Chapter 2304: The Only Way Out

Bloodreed essentially committed chronic suicide with the way he fled. He knew that as well as anyone. Even though he’d escaped from Forefather Celestial, with some time and effort, the celestial demon would still be able to easily locate and kill him.

Therefore, he was considering where to go after his escape.

He couldn’t think of an answer. Every path led to a dead end. That was, unless he could escape from the continent and make his way to other planes, never to be seen again.

However, he wouldn’t be able to survive the journey in this state. A hundred thousand miles would exhaust him.

The thought filled him with despair and hatred. What enraged him the most wasn’t the defeat he’d suffered, but the celestial demons’ betrayal.

Thinking of the defeat the demonic army had suffered, an odd flash of light flicked through Bloodreed’s eyes. He cast his gaze in Winterdraw’s direction.

Ah. There seemed to be a way to survive.

All other paths led to his death. Winterdraw, the base of the human race, was where his hopes lay.

Bloodreed rushed to Winterdraw with all he had. The speed at which he traveled almost killed him. His desperate dash brought him to Winterdraw’s outskirts in no time, which was but a few thousand miles away.

It was peaceful around here. The ruins left by the battle were obscured in the dark. Nevertheless, he could sense the remnants of terrible violence.

Bloodreed hovered around for a long time before speaking up. “Is Daoist Jiang Chen here?”

He had no time to hesitate. If he waited any longer, the celestial forefathers would catch up with him.

Jiang Chen had sensed Bloodreed’s approach as soon as he drew close to Winterdraw. The Great Veluriyam Torch was tremendously sensitive to demonic presence.

However, he hadn’t expected their uninvited visitor to be Bloodreed from the blood tribe, and that he seemed to be alone.

“What is he planning?” Xia Tianze asked curiously.

Jiang Chen was also befuddled. He focused his senses and concluded that Bloodreed was indeed on his own. There were no other demons lurking about.

Moreover, Bloodreed looked panicked and weak, like he would keel over anytime.

“I’m Forefather Bloodreed from the blood demon tribe, Daoist Jiang Chen. I swear on heaven and earth that I mean you no harm. I’m here to deliver a valuable opportunity to mankind. If I’ve uttered a single word of lies, may I collapse and be claimed by death now!”

He wanted to enter Winterdraw as soon as possible to seek sanctuary. Worried that Jiang Chen would refuse to see him, he made a solemn oath.

The human cultivators were quite surprised.

“A blood demon forefather?” An Kasyapa spoke up. “I hear their lot are adept at corrupting bloodlines. They’re capable of single-handedly enthralling an entire sect.”

That, Jiang Chen knew. He could tell that Bloodreed wasn’t here for that, though. More importantly, the demon seemed to be telling the truth.

“I’ll hear him out. Don’t worry. I can deal with him if he’s up to no good.”

He wasn’t boasting. The previous battle had cemented his confidence. He had a feeling that he was going to ascend to sixth level divine realm soon.

Jiang Chen didn’t fear Bloodreed when the demon was at his peak, let alone when he was injured.

The young lord left Winterdraw and approached Bloodreed. “Tsk, a forefather of the blood demon tribe, yet you’ve fallen to this state. What show are you putting on now?”

Bloodreed ignored Jiang Chen’s mockery and sighed dejectedly. “A tragedy has befallen the demonic race because of the celestial demons’ treacherous deeds. Of the ten tribes, only theirs remains. I’m the sole survivor from the other tribes. There’s a bet you have to take, Jiang Chen.”

“What bet?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

“A bet on whether or not you should believe me. Believe me that the human race has a chance to win this fight once and for all. If you don’t place your trust in my words, the human race will be doomed in a decade.”

“How so?” Jiang Chen asked with a lazy smile.

“It’s simple. The celestial demons have devoured all members of the other tribes and acquired their power and techniques. Once they finish digesting, their power will grow exponentially. Forefather Celestial will reach his peak and become truly unstoppable.

“If you don’t take this seriously,” Bloodreed rushed out anxiously, “It’ll be your downfall.”

Jiang Chen snorted. “Have I said I don’t believe you?”

“You believe me?” That surprised Bloodreed.

“I do. I know the secret method of the celestial tribe. I’m just curious how you know of the method, being a blood demon.” Jiang Chen looked at Bloodreed with piercing eyes, seemingly plumbing all of his secrets.

Bloodreed shuddered. “You know about the method? Are you… a celestial demon yourself?”

Jiang Chen laughed. “Do I look like one?”

Bloodreed shook his head and smiled wryly. “You don’t. However, I happened upon their secret by chance and was the only demon who knew about it. I didn’t expect you to be in the know as well. You’re indeed the bane of my race.”

Jiang Chen didn’t comment on that. “How many demon forefathers were there before they were devoured?”

“Fifteen in addition to me.”

“Which means six celestial demon forefathers have devoured fifteen forefathers.”

“That’s right.” Bloodreed nodded. “You are good, Jiang Chen, but if you allow the celestial demons to refine all they’ve consumed with their secret method, the human race will be doomed. No one will be able to stop them then. No one!”

Bloodreed’s tone was grave.

Jiang Chen, however, maintained a faint smile. “As a demon, shouldn’t you be pleased with your kind’s rise?”

“Hmph, why should I care if I’m not part of it? Besides, their rise in power comes at the cost of the blood demon tribe. Why should I be glad? The celestial demons have wronged me. I won’t rest easy until I see them fall myself!”

The demonic race was naturally rebellious. They couldn’t be defined with common sense.

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I think this is shaping up to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to avoid their destruction, the celestial demons took action that will... precisely guarantee such destruction.

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