Chapter 232: Elder Iron Arrives (Teaser)

Chapter 232: Elder Iron Arrives

Shangguan Yi’s eyes widened slightly as he realized that he’d underestimated Jiang Chen’s verbal wits.

“Jiang Chen, who doesn’t know how to speak empty words? Who doesn’t know how to slander others? You say that Lu Wuji colluded with outside enemies, but do you have any evidence? As the vice general of the Guard, it was pure coincidence that Lu Wuji was patrolling there. Who would’ve thought that you were seized with crazy ideas and framed Lu Wuji, pinning the crime of consorting with the enemy onto him! Not only that, you even killed him to silence him! Why would you kill him if you didn’t have a guilty conscience?”

Xin Wudao was the first to jump out.

“That’s right! Killing someone to get rid of eyewitnesses is a sign of a guilty conscience! If vice general Lu had indeed been guilty, the Guard would’ve made our investigations. When had it become your right an outsider, to interfere in the internal affairs of our Guard? Not to mention that even if Lu Wuji was guilty, he should’ve had the opportunity to defend himself? You slaughtered the eyewitnesses to make sure that the dead won’t talk and you could say whatever you wanted! You killed Lu Wuji first and then slandered vice director...

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