Chapter 2318: The Bloodlines Of The Four Sacred Beasts

Jiang Chen nodded in understanding. His father had gone to great lengths to arrange for his reincarnation. The entire process had surely been planned for, down to the smallest detail.

Careless interference from Jiang Huan would have altered his growth, and perhaps rendered futile all attempts at tempering himself. So he didn’t take personally the man’s inaction.

“I understand where you’re coming from. Father’s obviously given a lot of thought to my second life. Uncle Huan, since you’re here now, does it mean it’ll soon be time for me to venture into the heavenly planes?”

A gratified and admiring smile floated on Jiang Huan’s lips. “With your current cultivation and the treasures left by His Majesty, you’re a peak cultivator even in the Taiyuan Plane. That world now must be in a state of complete anarchy.”

“Anarchy?” Jiang Chen blinked.

“Yes. His Majesty’s been overthrown, his rule secretly usurped. So Taiyuan must be in someone else’s hands, but without a creation token, no one is legitimately entitled to the throne. Without the supreme dao’s seal of approval, every nominal emperor is a fake that’ll have a hard time winning over the masses. So, many figures must be vying for supremacy even to this day. Every strong godking will stake his claim. Even foreign godkings or planar adventurers will arrive in Taiyuan and join the fray. It must be a right mess.”

Of course, that was simply Jiang Huan’s guess. He had no up-to-date information about the distant realm.

Jiang Chen stayed silent for a moment before smiling. “That might not be a bad thing. There will be chances aplenty for me if there’s discord. If at peace, the inhabitants would’ve long forgotten the good life they’ve lived under my father’s rule. But in troubled times, they’ll certainly look back fondly on a more prosperous era.”

Jiang Huan also nodded with a grin. “Precisely so. Therefore, I also hope for Taiyuan to be in the throes of a civil war. Nothing could be better for us.”

“That reminds me, young lord, how’s the cultivation of the four beasts?”

“Almost on par with mine. The dragon has progressed the fastest and is at peak eighth level. The Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise are also at the eighth level, while the White Astral Tiger is at peak seventh level and close to breaking through.” The sacred beasts were the Jiang Chen’s most essential helpers.

In particular, the Four Symbols True Spirit Painting played a large part in helping them shape their true spirits, comprehend the legacy of their ancestors, and awaken their ancient bloodlines.

It was also a source of inspiration, often enlightening them on their path to comprehending the supreme dao.

Most of all, the scroll could also be used as a formation diagram to strengthen their joint domain.

At the present stage, the four of them could deploy a joint battle formation that would wipe the floor with a ninth level god. 

It would take a godking to overwhelm them decisively, but there was at most a handful of such powerhouses within a greater world, and none on mundane planes.

Fully satisfied, Jiang Huan praised, “Good, they haven’t let me down. Bringing the cubs to Divine Abyss panned out rather well. Ah yes, you must have assimilated their bloodlines?”

“Yes, of course. They can create their own plane and refine all five elements. Why wouldn’t I want that for myself?” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Very good!” Jiang Huan applauded in delight. “You’ll realize how extraordinary an advantage it is when you reach the godking realm. By then, even without Taiyuan, you’ll be able to shape a world of your own.” 

“Will the supreme dao approve of me if so? Will I obtain a creation token then?” Jiang Chen marveled.

The so-called creation token was a token only given to those acknowledged by the universe itself. There was a single celestial emperor and a single symbol for any given greater plane.

“It’s highly probable if you can refine a plane of your own. If you rob someone else’s plane, you’ll need to oversee it for a long time and secure increasingly stable peace and order before being approved as the new sovereign. Of course, it also works if you rob someone else’s token, but such emperors tend to be harried by greater misfortune than most.”

The ways of the supreme dao were indeed impenetrable.

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. He’d partially known this information in his former life, but not in such detail. Obtaining the supreme dao’s approval was truly the greatest achievement there was.

“Since absorbing the sacred beasts’ bloodlines has such wonderful effects, why don’t others also do the same?”

“Heh, isn’t that obvious? First, not everyone is lucky enough to acquire one of them. Second, the assimilation itself isn’t so easy to achieve. Third, not everyone knows you can do it to begin with. Most of all, a sacred beast is a seldom-seen creature in the planes, to say nothing of coming across all four of them at the same time.”

In summary, no one in Taiyuan had truly refined the four beasts’ bloodlines and developed until they could refine their own plane, even to this day.

As for other worlds, the universe at large was too vast for Jiang Huan to say for certain. Put this way, Jiang Chen became keenly aware of exactly how privileged he was.

Jiang Huan added, “There’s another crucial element. It’s the willingness of the beasts themselves. Your greatest advantage is to have grown together with them, so they’re inclined to assist you with the bloodline refinement. Otherwise, it’s an almost impossible task.”

Jiang Chen sighed, “Troublesome conditions indeed. It seems I have you to thank for meeting all these criteria.”

“Plans are one thing, and one’s lot in life another. You were previously the son of a celestial emperor, so you must have accumulated supreme karma. Otherwise, how could you be the only one this lucky since times immemorial? Everything must be providence’s doing.”

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