Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again

Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again

What disappointed Jiang Chen was that Yang Zhao didn’t actually send anyone that night!

He rose early the next day, knowing that things wouldn’t be calm today.

Yang Zhao’s victory or defeat would be a result of the battles between the two sides today.

Even if Ye Rong wasn’t able to take down Yang Zhao, Jiang Chen would never be willing to sit idly by. Since he’d killed Lu Wuji, Yang Zhao wouldn’t let him off the hook either.

By virtue of their past grudges alone, there was no way that Jiang Chen would allow Yang Zhao to continue to act how he would.

“Young master, General Tian is here.”

Tian Shao had come early in the morning, surprising Jiang Chen, but the latter still said, “Have him come in.”

Tian Shao was a bit depressed this morning, and his expression was graver than usual.

“Brother Tian, why so glum? All will sort itself in time.” Jiang Chen smiled in comfort. The immense risk Tian Shao was taking was putting him under a great deal of of pressure.

After all, as a general within the Dragonteeth Guard, he was still technically one of Yang Zhao’s men. To go head to head with his superior meant taking an enormous gamble.

Losing meant he’d forfeit his life and those of his entire family.

“Young master Chen, there is a great obstruction in our current stage. The Crown Prince went to see the king last night and it turns out even the king was indecisive.”

“This means that it’ll be impossible to do anything to Yang Zhao?”

Tian Shao sighed,“Who knew that Yang Zhao would have a sister who’d managed to cozy up to Elder Iron? The royal family is still wary in front of the senior executives of the Precious Tree Sect. Although the Crown Prince is charismatic enough, it has only been a short while since his induction as Crown Prince. His foundations are not yet at the level where he can resolve the situation himself.”

Tian Shao was incredibly depressed. They had concrete evidence in hand but couldn’t get Yang Zhao. This was enough to make anyone gloomy.

Jiang Chen clapped Tian Shao’s shoulder when he saw that the other was so dejected. “Brother Tian, we’ve been through much together, and have seen true brotherhood bloom through hardship. I’ll just tell you this, no matter what the conclusion, I won’t let you get the short end of the stick. That simply won’t happen!”

Tian Shao actually hadn’t meant to pour his concerns out, it was just that he truly viewed Jiang Chen as a brother and wanted to come vent some of his dejection.

When he saw that Jiang Chen was so approachable and had spoken such warm words to him, Tian Shao felt a warmth flow throughout his body and fill his heart, uncaring if Jiang Chen actually meant those words or not.

Jiang Chen’s words even gave Tian Shao some confidence. Ever since meeting Jiang Chen, all sorts of incredible, unfathomable incidents had occurred to him again and again.

Whether they were miracles or if Jiang Chen had been hiding his strength well, regardless of what it was, Jiang Chen had almost never disappointed.

Therefore, Tian Shao’s first reaction was trust and comfort when he heard Jiang Chen’s promise.

“Oh right, Brother Tian, you mentioned Elder Iron just now? Was it the fellow who threatened me last time and said that he would have me blacklisted from the Precious Tree Sect?”

“Yes, I’ve heard the Crown Prince mention this matter as well. He was indeed Elder Iron.” Tian Shao nodded and sighed. “This elder is a newly promoted elder and isn’t that frightening by himself. The worse thing is that he has an old man who’s a senior elder in the Precious Tree Sect who is listed as one of the four esteemed elders of the sect. His old man’s power and status is on par with the head of the Precious Tree Sect!”

Jiang Chen started and then broke out in laughter. “No wonder that Elder Iron is so cocky and arrogant, he has an even stronger backer in the form of his old man! No wonder he dared throw his weight around in front of Tutor Ye! This means he actually had the right to act so wildly.”

Tian Shao couldn’t help but admire Jiang Chen’s composure when he saw that Jiang Chen was talking and laughing instead of being nervous.

For one who had no foundations in the Skylaurel Kingdom and Precious Tree Sect to be so coolly composed when he heard that his opponents were an elder and an even esteemed elder of the Precious Tree Sect, it was impressive even if it was a façade.

Anyone else would’ve likely be a gibbering mess by now.

“Young master Chen, the Crown Prince has likely already called upon the honored tutor. The honored tutor values you greatly and Miss Dan Fei also looks upon you with favor. I rather feel that if young master Chen really takes the honored tutor as a master, then even Elder Iron wouldn’t be able to do anything to young master Chen.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. From the perspective of others, it seemed a logical choice to take Ye Chonglou as his master.

However, from Jiang Chen’s angle, although Ye Chonglou was quite strong, he still wasn’t enough to be Jiang Chen’s teacher.

Of course, Jiang Chen had no way of voicing these thoughts aloud.

“Brother Tian, it’s difficult for me to summarize the matters with regards to the honored tutor. I hope the Crown Prince can obtain the honored tutor’s support when he visits this time.”

At this moment, rushed footsteps sounded outside of the door.

Guo Jin walked in quickly with a Dragonteeth Guard. The Guard was frantic when he saw Tian Shao, “Honored general, several commanders of our sixth troop have been arrested by people at the Dragonteeth headquarters. The third and seventh troop of the Dragonteeth Guard have already received orders to surround the Jiang manor and arrest young master Jiang Chen!”

“What?!” Tian Shao was flabbergasted.

The change in this situation had come about in far too shocking a manner.

Given that Yang Zhao was unable to make any bold moves at the moment, it was time to tuck his tail in and keep his head down, not strike out in an counterattack!

The third and seventh troop were all firmly in the palm of Yang Zhao’s hand. The third troop in particular had Xin Wudao as the general, and Lu Wuji as the vice general.

The third troop’s hatred of Jiang Chen for the death of Lu Wuji was truly as deep as the seas.

Now that they had received such an order, they were surely gritting their teeth in determination and wouldn’t rest until they or Jiang Chen were dead.

“Honored general, you should lay low for a bit. Many within the Dragonteeth Guard have stood out to say that they want to censure you for your role in this, that you…”

“What are they saying?” Tian Shao’s face was dark.

“They’re saying that you’re pretending to live amongst us whilst helping outsiders to move against Dragonteeth comrades.” The man stammered. “They’re slandering you. We all know that Lu Wuji was courting death, but the third and seventh troop are all vice director Yang’s men. Many are kept ignorant of the truth due to their yelling and shouting.”

Tian Shao’s face turned green in anger, “Flipping the truth upside down, slandering my name! It’s a pathetic tragedy that the Dragonteeth Guard has fallen to the hands of these people!”

“Young master Chen, now that the situation has developed to this point, I won’t rest even if I die. Whether they want to fix a crime on my head or take off my head, I will never submit! I refuse to believe that justice no longer exists in the Skylaurel Kingdom! Lu Wuji colluded with foreign enemies and his death isn’t to be regretted! Even if you kill me or torture me to death, I still stand by my words, his crimes more than deserved death!”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, as if none of this was outside his expectations.

He clapped Tian Shao’s shoulder, “Brother Tian, hold your horses. The skies of Skylaurel Kingdom have yet to cave in.”

Tian Shao blanked and couldn’t help but say, “Young master Chen, the momentum of the Dragonteeth Guard is hard to defend against once they mobilize. Your people are unlikely to be able to protect you. In my opinion, lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans. You’ll have no fear of being unable to exact your revenge if you leave a way out for yourself. How about you take your people and go weather this storm over at the honored tutor’s residence?”

“Hide for a bit?”

“Yes, yes. The Crown Prince is also at the honored tutor’s residence. Even Yang Zhao wouldn’t dare act atrociously if you are able to convince the honored tutor.”

Tian Shao was also worried. He felt that the honored tutor was their only chance now.

“There’s nothing to hide from. I didn’t want to play my hand before because I wanted to leave some face for the royal family and let them take care of Yang Zhao, so that others wouldn’t say that I caused an uproar not long after arriving in the Skylaurel Kingdom. It looks like my considerations were misplaced.”

“Young master, you mean…” Judging from his tone, it looked like Jiang Chen was ready to really create a mess of things?

But, when faced with the entire Dragonteeth Guard, whether it was Jiang Chen or the Crown Prince, neither of the two would be able to withstand them!

“Brother Tian, say no more. Come, let’s make a trip to the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters.”

Jiang Chen stood up and whistled. A Goldwing Swordbird landed right in front of Jiang Chen.

“You’re not serious young master, are you? Aren’t you walking straight into a trap if you do so?”

“Walking straight into a trap?” Jiang Chen’s tone was indifferent. “Brother Tian, do you think I’m such an unreasonable person? And do you think we can really escape this if we avoid them?”

“But we don’t need to go head to head with them at this moment!” Tian Shao stomped his food in anxiety.

“Head to head?” Jiang Chen smiled. “Brother Tian, at the end of the day, the boss of the Dragonteeth Guard is Shangguan Yi, not Yang Zhao. Do you think that it’s Shangguan Yi is the one who wants to fix these crimes on you? Do you think that he’s sent the third and seventh troops?”

“You mean... It’s Yang Zhao?”

“No shit. It’s definitely Yang Zhao using his personal power to make the first move. As long as the two of us are dead, then there’s no likelihood that the Crown Prince will be able to take him down. It seems we’ve underestimated the charisma and savageness of Yang Zhao. It looks like those with backers are even more unbridled. Anyone else would be keeping mum and their nose clean at this moment, but Yang Zhao has struck back instead. This rather does surprise me.”

Tian Shao had to admit that Jiang Chen made sense. There was truly a need to go find general director Shangguan Yi and ask him just what was going on.

However, he still felt that there was no difference to just walking into a trap if they went knocking like this.

“Brother Tian, what are you afraid of?” Jiang Chen saw that Tian Shao was hesitant. “The Tian Shao of my memories isn’t someone who hems and haws like this.”

These words stoked Tian Shao’s will to fight, igniting his hot blood. What was he to be afraid of if Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid?

What’s theirs would be theirs, what wouldn’t be would never be theirs no matter how hard they tried.

If they were men, they would charge straightforward into the face of difficulty. They would venture deep into the mountains knowing full well that tigers lay ahead.

“Alright young master Chen, it’s the honor of my life to know you. I may not be the strongest general, but I’m definitely one with guts!”

Tian Shao laughed heartily as his emotions abruptly lightened and his fighting spirit soared aloft.

“Good, this is the Tian Shao I know!”

Jiang Chen smiled and told his people, “Everyone shut the doors and windows tightly and ignore any provocation. Wait for my return. Don’t engage the enemy. However, if they set foot into the manor, they die!”

Jiang Chen gave his orders and called out to a few Goldwing Swordbirds. Hopping onto them with Tian Shao, they headed straight for the Dragonteeth Guard.

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