Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters

Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters

Tian Shao’s emotions were highly agitated as he’d never thought that someone as calm and dependable as him would have such an impulsive moment.

He seemed to have regressed back to the days when he was a young boy, young and wild, blood boiling with enthusiasm.

The two of them headed straight for the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters.

Wasn’t this kind of grand, hearty emotion the energy of youth that he’d lost for quite some time?

Tian Shao suddenly thought that it wouldn’t be a waste of his life at all if he fell to Yang Zhao’s hands like this.

Not too long after, both Jiang Chen and Tian Shao arrived in the air above the Guard’s headquarters.

“Is the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard, Sir Shangguan Yi, in? Jiang Chen would like to pay his respects!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rang out clearly and descended into the headquarters like a crack of thunder.


The headquarters instantly boiled over with activity.

Jiang Chen!

Yang Zhao and his confidantes in particular, happened to be taking attendance at the moment in preparation for storming the Jiang manor to capture everyone present in it.

Had Jiang Chen just come knocking on their doors before their army had had a chance to mobilize?...

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