Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face

Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face

“Xin Wudao, Qi Fengxian, open your eyes and take a good look! The Dragontooth Emblem is here, no one moves without my order!”

At this point, Shangguan Yi was well and truly enraged and had erupted into open hostilities with Elder Iron. He knew that it was impossible to continue on amiable terms.

Even if he didn’t want to stand on Jiang Chen’s side, he had no other choice!

Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian looked at each other, hardening their hearts as a violent light gleamed in their eyes. They shouted, “Mister Shangguan, we dare not ignore the orders of a Precious Tree Sect elder. Our apologies for the offense!”

Xin Wudao made a hand gesture after they spoke and charged towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had been watching everything silently with a cold smile on his face, constantly on his guard as he watched the situation develop. When he saw Xin Wudao and the others rapidly close in, the Da Yu bow in his hands spat forth merciless arrows that rained down like shooting stars, aiming straight for Xin Wudao and Qi Xianfeng who were leading the charge.

The power of these arrows encompassed the mysteries of Jiang Chen’s strongest attacks, even combining the essence of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” within them.

They looked ordinary but surged with deadly intent.

Elder Iron had originally thought that, given Xin Wudao’s numbers, it would be as easy as killing an ant to kill Jiang Chen.

But, suddenly --

Elder Iron’s expression changed as he yelled, “There’s something wrong about these arrows, retreat!”

Quicker than words could tell --

Xin Wudao and Qi Xianfeng had already rushed to the front by the time Elder Iron issued his warning, it was entirely too late to avoid the attacks.

Like meteors, the arrows seemed to flare brilliantly, traveling through the air in a bizarre trail and sinking deep into their targets where their light flared again.

Pfft pfft pfft.

Three arrows found their way to three heads.

The strong shattering force seemed to punch through the stars as three perfectly fine heads exploded, a sanguine rain decorating the air.

The heads of Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian, solid first level spirit realm practitioners, had exploded just like that!

Shangguan Yi hadn’t anticipated that something like this would happen at all, and neither could Elder Iron.

With their intuition, they had sensed that Jiang Chen was but first level spirit realm, and not even second level spirit realm.

With that level of training, it would’ve been difficult to say who would’ve won if he’d gone into single combat against Xin Wudao.

In group battle, they didn’t think that Jiang Chen would hold out beyond ten rounds.

However, the truth completely flabbergasted them.

Judging from Jiang Chen’s posture, it was apparent that he wasn’t viewing Xin Wudao as someone on his level at all. Jiang Chen was shooting out arrows one after another like he was at target practice, not feeling any pressure at all.

He’d slapped his Goldwing Swordbird and quickly backed up a few hundred meters, pointing the Da Yu bow in Elder Iron’s direction.

The Goldwing Swordbird that Tian Shao was riding on had also moved accordingly, retreating behind Jiang Chen.

Bam, bam, bam!

Three headless corpses fell from the sky and crashed heavily onto the ground, smashing into three balls of meat paste. The Dragonteeth Guard, who were watching from below, all had their expressions drastically change as they jumped in fright.

Any of these three had a certain stature in the Guard!

Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian were heavyweights amongst the ten main generals of the Guard. Who would’ve thought they’d be taken out with a single headshot!

One hit K.O.!

As domineering and fierce as the Dragonteeth Guard normally was, they still felt goosebumps as they witnessed Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian’s ghastly demise. They’d finally realized that Jiang Chen wasn’t someone to be trifled with!

Everyone’s previous understanding of Jiang Chen had halted at the level of rumors. But those rumors paled in comparison to the stark power behind the three arrows after they finally saw him in action.

Shangguan Yi was also slightly startled. He had known that Jiang Chen was a genius and had talent, but hadn’t thought that he would be so heaven defying on the road of martial training!

The outside world had thought all along that Jiang Chen was precocious and valued by Ye Chonglou because he knew a few unconventional methods.

Who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen wasn’t as simple as knowing a few parlor tricks.

Whether it was the power of these three arrows or the martial dao potential embodied by them, even the proud Shangguan Yi had to admit that he was far inferior to Jiang Chen at that age!

“That this Jiang Chen would find favor in the old tutor’s eyes, his reputation is well deserved! It looks like His Majesty and I have both overlooked Jiang Chen’s martial dao potential and were completely befuddled by his unorthodox ways! Jiang Chen’s martial dao potential is likely amongst the apex of the entire sixteen kingdoms!”

Shangguan Yi was actually overjoyed instead of angry. Jiang Chen’s extraordinary martial dao potential further reinforced his desire to stand with the Crown Prince.

Shock was written all over Elder Iron’s face as his eyes stared straight at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you… you dared kill someone right in front of me?”

Elder Iron felt his face burn as if someone had slapped him. He given the order to the others to kill Jiang Chen, who would’ve thought that they would be killed in an instant by him instead!

“Iron dearest, this little whelp dares to kill someone right in front of you! He’s someone who even gives no face to an elder of the Precious Tree Sect!” Yang Xiaoqian screamed shrilly as she added fuel to the fire.

Elder Iron spoke with a darkened face as he nodded slightly, staring at Shangguan Yi. “Shangguan Yi, you’re a coward alright. These men are all your troops and you stood idly by while they were killed in front of you. It looks like the Dragonteeth Guard needs to be thoroughly purged.”

Shangguan Yi said faintly, “Elder Iron, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian both called me Mister Shangguan just now. As such, they’d both already betrayed the Dragonteeth Guard and were no longer my troops. It is just and right that a traitor should die.”

“Shangguan Yi, it looks like you still refuse to realize your errors. Good, very good! Since you’ve hardened your heart to protect an outside enemy, it looks like I have to take matters into my own hands.”

Elder Iron’s gaze was cruel as he looked at Shangguan Yi. “If you dare interfere, that means you’re making an enemy of the entire Precious Tree Sect. Once the senior executives of my Sect are enraged, even the king himself won’t be able to suffer their wrath, not to mention a mere you!”

“Shangguan Yi, do you dare fight against the Precious Tree Sect? Do you really want to die that badly?” Yang Xiaoqian also started to make her threats.

“My Iron dearest is the son of one of the four esteemed elders, and is on the same level as the sect head. Insulting him means making an enemy of the entire sect. I’m rather curious, even the royal family doesn’t dare offend the sect. You’re just a lackey of the royal family, where are you getting the courage to be enemies with my dear Iron?”

Shangguan Yi’s heart clenched.

He knew full well that Elder Iron was speaking the truth. Even the king wouldn’t publicly make an enemy of Elder Iron like this.

If Elder Iron wanted to blow this matter up and involve his father, then things would really be dire.

Elder Iron’s father was one of the people with the most power within the Precious Tree Sect.

He was the head of the four esteemed elders, and his status second to only that of Xie Tianshu, the head of the Precious Tree Sect.

As the second most important personage within the sect, any of his random stomps would be enough to make the entire kingdom shudder. If he became truly enraged, the consequences would be beyond imagination.

Such a character was someone that even the royal family couldn’t afford to offend.

Shangguan Yi’s expression was ugly as he looked at Jiang Chen, sighing inwardly. “How would Jiang Chen not rise from the masses with his potential?”

If he hadn’t been targeted by Elder Iron and hadn’t offended Yang Zhao, he would surely alight the clouds in the future and possess a boundless future.

It was a pity that a genius’ personality was much too direct and was one that couldn’t bear to hide his edge, attracting a fatal disaster for him in the end.

Shangguan Yi was of a mind to protect a wonderful talent in this moment, but after weighing up the situation, he also knew that protecting Jiang Chen now would be placing himself thoroughly opposite Elder Iron.

If it was just a simple Elder Iron, he was confident that he could handle him.

However, not even all the nobles and those of power within the Skylaurel Kingdom combined would be able to withstand the rage of Elder Iron father’s rage.

“Jiang Chen, it’s not that I don’t want to do anything, but that the circumstances are forcing me to do thus.” Shangguan Yi sighed lightly in his heart but said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, you’re on your own.”

After saying these words, he too moved to the side with a darkened expression.

He could only choose to remain neutral in this moment. It was a decision out of resignation, and one that he must take.

Elder Iron knew that Shangguan Yi was still afraid of the power of the Precious Tree Sect at the end of the day. He was enormously proud inside and kept laughing coldly.

“Seems like you can at least recognize what’s in front of you.” Yang Xiaoqian also displayed a mocking expression on her face.

There was no one else between Jiang Chen and Elder Iron after Shangguan Yi had stepped aside.

“Jiang Chen, aren’t you arrogant? Aren’t you cocky one?” Elder Iron started laughing hideously and spurred his mount on to approach Jiang Chen, “And how will you be cocky now?”

Elder Iron had currently trained to the sixth level spirit realm. He only needed to take a single step to set foot into the seventh level and become a true expert within the spirit realm. Although his level of training didn’t count as the highest within the sect, it was still that of an extremely rare existence.

With his father’s power, he had inexhaustible resources. Assailing the sky spirit realm was only a matter of time.

With his training of sixth level spirit realm, taking care of a young man was easily said and done.

A violent light dawned in Yang Xiaoqian’s eyes as she cried out, “Iron dearest, take him alive! This dumb animal killed Wuji, we can’t let him die that easily!”

Elder Iron chuckled, “Don’t worry, this brat talked back to me several times already. He won’t have the luxury of dying a swift death!”

Tian Shao’s body couldn’t help but tremble when he felt Elder Iron’s aura approach.

This wasn’t internal fear or horror, but the disparity between the capability of his level of training and the aura of a peak earth spirit realm practitioner. This was uncontrollable!

Even Jiang Chen, having trained the Boulder’s Heart, felt that there was a force like a mountain roiling towards him.

Except, Jiang Chen remained as unshaken as a mountain, his gaze steady and not being controlled by Elder Iron’s aura in the slightest.

“You with the Iron surname, I’ve long since heard that your position as a Precious Tree Sect elder was a result of your old man’s power. It looks like the rumors are true! A noble sect elder is stooping so low as to bully the weak and throw his weight around in a mundane kingdom to oppress the younger generation?”

A faint voice abruptly traveled through the air. This voice held a few traces of sarcasm, as if a beam of sunlight cleaved through a sky covered with storm clouds.

The storm clouds were abruptly illuminated in that moment.

These words seemed to be imbued with boundless destruction as it washed away Elder Iron’s aura, and vanished without a trace.

Shangguan Yi was the first to react, crying out involuntarily with joy, “Honored tutor Ye, it’s honored tutor Ye!”

Tian Shao also abruptly came to his senses and was overjoyed. “Honored tutor Ye has come!”

Elder Iron had been in the middle of his stride, going about with great pride and momentum, and viewing Jiang Chen as fish paste on a cutting board, able to be smacked at leisure. To think that someone would just appear at this moment, and Ye Chonglou at that!

If there was one person in this entire mundane kingdom that Elder Iron feared, then this person would be Ye Chonglou, the mysterious and unpredictable spirit king protector of the kingdom!

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