Glyph. Are you sure you’re stronger than he is, though?”

He cared not for an enemy’s empty words.

His objective was the same as in the last round. He needed to figure out how to defeat his opponent in a way that kept his true strength hidden.

Anemic intimidation that sufficed only to scare children concerned him not at all..

The man’s eyes turned cold. He trembled a moment before releasing countless images that roved in every direction.

Several thousand copies of him stood before Jiang Chen now. Thousands of arms and thousands of sabers filled the air.

Jiang Chen seemed to be ensnared in a vortex of blades in an instant.

The target of the attack feigned a serious reaction. An impetuous attack like this was far too obvious under the scrutiny of his Evil Golden Eye.

The images and the real man’s movements were as disparate as raindrops between falling petals, easily discernible.

The expert was internally quite satisfied with his opponent’s reaction. He thought that his ability had managed to fool the youth.

Fall! He shouted wordlessly, his blade slicing toward Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, a golden light erupted as soon as he neared the young man. Wave after circular wave of terrifying rippling power sucked his weapon in.

What was this?

The man grew aghast. He had plenty of combat experience and considered his speed top-notch. And yet, his wraithlike strike had been accurately captured!

Why hadn’t his prided swiftness worked? Had his misdirection failed after all?

Or… was this actually a coincidence?

Definitely a coincidence! his wishful thinking told him.

Alas, his naivete only worsened his condition. The dispersing ripples nearly disarmed him through its engulfing strength. His weapon was firmly glued.

“Out with you!”

Both weapon and man were pulled free from the myriad copies that surrounded him.

In the next instant, every false image disappeared.

The man felt an understanding pulse through his heart. He moved to get up, but Jiang Chen’s foot was already upon his back. A mountainous weight nearly shattered his entire body.

“Haha, too bad. Your illusion isn’t good enough against my ocular skill,” the young man declared seriously.

His victim began to bawl in pain. The man panted with such agony that his tongue lolled out of his mouth. If Jiang Chen’s foot pressed down any harder, he would be dead.  

“Fine. If you don’t want to be here, you can leave.” Jiang Chen kicked the man off the arena like a ball.

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