Chapter 2307: Repeated Success

After the battles that had taken place shortly prior, it was humanity’s turn to mount a full-on counterattack against the demons.

Mid-journey, Jiang Chen transformed into the fifth celestial forefather.

He paused in flight when he saw a light hurtle toward him from the distance. It was another celestial forefather.

“Why are you here, Ole Fifth? Shouldn’t you be with Ole Fourth?” It was the seventh forefather, the youngest of all his peers.

Panic appeared upon Jiang Chen’s face. “Ole Seventh, Bloodreed has joined the humans and sold out our secret. We must return immediately to tell Forefather Celestial and seek his judgment. Ole Fourth was ambushed by the humans… he’s gone now!”

“What?” The seventh forefather was astonished. “You… if Ole Fourth was ambushed, why did you run away by yourself? You…”

He was unhappy about Ole Fifth’s lack of loyalty.

Jiang Chen pulled a dismal expression. “What, was I supposed to die with Ole Fourth? Hey, is that Ole Third over there, Ole Seventh?”

The forefather looked in the direction indicated, but there was nothing there.

A calamitous premonition flashed across his mind an instant before a powerful attack from his back consumed him.

Jiang Chen’s golden bell closed down upon the seventh forefather. The youngest of the celestial demon forefathers was already weaker than the young man, and had been caught unawares besides. There was no escape for him!

Another capture without a struggle!

Jiang Chen crippled this one’s cultivation as well. Keeping them alive meant that their soul lamps would remain intact, which kept their defeats a secret from the eldest forefather and the others.

He didn’t want to warn his enemies ahead of time.

The young man was hardly satisfied with his progress. “There’s still the eldest, second, and third forefathers left. They’re the toughest of the bunch, no doubt.”

After some thought, he deemed the second forefather the best target. According to Bloodreed’s information, the second forefather was about as strong as the third – but a lot dumber.

Best to start with easy pickings before he moved onto the tougher enemies.

It was impossible for the demons to cause too much trouble, now that they had only three celestial demon forefathers. What good would a few decades of cultivation do for them?

That was more than enough time for him to break through to advanced divine realm. The same was true for the sacred beasts.

The demon forefathers would have no chance regardless.

The second forefather was still chasing after Bloodreed, but he’d chosen the wrong direction. He was on his way back when he sensed the fourth forefather’s death, and rushed immediately in that direction because of it.

In a few moments, he saw the seventh forefather come toward him from a different cardinal direction.

“Second Brother.” Jiang Chen knew this was what the seventh forefather called his peer.

“Did you sense it too, Ole Seventh?” The second forefather was rather anxious.

“Ole Fourth, you mean?” asked the seventh forefather in a low voice.

“Yes. It seems that something’s happened to him. It’s good that you’ve come. Let’s go investigate together.”

“Do we need to tell the Forefather Celestial about it?”

“No. The eldest forefather is digesting Goldenhowl, so it’s best for us not to disturb him. We should be fine by ourselves. I’ve contacted Ole Third as well, so he’s on his way. Weren’t Ole Fourth and Fifth close to each other? Any news from Fifth?”

“I tried messaging, but I didn’t get a response.”

“I see. Let’s go!” The second forefather was completely ignorant of the deception. He led the way forward, opening his back to Jiang Chen. The young man found this rather laughable; so what if the celestial demons were a powerful race?

They were susceptible to folly just like anyone else.

The young man kept his True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire at the ready. He dashed at the second forefather the second the latter’s guard was entirely down.

In fact, the demon was bewildered when he found himself bound. “You… What the hell are you doing, Ole Seventh?”

As soon as his attack succeeded, Jiang Chen locked down the space to prevent contact between the second forefather with his allies.

He smiled. “You’ve got the wrong person. I’m not your ‘Ole Seventh’. I’m surprised that you’re ranked second with this level of intelligence. The celestial tribe isn’t worth much, huh?”

“Wait… you’re Jiang Chen!” The second forefather finally realized what was going on.

Jiang Chen gave him no reaction time whatsoever. He slapped the demon to cripple his cultivation as well. He was very excited about his successive successes.

He hadn’t expected things to go this smoothly! The celestial demons really were in a precarious position. Poor leadership from the eldest forefather, no doubt.

Even a tiny bit of guidance would have prevented these other forefathers from running heedlessly amok. They were practically throwing their lives away!

Or perhaps it was their overconfidence that had caused this.

Of course, Jiang Chen had no compassion to spare for his enemies. Only the third and eldest forefathers remain. I should have no trouble dealing with the third if the four sacred beasts help me, but the best I can do against the eldest is a tie!

Alas, the third forefather was nowhere to be found.

The demon in question had returned to the demonic headquarters already. An inexplicable instinct that danger was afoot filled his heart. He was compelled to reevaluate the situation.

“Forefather, are the others back yet?” asked the third forefather.

“I felt something happen to Ole Fourth just now. Do you know what happened, Ole Third? So many of you chased after that old fart, yet he managed to kill Ole Fourth?” The eldest forefather was displeased.

“Ole Fourth and Fifth were together.” The third forefather frowned. “If something happened to one, the other shouldn’t have been spared. What about Ole Second and Seventh? Have you seen them?”

“Not at all!” The eldest father was even more annoyed. “You lot have had it too easy. Or is it the two hundred thousand years of being sealed away that’s made your limbs rusty? Why can’t you do something so simple right?”

The reprimand from the eldest forefather made the third forefather rather unhappy, but he didn’t return a jab. “Forefather,” he reported instead, “I think something is off about all this.”

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