Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again

Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again

What disappointed Jiang Chen was that Yang Zhao didn’t actually send anyone that night!

He rose early the next day, knowing that things wouldn’t be calm today.

Yang Zhao’s victory or defeat would be a result of the battles between the two sides today.

Even if Ye Rong wasn’t able to take down Yang Zhao, Jiang Chen would never be willing to sit idly by. Since he’d killed Lu Wuji, Yang Zhao wouldn’t let him off the hook either.

By virtue of their past grudges alone, there was no way that Jiang Chen would allow Yang Zhao to continue to act how he would.

“Young master, General Tian is here.”

Tian Shao had come early in the morning, surprising Jiang Chen, but the latter still said, “Have him come in.”

Tian Shao was a bit depressed this morning, and his expression was graver than usual.

“Brother Tian, why so glum? All will sort itself in time.” Jiang Chen smiled in comfort. The immense risk Tian Shao was taking was putting him under a great deal of of pressure.

After all, as a general within the Dragonteeth Guard, he was still technically one of Yang Zhao’s men. To go head to head with his superior meant taking an enormous g...

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