Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters

Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters

Tian Shao’s emotions were highly agitated as he’d never thought that someone as calm and dependable as him would have such an impulsive moment.

He seemed to have regressed back to the days when he was a young boy, young and wild, blood boiling with enthusiasm.

The two of them headed straight for the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters.

Wasn’t this kind of grand, hearty emotion the energy of youth that he’d lost for quite some time?

Tian Shao suddenly thought that it wouldn’t be a waste of his life at all if he fell to Yang Zhao’s hands like this.

Not too long after, both Jiang Chen and Tian Shao arrived in the air above the Guard’s headquarters.

“Is the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard, Sir Shangguan Yi, in? Jiang Chen would like to pay his respects!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rang out clearly and descended into the headquarters like a crack of thunder.


The headquarters instantly boiled over with activity.

Jiang Chen!

Yang Zhao and his confidantes in particular, happened to be taking attendance at the moment in preparation for storming the Jiang manor to capture everyone present in it.

Had Jiang Chen just come knocking on their doors before their army had had a chance to mobilize? And had he just pointed his finger specifically at the general director?

Had Jiang Chen eaten the heart of a bear or stolen courage from a leopard?

Yang Zhao’s expression frosted over as he shot a cold glance at Xin Wudao who was standing with the third troop, and Qi Fengxian, general of the seventh troop. These two men were Yang Zhao’s confidantes who he’d mentored and raised up through the ranks.

Xin Wudao immediately bowed, “Honored director, this Jiang Chen is courting death. Your subordinate will immediately personally lead the troops to capture this cretin alive and have him await your punishment.”

“Your subordinate is willing to fight alongside Xin Wudao.”

Yang Zhao was quite satisfied with their attitudes and nodded, his tone cruel and firm, “Take more men with you and make it fast. Don’t waste time talking to him and arrest him first.”


Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian immediately began counting off their men. They’d selected twenty practitioners before long, who happened to all be half step spirit realm. Four of them were even first level spirit realm.

“Kill Jiang Chen, and take Tian Shao alive!” Xin Wudao’s gaze raked the twenty practitioners. “Do you understand?”


“Good. Follow me to kill Jiang Chen and obtain revenge for vice general Lu Wuji!”

“Kill Jiang Chen, revenge for vice general Lu!”

All of the practitioners leapt onto their Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons and shot into the sky, full of aggression and ferocity.

As generals, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian rode even larger lesser dragons and led the charge, shooting into the skies.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian hurtling upwards with great killing intent.

“General director Shangguan, I’ve come to pay my respects as to try fair means before resorting to force. I’ve done so out of respect for your position and reputation as the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard. If you continue to turn a blind eye and allow these people to act as they will, then I will be forced to give offense today. Once things get out of hand and the situation is hard to salvage, don’t blame me for not giving you face!”

Jiang Chen’s tone was frightful as he grasped the Da Yu bow in his hand.

Out of the twenty approaching him, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian were the strongest, but they were only approaching the second level and thus at the peak of first level spirit realm.

As for Jiang Chen, his level of strength had already been in the first level spirit realm before he set out for the maze realm. After the trials of the maze realm and his many fortuitous encounters, his training and battle strength had greatly increased. Although he had yet to break through to the second level, his level of battle strength was enough to exchange blows with someone at the third level spirit realm.

One had to know that when Jiang Chen had crossed paths with the Silvermoon Monsterape back in the maze realm, that spirit creature was equivalent to the earth spirit realm.

The earth spirit realm started off at the fourth level spirit realm!

The Da Yu bow was in his hands and an arrow notched to the bowstring.

Jiang Chen’s heart was as still as the water as killing intent surged within it.

He had no fear even if he was in the headquarters of the Dragonteeth Guard, a dragon’s lair or a tiger’s cave.

His last warning had already been issued. If Shangguan Yi continued to turn a blind eye, that meant that he was silently approving of Yang Zhao’s actions and was allowing Yang Zhao to act as he wished. This also meant that Shangguan Yi had subtly placed himself on Yang Zhao’s side and opposite that of the Crown Prince and Jiang Chen.

To put things simply, that meant he was the enemy!

Whether one was a friend or foe would be decided in the span of a moment.

Jiang Chen watched as the figures of the practitioners hurtling upwards grew bigger and bigger, becoming closer and closer, approaching his shooting range.

A Da Yu arrow was notched to the bowstring just like an arrow was notched to Jiang Chen’s heart strings.

With just one thought, the Da Yu bow would shoot forth Jiang Chen’s boundless killing intent towards these enemies.

Jiang Chen had decided that if this group of people approached his sphere of influence without any action from Shangguan Yi, then he would unleash a slaughter!

A hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters…

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly as his thoughts became more and more resolute. The desire to kill slowly spread over his face.

Tian Shao was both nervous and anxious. However, he also knew that now that things had developed to this point, it was already past the point of no return.

He knew that Jiang Chen was forcing Shangguan Yi to pick a side now, making him stand out to determine his attitude and see if he was friend or foe!

Tian Shao could also understand this. If Shangguan Yi’s attitude continued to remain ambiguous, it would still affect the Crown Prince.

In the overall battle for his crown, the Crown Prince would be at a disadvantage if something like this continues.

Therefore, although Jiang Chen’s actions seemed rash, they were actually highly sophisticated. He was forcing Shangguan Yi to publicly declare himself for one side.

Except, this tactic came with incredible risk as well.

Never had anyone had the guts to cause trouble at the headquarters of the Dragonteeth Guard in the entire history of the Skylaurel Kingdom.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and sighed, “Brother Tian, it looks like your general director is really a bit disappointing. Since this is the case, there’s no way that the matters of today can be resolved nicely. Let’s do it!”

“Jiang Chen, you killed a vice general of my Guard and dared to saunter into my headquarters to jeer at us. You’re courting death!”

“Today, the elites of my Guard will swear to uphold our honor and execute the enemy Jiang Chen to sate our anger!”

“Kill Jiang Chen and defend the Dragonteeth Guard’s unparalleled honor!”


Battlecries shook the heavens as twenty practitioners under Xin Wudao and Qi Xianfeng’s leadership charged over Jiang Chen’s mentally marked line, thereby crossing over his bottom line.

Then die!

Countless killing thoughts flashed through Jiang Chen’s heart as he drew back on the Da Yu bow.


A cry roared out at this critical moment like a crash of thunder on a sunny day. It shook the space between the heavens and earth and reverberated in countless echoes, making everyone’s eardrums thrum in response.

This voice was exceedingly powerful and caused even the wings of the Goldwing Swordbird beneath Jiang Chen to shudder uncontrollably, shivering all over.

The steeds of Xin Wudao and the others weren’t any better off. The eyes of their lesser dragons were filled with fear and respect as they hovered in midair, not daring to move at all.

“The general director, it’s the general director!” Tian Shao controlled the roiling blood in his chest with effort as joy blossomed on his face. The general director had arrived!

Jiang Chen was also slightly surprised. The powerful aura contained within the voice was less than that of only Ye Chonglou, out of all the people he knew.

Even Elder Iron of the Precious Tree Sect wasn’t stronger than the owner of this voice.

The owner of this voice was the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard?

Jiang Chen discovered that he had somewhat underestimated the Dragonteeth Guard. He hadn’t thought that the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard would have such strength.

The Skylaurel Kingdom was one of the four greatest amongst the sixteen kingdom alliance, with hidden dragons and crouching tigers abounded within the kingdom, and experts were as plentiful as the clouds.

Except, Jiang Chen’s Boulder’s Heart had been trained to an extreme, and thus his concentration only slightly wavered when faced with the aura of the general director without any further discomfort.

A lone figure drew an arc across the void.

A dapper, urbane middle-aged man broke through the skies on the back of a Gold Winged Lesser Dragon. There were a few strands of white in his sideburns as his eyes looked as deep as those of a dragon or lion’s. They added a few traces of gentility to his looks without detracting from his air of one in a superior position.

“Subordinate Tian Shao greets the general director!” The general director was a highly respected existence within the Dragonteeth Guard. Although Tian Shao’s situation was a bit awkward at the moment, the natural inclination of military men to follow their leaders spurred him to pay his respects at the first opportunity.

Xin Wudao and the others also reacted and paid their respects, “Your subordinate greets the general director.”

Shangguan Yi’s expression was remote as his eyes reflected the stars, with not a single hint of a fierce edge. He didn’t display any emotions as they swept over those assembled.

“Jiang Chen?” The general director’s gaze rested on Jiang Chen’s face.

Jiang chen couldn’t identify any conflicts with the side that he’d picked based the general director’s facial expression.

“Jiang Chen greets the general director.” Jiang Chen was neither cringing nor arrogant.

“Jiang Chen, I have heard of your name and know that you have some capabilities to back your words up. When a young man has such talent as you, why do you not retract some of your edge? With your talents, you would have an unbounded future in front of you if you restrained yourself a bit. Why vie for a moment’s pride?”

One had to say that the general director was still very gracious, but although his words seemed to be spoke in persuasion, it was also subtly taking him down a peg.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “With the general director’s lofty position, you should be able to see that I’ve never purposefully displayed my edge since arriving in the Skyluarel Kingdom. It’s people like Lu Wuji who have continuously provoked me and wanted to condemn me to death, colluding with even outsiders in pursuit of this aim. My trip was to inquire how the Dragonteeth Guard would be able to tolerate such treason and heresy when they have been proven to have such authority and power? If even colluding with outside enemies and endangering the kingdom can go unpunished, and even continue to strut and flourish, then how will people view the Dragonteeth Guard? Will everyone in the kingdom feel that their highly esteemed Dragonteeth Guard is a place that takes in and hides such filth?”

Jiang Chen remained unafraid in front of the general director and spoke at ease. His words even pointed to the Dragonteeth Guard, saying that it was sheltering Yang Zhao and fostering villains!

Tian Shao also privately wiped away a handful of sweat when he heard these words. He was young master Chen alright, to be able to have such courage and insight when facing off with the general director.

These words were infused with a strong sense of righteousness and laid the truth out on the table, making it impossible for the general director to shy away.

If the general director dodged the question, then meant he was silently admitting to the Guard fostering villains and to admit that he, as the general director, was unable to take down a criminal of a vice general.

If the general director were to respond however, then he’d have to handle Yang Zhao!

One had to say that Jiang Chen was giving the general director quite a thorny problem with these words.

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