Chapter 2299: Demonic Panic

The atmosphere turned awkward.

It was the first time ever that demons, as a whole, had turned their backs on their leaders.

The celestial third forefather sighed lightly. “Everyone, we’re talking out of anger right now. Maybe the discussion will be more productive if we think over things more calmly?”

“Oh? What productive contribution do you have then?” Goldenhowl’s cold chuckle was laced with mockery.

“First, it’s obvious by now the humans’ fighting potential at the top is stronger than in the past. It’s our first time seeing so many of their cards. Don’t you all find that odd?”

His words were a wake-up call, especially for some forefathers who hadn’t lost their composure.

“You’re right, it’s curious indeed. There’s something very outlandish about this Jiang Chen. Despite his young age, he’s far and away a nastier opponent than the Great Divine Veluriyam.”

“These sacred beasts are also new. Since when were they so close to humans? I thought there was great enmity between them as well?”

“Also, what about those strange mice? I’ll be damned, why do they remind me of the Goldbiter Kingrats?”

The words “Goldbiter Kingrat” were the stuff of nightmares in the heavenly planes.

Even demons shied away from these creatures, as evidenced by the many forefathers blanching in horror at this name, visibly dismayed. 

“Goldbiter Kingrats? How’s that possible? Divine Abyss is nothing but a mundane plane, how could it house such a famous race?”

“What of the four divine beasts then? Do they match this so-called ordinary plane? There’s something uncanny about this world.”

“There’s also Jiang Chen. His strength and treasures are on an entirely different level from the ancient human sects!”

The crowd engaged in lively back-and-forths.

His expression livid, Celestial also found himself at a loss. Why had a trivial Divine Abyss suddenly become this complex? Demons and humans had fought scads of battles in the past,  but this level of casualties was unprecedented, especially when it came to the forefathers.

For some reason, demon gods now seemed cheap, frail beings that crumbled at the first blow. Humans seemed to have suddenly found a way to mitigate their powers. Every new engagement now brought its share of dead forefathers.

What the hell was going on?

No one could answer for certain.

There had been a host of human gods in the past. But even for these innumerable powerhouses, killing demon gods had been no mean feat.

True, the tribes weren’t in perfect shape so soon after being released from their seals, but they weren’t too far from peak condition either. On the other hand, humans ought to have been far weaker than their ancient counterparts.

But Jiang Chen’s emergence changed the name of the game. Forefathers dropped like flies every time he was involved, not to mention the four divine beasts and the tribe that evoked the Goldbiter Kingrats.

Events seemed to be turning in a very unfavorable direction.

The third forefather sighed. “We all have our own points of view. Some of you are still overwhelmed by rage. I empathize, because it’s our first time taking such a sound loss. We celestial demons are in the same boat. This is new territory for us as well.

“So, rather than the conquest of Divine Abyss, the first question we should consider is the path we ought to take.”

“Path?” The crowd blinked collectively.

The third forefather nodded somberly. “I don’t know if you’ve acknowledged it yet, but I’m positive the humans have overcome their innate fear of us. This is an ominous sign. Without that weakness, their versatility will come even more to the fore. Our road ahead will be laden with trouble. Some of you might still be optimistic, but in my opinion, our most pressing issue is how to survive! Disaster is nigh upon us, everyone.”

Even Celestial frowned at his words. Wasn’t Old Third being a little too alarmist?

They hadn’t fallen so low they had to worry about staying alive, had they?

Granted, humans had achieved a few victories here and there, but never honest ones. They’d never taken demonkind head-on. Bluntly put, they’d always relied on tricks and opportunism.

Bloodreed cackled. “What? Are you trying to absolve yourself of blame by exalting the humans? So that you lot don’t look as stupid?”

Celestial’s wrath almost got the better of him. He was a hair’s breadth away from striking the blood demon dead.

Alas, despite his power, he couldn’t create a definite rift between his tribe and the others. It would be the end of them all. He had no choice but to repress this impulse and stay his hand.

The third forefather responded coolly, “Bloodreed, I understand your anger, but will lashing out solve the issue? Ask yourself honestly. If your tribe runs into humans, can you butcher them as easily as you used to?”

They couldn’t!

After trading blows with the four beasts, Bloodreed was now intimately acquainted with their strength. If Jiang Chen was also lying in ambush nearby...

Well, hadn’t he experienced the outcome once already for himself?

So he kept his peace, but Goldenhowl interjected frostily, “You can waggle your tongue and spew nonsense all you like. The cold hard truth is that our tribes have suffered heavy losses while you lot are almost untouched.”

There lay the root of his anger. Why should the other tribes sacrifice their tribesmen while the celestial demons stayed safe and sound?

The celestial sixth forefather had been the only victim, and from an accident at that.

Put this way, the celestial tribe’s selfishness became even more plain to see, fanning the others’ ire. They all echoed, “That’s right, why are you the only ones still fine and dandy? That’s unfair?”

“Weren’t you talking of fighting to the death? Next time, let’s see you put your money where your mouth is!”

“Forefather Celestial, if your tribe can subdue Winterdraw, we’re willing to follow your orders. But forgive us for not playing along if you’re still planning to use us as cannon fodder!”

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