Chapter 2324: The Fiendstar Sect

Jiang Chen understood things a bit better after that explanation.

The position of celestial emperor was currently determined by strength alone. Since all candidates to the throne were pretenders without creation’s recognition, that was the only possible measure of ‘worthiness’.

Such a ‘celestial emperor’ was so in name only, not the true lord of the Taiyuan Plane. They had no long-lasting authority to speak of.

“Brother Gou,” Jiang Chen asked seriously, “I’ve only recently returned from the outside world, so I may be ignorant of recent affairs here in the Taiyuan Plane. If I may, who is the current celestial emperor?”

“Hmm, the current celestial emperor is called Celestial Emperor Skypillar. He’s been in his position for over three hundred years now,” Gou She answered with equal gravity.

Jiang Chen was speechless. A celestial emperor who’s only been one for three hundred years?

“How many celestial emperors have there been over the past ten millennia?” he probed curiously.

“Oh, about seven or eight. The shorter reigns last five centuries or so, the longer ones, two or three millennia before an usurper comes along. No one can sit in the spot for very long without being changed out.”

“Why is that?” Jiang Chen feigned perplexity. “Such rapid changes in ruler for a great plane like this can’t possibly be a good thing.”

“Heh, that’s not something we should worry about. It’s a matter far loftier than we small folk, one that we have no right to discuss.” Gou She was cautious enough to cut off the subject.

Instead, he looked expectantly at Jiang Chen. “Brother Zhen, let me introduce my home faction to you. We aren’t the strongest upon the plane of Crimsonwaters, but we’re pretty prominent. We’re not that well-known because of how soon it’s been since our founding, but we’re confident to get one of the top five spots.”

“What is your faction’s name?” Jiang Chen grinned. “Surely it has one?”

“Ah, ah, of course. We’re called the Fiendstar Sect! An awesome name, wouldn’t you say so?” Gou She chuckled.

Jiang Chen fell speechless once more.

Awesome? The name was beyond idiotic. Had the person who’d come up with it suffered a devastating brain injury of some sort?

He could only pretend to smile and nod. “That is indeed an awesome name. Still, I know nothing about your sect. What will I get out of accepting your invitation?”

He was actually looking for more information.

“We can talk about the other conditions at length, if you’re interested! We’re always looking for new talent. If you have the skills, we’ll definitely give you more than deserving treatment for it. No need to be concerned about that.” Gou She continued to laugh.  

“Of course. If I didn’t get what my skills deserved, I would just leave,” Jiang Chen asserted.

“Haha, let’s talk about it some more then. Friend, if you join the Fiendstar Sect as our guest elder and help us contend for the Crimson Lake, we will pay you as one of our very own elders. If we end up winning, we can bring you along when we visit the celestial emperor as well. Imagine! How amazing would it be to meet the celestial emperor in person? If he takes an interest in you, then you’ll really have made it big!”

Gou She had an active imagination and honeyed lips.

Smiling, Jiang Chen feigned strong interest, though with some reservation. “This is too important. I need to talk with my companion when he returns.”

“Oh? You have a companion? Who? Are they as strong as you?”

Jiang Chen nodded noncommittally in reply.

“Wonderful. You should get them to join us as well. The Fiendstar Sect needs more talent like you two! Trust me, it’ll be worth it when we do win and get to visit the celestial emperor,” Gou She described breathlessly.

Jiang Chen saw no reason to douse his eagerness.

“Sorry, Brother Zhen, I lost myself for a moment. I urge you to think about my suggestion! The Fiendstar Sect is more sincere than anybody. I swear on my own character that we absolutely won’t do you wrong. We really need people like you!”

Jiang Chen didn’t take these words too seriously, though he naturally maintained civility. “I’ll definitely consider it. If we’re a good fit, I would be pleased to cooperate on this grand occasion.”

This was a bit of dangling bait.

“Good, good! It’s settled, then. Don’t leave, Brother Zhen! Wait for me here, I’ll go find the sect head. Stick around, alright? I’m very serious, so please don’t brush me off…” Gou She stomped downstairs excitedly.

Jiang Chen smiled as he watched the other man leave. He had a pretty good impression of him; Gou She was a fast talker, but had a reasonably good heart. He was also easy to trick and pry information out of.

The young lord had learned quite a lot from the conversation just now. The constant changes in just who was celestial emperor, for example. 

The pieces of information he had learned weren’t secrets in the outside world, but there was much to be gleaned from them regardless. The Taiyuan Plane was still in a state of chaos – that much was obvious from the pretenders’ strife alone.

Without a celestial emperor acknowledged by creation itself, a stable hierarchy couldn’t be established.

“The fact that Gou She cares so much about visiting the current celestial emperor means that the factions down below thirst for a powerful, authoritative ruler. They wouldn’t be like this otherwise.”

There was a good basis of popular support for retaking the Taiyuan Plane and restoring order then.

Aside from a handful of opportunists, no one wanted to live in an anarchic society. For one, safety was no guarantee for anybody. The young man became more confident after what he’d observed.

At this moment, a different youth emerged from one of the tavern’s private rooms. He carried a proud and scornful expression. “Come with me. Someone wants to see you.”

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