Chapter 2306: Successive Demonic Devastation

The two celestial demon forefathers felt like the sky was caving in. They knew that humans made for difficult enemies, but their knowledge prior to now had only been tangential.

Though they had absorbed many of the demon forefathers’ strengths, the energies from their feast remained unrefined within them, contributing almost nil to their current prowess.

The four sacred beasts alone gave them a hard time. Jiang Chen’s participation exhausted and terrified them.

The two attempted to call for help using their race’s secret method.

“Daoist Jiang Chen,” Bloodreed called out, “they’re trying to summon other celestial demons. You need to take care of them fast, or you’ll have more of them on your hands to deal with!”

“I don’t need you to tell me that,” harrumphed Jiang Chen.

The True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire was already in motion as he spoke, nimbly weaving itself between the sacred beasts’ attacks to fly toward the fifth forefather.

Fifth was already quite busy from having to dodge the four beasts’ blows; he failed to notice the rope that crept up beneath his nose.


The rope enclosed him in like two agile serpents, wrapping itself around his limbs eight times.

“Huh?” Fifth realized the problem too late. “Help me, Ole Fourth!”

The fourth forefather wanted to help him, but he was in enough trouble as was. He had no energy to spare for aiding his comrade.

It was nearly impossible for the fifth celestial forefather to escape the True Dragon Rope once captured. A single hand seal from Jiang Chen called the rope over, its prisoner dragged in tow. The celestial demon was dumped at the young man’s feet like a dead dog.

Jiang Chen slammed a palm down without ceremony, crippling the forefather’s cultivation.

Then, he cast his golden bell at the fourth forefather. The instrument’s ancient runes glowed with a threatening light.

Aghast, the fourth forefather was trying to evade when the sacred beasts’ assaults finally found their mark. With a resounding boom, he was completely destroyed, both body and soul. Not a single mote of dust was left of him.

Jiang Chen knew how adept celestial demons were at reviving and regenerating. It was mandatory when dealing with them to eradicate every trace of their soul and consciousness, so as to leave them no room for future recovery.

He didn’t want future problems down the line.

Jiang Chen’s swift smackdown dispatched two celestial forefathers in mere blinks of an eye. Bloodreed was shaken by the sheer spectacle.

He hadn’t expected such fearsome strength from humanity. It seemed that the demons’ crushing defeat wasn’t necessarily due to poor leadership after all.

Jiang Chen’s methods were endless. Was an opponent like him really beatable? The blood demon could only sigh.

He considered himself no longer part of the demons, however, and cared only for the celestial demons’ demise.

“Congratulations, Daoist Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, the celestial demons have four forefathers left. If they can’t be stopped from cultivating, they will be a significant threat in due time. That’s the nature of their secret method, alas.” Bloodreed offered both laudation and warning.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “You needn’t be concerned. The celestial demons’ delinquency will spell their own doom.”

“Heh, I wouldn’t celebrate so early if I were you. If Forefather Celestial survives, your victory will ring hollow regardless.” Bloodreed did his best to ground the young man’s view.

“Open your eyes and watch me. Shouldn’t you be worrying about your own fate instead?”

Bloodreed laughed miserably. “In my current state, I can only hope to witness the celestial demons’ misfortune. If you will allow me to leave Divine Abyss, I promise to never return.”

“You’re so naïve,” Jiang Chen smiled coolly.

“You intend to kill me then? Right after I’ve helped you?” Bloodreed darkened.

“Either die, or be my slave.” 

“Your slave? Impossible! I would rather die than face such humiliation.” Bloodreed flew into a rage.

“Then let me fulfill your desire. You’ve done your part already. I suppose I can burn some paper money for you when I do get rid of the celestial demons.” Jiang Chen flashed a peculiar grin.

“Is there no room for discussion?” Bloodreed said in a low voice.

“Why should you be ashamed to be my slave?” Jiang Chen sneered. “Countless people will kill to be in your position in the future, but I won’t have any reason to accept them.”

His statement was almost overbearingly imperious.

Bloodreed wanted to reply, but the young man’s consciousness had already shot into his own.

A nearly sixth level god, Jiang Chen was already every bit Bloodreed’s equal. The fact that the latter was gravely injured and weak was an enormous disadvantage. The human’s consciousness was also on par with advanced divine realm.

Success in implanting the enslavement brand was almost instantaneous.

“Whether you agree to it or not, I’ve already made my seal upon your consciousness,” Jiang Chen chuckled. “You’ll praise your good fortune in the future, I assure you. Your freedom hinges on how much you impress me with your performance!”

The nonchalance in his tone belied his casual arrogance.

Initially boiling with fury, Bloodreed tamped down his snide remarks when he noticed that Jiang Chen’s youthful consciousness rivaled Forefather Celestial’s.

He was secretly shocked. If the young man was this strong already, how great would he become when he was fully mature?

He would be able to conquer the heavenly planes, would he not?

In fact, he was already worthy of fighting among them.

“Take him back. I’m making another trip out,” Jiang Chen instructed Xia Tianze and the others.

He was no longer concerned with the blood demon. After all, Bloodreed’s life was now fully in his grasp.

“Where are you going, young lord Chen?” An Kasyapa asked curiously.

“The celestial demons haven’t yet found their footing. This is a good time to catch them by surprise. I won’t have a chance like this in the future.”

Jiang Chen had refrained from taking the fifth forefather’s life intentionally. He called the four sacred beasts to him, then summarily disappeared in the sky above Winterdraw.

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