Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face

Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face

“Xin Wudao, Qi Fengxian, open your eyes and take a good look! The Dragontooth Emblem is here, no one moves without my order!”

At this point, Shangguan Yi was well and truly enraged and had erupted into open hostilities with Elder Iron. He knew that it was impossible to continue on amiable terms.

Even if he didn’t want to stand on Jiang Chen’s side, he had no other choice!

Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian looked at each other, hardening their hearts as a violent light gleamed in their eyes. They shouted, “Mister Shangguan, we dare not ignore the orders of a Precious Tree Sect elder. Our apologies for the offense!”

Xin Wudao made a hand gesture after they spoke and charged towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had been watching everything silently with a cold smile on his face, constantly on his guard as he watched the situation develop. When he saw Xin Wudao and the others rapidly close in, the Da Yu bow in his hands spat forth merciless arrows that rained down like shooting stars, aiming straight for Xin Wudao and Qi Xianfeng who were leading the charge.

The power of these arrows encompassed the mysteries of Jiang Chen’s strongest attacks, even combining the essence of the “Moonshatter Flying...

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