Chapter 2336: Heavenly Crimson Lake

Passing the audit lifted an enormous weight off Han Shuang’s shoulders.

Thrilled and briskly motivated, she clearly cared a great deal about gaining a spot at the Heavenly Crimson Lake.

Early next morning, she took her team to the competition grounds at the lake.

Those from the godking’s mansion had already set up the stage and made their preparations.

Upon his return to the Heavenly Crimson Lake, Jiang Chen looked emotionally at the vast body of water. In his past life, he’d come here with his father and marveled at a majestic creation by the heavenly forces. Who would’ve thought that he would return here as a different man after several hundred thousand years?

“What are you looking at, Elder Zhen Junior?” Han Shaung came up to him with an amiable smile.

“The forces of creation are extraordinary, and their craft masterful.” Jiang Chen answered with a question of his own, “Don’t you feel anything, Sectmistress Han?”

Han Shuang chuckled. “I’ve been here many times and had my moments of wonder. You should wait until we win a spot and establish our foundations here. You’ll be free to stare at the lake then all day, every day.”

Jiang Chen jerked his head. “Let’s go.”

A total of twelve factions were participating in the competition, three of which, however, were in a completely different league. The White Drake Sect was almost guaranteed a spot.

Each was assigned to their own area and everyone had brought their best elites. The place buzzed with energy.

Atop the stage emerged the organizers from the godking's mansion.

Surrounded by his attendants, Godking Crimsonwaters walked out in all his glory. His tall and strong build made him stand out and leave an unforgettable impression.

“All hail our lord godking. May you live as long as the world, and the realm be forever prosperous!”

A smile cracked through the godking’s serious expression. “You are all pillars of the Crimsonwaters Minor, fellow daoists. There’s no need for such formalities. There’s only one rule for this competition - fairness!

“To that end, the five spots will be split into two parts. The top three will be selected from factions that self-nominate. Those who aim to fight for the top three spots may put yourself forward first. If you fail, however, you can’t fight for the fourth and fifth spots.” Godking Crimsonwaters announced the rules.

The design of the competition was to ensure that the most powerful three factions would win the first three spots, which befitted the interest of the minor world and the expectations of the godking's party.

Of course, it was also a form of protection for the other factions to some degree. If every faction might be pitted against one another, those who were matched with the top three would suffer unduly. There would be almost no chance for them to win.

The rules protected both the top three factions and the lesser factions. The lesser factions were free to challenge the top three if they were so inclined. If not, they would fight for the bottom two spots.

It was a rather humane way to set things up.

“Those who’d like to fight for the top three spots, put your names forward.”

Han Shuang didn’t even lift her head. She wasn’t interested in getting involved, and she had no reason to. The top three factions, including the White Drake Sect, weren’t opponents the Fiendstar Sect could rival.

She would be courting death by challenging them.

One faction, however, nominated itself in addition to the top three factions, warranting everyone’s respect.

“Tsk, since when did the Sunblaze Sect get so brave? Challenging the big three? Are they good enough for that?”

“They aren’t the reckless sorts. Have they encountered something and improved themselves greatly?”

The Sunblaze Sect was one of the top factions on the minor world, but never numbered as one of the top three. At most, they’d ranked fifth among all factions. Recently, however, the sect had kept a low profile. No one knew for sure where they stood at the moment.

Therefore, the sect’s decision to nominate themselves was surprising, but also exciting.

They must have the confidence to back themselves up. Otherwise, who would take such a reckless gamble? It was important to win a spot in the competition. If they weren’t confident in their ability, they could have fought for fourth or fifth instead!

“What a ballsy move.” Han Shuang gave the faction a mental thumbs-up and muttered, “I envy them for their confidence. When will the Fiendstar Sect be able to fight for the top three spots? That would be a glorious sight!”

She clearly envied the Sunblaze Sect for its moment of glory.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “You can give it a try too, Sectmistress Han.”

“No, I don’t think I will. I don’t want to trip and fall by taking too big a step.” Han Shuang cackled. “Let us take steady steps and aim for the last two spots.”

Jiang Chen nodded without a word instead of volunteering his help. He didn’t want to stand out when a godking was present.

Such glory meant nothing.

Due to the Sunblaze Sect’s unexpected move, there were four sects fighting for the top three spots, while the remaining eight would fight for the last two.

“Haha, the dark horse of a challenger has made it easier for us to organize the competition. There are eight factions fighting for the remaining two spots. We’ll pair you up and hold two rounds of matches to select the two factions. That should work, shouldn’t it?”

Godking Crimsonwaters smiled slightly.

“The godking has wisely made the most reasonable arrangement.”

In other words, merely two consecutive wins would guarantee a spot.

Comprehending the rules, Han Shuang boosted her group’s morale with a talk. “This is a great opportunity for the Fiendstar Sect. We only have to beat two factions to gain a spot. We’ve got to do it! That will be the start of our ascension to greatness.”

The other factions motivated their members as well.

Every one of them had passed the audit before participating. No one was weaker than the others. In fact, the Fiendstar Sect was considered the weakest contestant, nothing more than to spectate than to fight.

The seven other factions were all hoping to face Fiendstar in the competition. It was the least renowned faction - perfect for the first round.

Han Shuang knew full well what the others were thinking, but she didn’t take it personally.

One had to win respect with real strength. Anger was unproductive. No one in the martial dao world cared about feelings. The only thing that mattered was power. The fist was law!

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