Chapter 2314: The Only Regret

The hundred years Jiang Chen spent in the ancient Veluriyam Palace were peaceful indeed.

Outside of cultivation, he spent most of his free time with his family. The century passed in an instant in his pursuit of martial dao.

For the human domain, the past century was the best in its history.

After the spirit veins were restored, the domain gradually recovered its past glory under Jiang Chen’s guidance. Cultivators with malicious intent were continuously rooted out as the status quo changed, while those with integrity prospered with the young lord’s support.

Increasing numbers of ancient legacies were uncovered, and their heritage paired with their successors.

Myriad Abyss’ importance declined in comparison.

Though the barrier between Myriad Abyss and the human domain had been torn down, their relationship took a marked turn for the better. Incidentally, almost every boundary steele on the continent was smashed.

The various native races on the continent interacted with each other much more, but the human race rose significantly in status and became the true ruler of Divine Abyss.

Everything developed in the right direction, a scene that pleased Jiang Chen.

Those who had helped his rise to power received corresponding returns. Even lesser factions such as the Precious Tree Sect and mediocre cultivators such as Ye Chonglou received great support and became prominent actors on the continent.

The Regal Pill Palace enjoyed even greater prestige. Mu Gaoqi had grown continuously as the sect expanded, and under Palace Head Dan Chi’s strong leadership, the palace merged with an ancient leading faction and made great progress in pill dao. With further support from Jiang Chen, the Regal Pill Palace was now one of the leading factions in pill dao, and Mu Gaoqi a top pill dao master recognized by the continent.

In addition, Emperor Peafowl was also someone Jiang Chen greatly respected. Given his own prodigious talent and Jiang Chen’s utmost support, Emperor Peafowl successfully broke through to divine realm, and the Sacred Peafowl faction made a great leap as well.

Every single one of Jiang Chen’s other followers was well treated, too. None were left out.

Mo Wushuang and Jingzhong Hui had improved greatly as well, and each held an important position in the Veluriyam Palace.

Gouyu and Xue Tong, followers from the very start, had always received a great deal of support. More importantly, they had been very diligent themselves. They’d both reached advanced realm empyrean despite their youth, and it was a real possibility for them to ascend to divinity given their talent.

Those who benefitted the most, of course, were Jiang Chen’s family.

The Ling sisters of the Regal Pill Palace were likewise well taken care of. They were as close to Jiang Chen as real sisters, despite not being linked by blood. Weathering thick and thin together compelled him to pay them extra attention.

Of course, Jiang Chen’s biological family was his top most priority.

His parents, Jiang Feng and Xu Meng, weren’t particularly talented, and they’d long passed the best age for cultivation. That, however, didn’t stop them from improving with Jiang Chen’s help.

Strength didn’t matter to them. What mattered was the extra years of life a higher cultivation would give them, which they needed in order to enjoy a lifetime of happiness with their children

Xu Qingxuan had been gifted an Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit. Jiang Chen had always supported her with the divine realm in mind. As a result, Xu Qingxuan’s progress in cultivation ranked among the top five in the human domain.

She was now an initial divine realm cultivator. Such dramatic progress was unheard of for all youths in the Upper Eight Regions, let alone the Moon God Sect.

Since she was Jiang Chen’s biological sister, the others couldn’t do anything but envy her.

Dan Fei wasn’t as talented as Xu Qingxuan, but she was stubbornly determined. She’d been cultivating hard to push herself to greater heights. And with the aid of the Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit, her potential increased immensely.

Nien’er, Jiang Chen’s daughter, was naturally the subject of his great attention. She was the unequivocal top genius among the youths.

He didn’t overly indulge her, and instead raised her to be a mild-tempered girl. She was partial to pill dao and medicine. Outside of cultivation, she often entered the world to get to know the people’s suffering and offer them help. Her kindness was something Jiang Chen found precious.

By her beloved’s side the longest, Huang’er and Jiang Chen completed their dao partner ceremony within the hundred years. Thirty years ago, she gave birth to a pair of twins - a boy and a girl.

Now, Jiang Chen now had two daughters and one son. It was a full family.

He didn’t neglect his twins. Though he gave them all they would ever need, he was also very strict. With Nien’er serving as a role model, the twins grew into fine adults. They didn’t acquire the bad habits that children of esteemed family often adopted, which Jiang Chen was pleased with.

He couldn’t ask for more both in terms of his family, and the state of the world.

The one regret he had was his lost younger brother. His parents brought their younger child up from time to time as well. It was a lasting wound in their hearts that never healed.

They felt especially remorseful because of the happiness the family enjoyed. If their little boy hadn’t gone missing, everything would be perfect.

Everything in their power to look for him over the past two centuries had yielded nothing.

That planted the seeds of pessimism in the couple’s mind. Perhaps their son was never going to come back. Perhaps he’d died after being kicked out of the Moon God Sect at such a young age, forced to fend for himself in the harrowing northwest of the Tilted Moon Region.

According to Jiang Chen’s calculations, however, his younger brother should still be alive. It simply wasn’t the time for him to return yet.

Of course, those calculations might not be accurate. He therefore didn’t use them to comfort his parents since it might be false hope.


The middle-aged scholar took Jiang You through the different domains and finally returned to the human domain after half a year. They spent another six months wandering about, half of which they spent in the Tilted Moon Region.

“Have these trees and plants joggled your memories of childhood, Jiang You?” the middle-aged scholar asked with a chuckle.

“No,” stubbornly insisted Jiang You.

“Alright. Then you aren’t the man these notices are looking for, are you? They’re all over the meeting points for wandering cultivators in the Tilted Moon Region.”

Jiang You fell silent, his mental defenses crumbling.

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