Chapter 2319: The Moment of Goodbyes

The young lord benefited greatly from Jiang Huan’s knowledge. Their discussion shed light on many questions that had puzzled him. Most importantly, Jiang Huan knew the way back to Taiyuan, having made the journey in the opposite direction once.

When asked about the distance between the two worlds, the older man exclaimed, “If you attempt to fly there physically, you’d have to surmount boundless spatial chaos and experience untold dangers before reaching Taiyuan! If you use planar jumps instead, you’ll need to travel through nine portals at least.”

The road home was much more complex than Jiang Chen had imagined!

How had his father determined, then planned for his reincarnation from so far away? Father really is so incredible!

When asked this very question, Jiang Huan chuckled. “Everyone has their own specialty. His Majesty’s road of cultivation differs greatly from yours as he excels with calculations. He can somewhat pry into the mysteries of the universe and glance at the future. It’s why he’s sometimes so unruly. He knows that the greater picture remains, so it doesn’t matter if minor details don’t go entirely his way.”

They immediately agreed to leave Divine Abyss for Taiyuan Realm as soon as Jiang Chen reached the ninth level. This was the promise of destiny between the Jiang father and son.

Whether Jiang Chen could shape his own plane or not, he hailed from the Taiyuan Plane. He had to win back what rightfully belonged to his family. After being destitute of their world for this long, it was high time for House Jiang’s comeback, no matter the enemies or trials he had to face on the way!

Meanwhile, jubilation wrapped around his family with return of the long-lost Jiang You to the fold. The regret plaguing Jiang Feng and his wife had finally been erased.

After touring the world with Jiang Huan, Jiang You’s rebellious streak was slowly becoming a thing of the past. He wasn’t made of stone, and was moved to tears after learning the pains and hardship his family had gone through to find him. 

The family reunion ended on a warm, tender note.

Jiang Chen shared in the heartfelt joy. His parents’ desire had finally been fulfilled. 

He’d been an only child in his previous life. To be surrounded by a father, mother, sister, brother, wives and children was a novel experience. He revelled in this life’s blessings.

But, aware this happiness had been built on the back of his first father’s sacrifice, he couldn’t be fully content. There was still a score to settle with his past life.

He couldn’t shirk his responsibilities. No matter how alluring the love nest he’d built for himself on Divine Abyss, he had to visit the Taiyuan Realm. 

Fortunately, he was still a few years away from the ninth level.

After aeons spent in waiting, Jiang Huan didn’t mind a trivial delay. He let the young lord decide his own timetable, rather than badgering him ad nauseum. Jiang Chen fully enjoyed his time with his family, spending another few decades in their loving company.

One day, he finally felt the stirring of the heavenly dao. He was on the verge of another breakthrough. 

Ninth level waited for him with open arms, the time had finally come to make a choice.

Although not entirely a walk in the park, he became a ninth level god without a hitch, his innate talent proving as monstrous as ever.

But the smoother his cultivation, the more indebted he felt. Where would he be now without the enormous price paid by his father?

He spent another three years to fully consolidate his powers, once again tailoring his abilities and treasures to his new cultivation level.

The feigned mundanities bequeathed by his father were items he would cherish for a lifetime. As for the treasures he’d obtained from Divine Abyss, he left behind those he could, the Great Veluriyam Torch included.

Those without a definite owner, like the Golden Magnetic Mountain or Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, he kept. In reality, those were also treasures from other worlds Jiang Huan had smuggled in.


On a particular day, he strolled through the garden of the Veluriyam Palace with Huang’er. 

She sighed quietly. “Brother Chen, you’ve had something on your mind these past few days. Do you want to confide in me?”

She was blessed with smarts and good looks, as well as empathy and consideration. She’d always showered him with this kind of attentive care, whether as a young girl or since becoming his wife. Being with her never failed to bring a lighter spring to his steps.

“Nothing can hide from your all-seeing eyes, Huang’er.” 

“What’s the matter? What topic are you hesitant to bring up? Hehe, perhaps you’re beginning to get bored of me and want to bring in Sister Bi’er as well? If it’s this, Huang’er won’t mind.” She blinked, her tone slightly mischievous.

Dumbfounded, Jiang Chen snorted despite himself. That was the furthest thing from his mind.

“Huang’er, do you remember back in the human domain when you told me your identity? You said that your parents gave you life, so you had to return to House Yan at least once to give them an accounting, come what may. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, a parent’s grace is greater than the expanse of the sky. Brother Chen, why do you suddenly mention this?” She looked at him, a little surprised.

“I’m facing the same dilemma today. In fact, my decision’s set, but I don’t know how to tell you all.”

“Brother Chen.” Huang’er softly squeezed his hand. “You’ve always trusted me and shared everything with me. Regardless of the situation, I’ll always stand by you.” 

Her kindness made his heart feel all the heavier. It was so difficult to part from such a companion. But he couldn’t shy away from the call of destiny.

So he sighed again. “Huang’er, remember what I said about my inherited memories? They’re what made my path to success so smooth. People have always seen in me the reincarnation of a god. In fact, it’s not far from the truth. From the moment I arrived in his world, I always knew who I was in my former life.”

The truth suddenly dawned on Huang’er.

Fate beckoned. It wasn’t fully the same situation as hers back on Myriad Abyss, but the outcome was the same.

“Brother Chen, is that previous identity now calling out to you?” Her voice shook faintly.

With a solemn nod, Jiang Chen wrapped an arm tightly around her shoulders.

She didn’t try to dissuade him, simply asked, “Tell me, will it be dangerous?”

Danger? No one could guarantee a journey through the heavenly planes would be entirely safe.

“It will be, but I have to go regardless,” he responded gently.

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