Chapter 2297: Celestial Demons Fly Into a Rage

The scene epitomized chaos. Luckily, the two yin forefathers made it out of the heart of the battlefield.

Forefather Celestial’s expression darkened at Bloodreed’s insults. His confidence finally cracked. Had he misjudged the situation? Had their soundwaves really not destroyed the inner structure of Winterdraw and the human cultivators?

But what about the music? Wasn’t it Jiang Chen playing the zither? If so, who was the one that had attacked the blood demon forefathers?

Countless questions plagued his mind, none of which he could answer.

“It seems that we’ve been played by the humans again, Forefather Celestial!” The celestial third forefather sighed faintly. He was the tactician of the celestial tribe and the demonic race at large.

Among the seven celestial forefathers, his status came second only to Forefather Celestial. Even the second forefather had to defer to his superior standing.

Therefore, he had the right to speak.

“Ole Third, didn’t our soundwaves terrify the leading sects in the ancient times? Weren’t we unrivaled wherever we went? How is it possible for a mere Winterdraw and a young man to completely defy common sense?”

Doubts crept in about Forefather Celestial’s understanding of the Divine Abyss Continent because of Jiang Chen.

“It’s clear from Winterdraw’s situation that our soundwaves have been countered by the zither,” admitted the third forefather, albeit reluctantly.

“How can that be?” Forefather Celestial couldn’t readily accept that conclusion. “Soundwaves activated by six of our forefathers would be impossible to resist for any of our own tribes. Even if Winterdraw’s formation has lessened its impact, who among the human race is capable of countering our domain?”

The third forefather sighed. “The others may not be able to, but Jiang Chen can.”

“If it was Jiang Chen, then who attacked the four blood demon forefathers? He can’t be in two places at the same time, can he?” Forefather Celestial was about to pull his hair out.

The third forefather shook his head without a word. He was wondering the same thing.

“We cannot hesitate, Forefather. We must regroup. Otherwise, we’ll be in big trouble.” The third forefather reminded his leader. “Our troops have fallen into chaos. You have to keep them under control.”

Forefather Celestial let out a long sigh, his expression tight and reluctant, but he had to face reality.

“Come with me.” Forefather Celestial charged at the four sacred beasts in a flash of light. If they could take down the four, then the battle today would be worth it.

However, the sacred beasts were no fools. As soon as they saw the six celestial forefathers approaching, they streaked back to Winterdraw.

Xia Tianze secretly returned as well. He’d been keeping a low profile while he killed three blood demon forefathers and crippled Bloodreed. The massive accomplishments left him on quite a high. 

The Goldbiter Rats left the battlefield with the same ferocity as they entered it. Under their king’s guidance, the rats retreated like the receding tide as soon as the celestial demons approached, disappearing in an instant.

The demons had lost all will to fight. They didn’t even want to go after the rats, nor did they dare to. Their numbers were too great. Who knew who would win should the two parties clash?

Forefather Celestial angrily stormed after the four sacred beasts, but he was one step too late.

Watching Winterdraw’s formation close and dim from the outskirts, he growled out an order, “Attack!”

The celestial demon offensive power was formidable. Soundwaves wasn’t their only trick.

They activated their methods to launch a series of relentless attacks, hitting the edge of the formation with an army of tens of thousands of demonic creatures, brandishing their claws and fangs.

The assault was powerful enough to shake the earth. Even the titan demons fell short in comparison and impressing Jiang Chen. 

“The celestial demons do live up to their reputation. The titan demons considered unrivaled in frontal assaults, but they have yet to reach their leaders’ level.”

Nevertheless, Winterdraw’s defenses were strong enough to withstand the assault after Jiang Chen’s continuous improvements. Moreover, everyone inside the formation had been doing whatever they could to negate the incoming attacks.

If all the enemies’ attacks landed on the formation, it’d break sooner or later, but the human cultivators didn’t just sit idly by. The Earth Bodhisattva Orb, especially, did wonders in dispersing the enemies’ attacks and lessening their impact.

Xia Tianze clucked his tongue in appreciation. “Although the ancient Earth Bodhisattva Sect claimed to be the best formation faction, they weren’t able to do all this with the orb.”

Jiang Chen smiled without a word. Many of the ancient treasures hadn’t been fully utilized back in the day. Of course, he wasn’t going to point that out.

A headcount imparted that there had been no deaths on Winterdraw’s side since the formation had remained intact. The first wave of attack from the celestial soundwaves had hit many cultivators, but due to Jiang Chen’s timely reaction, only a few weaker cultivators had been seriously hurt.

They’d suffered almost no major casualties in the trying fight. The result greatly boosted human confidence.

“See?” Xia Tianze spoke brightly. “Demons may be terrifying, but they aren’t what they were back in the ancient times. They no longer hold a significant advantage over us. Celestial demons, blood demons, yin demons… the entire demonic army made their move in the end, yet they did nothing to us. I trust we all have more confidence in ourselves after this, no?”

As he said, those who hadn’t fought demons before had gained new confidence.

Demons were powerful, but so was young lord Chen. He was able to counter every one of the demons’ moves. That was true strength!

Jiang Chen wasn’t overly excited. He declared solemnly, “We’ve driven away the demonic invasion and killed a good number of their forefathers without any human dying. However, the ones to make the greatest sacrifice are the Goldbiter Rats.”

He knew better than anyone that it was the rats’ fearless advance into the demons’ formation that had sent the enemies into complete chaos. Thus, it was hard to call this a victory.

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