Chapter 2313: To Ignite the Divine Decree and Awaken Divine Power

“Maybe you easily renege on your words, but I, Jiang You, don’t. For a real man of character, a promise made is a promise kept!” The young man adhered stubbornly to his principles.

“Heh, a real man of character you say? So you’re called Jiang You. Is that the name your parents gave you?”

“I don’t care what they named me. I’m Jiang You, Jiang meaning river, and You as in drifter!” replied the youngster frostily.

Moving the mountain had been the sole meaning to his life for a hundred years. The why of it no longer mattered. It was enough to have a purpose to strive forward to.

Of course, he knew it could have been a colossal joke.

But after enduring for a century, why not not endure...

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