Chapter 2296: Time for the Divine Veluriyam Talismans

The two yin forefathers were struggling.

The blood forefathers charged at the four sacred beasts in a flash of crimson light when they received their orders.

The four beasts knew it was now or never. If they failed to kill the two remaining forefathers of the yin tribe, then they wouldn’t have the chance to do so anytime soon.

The blood demons were closing the gap.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was glad to see the addition of four new forefathers. He transmitted to Xia Tianze, “Come, Old Brother Xia.”

Xia Tianze had been resisting the blood mist’s corruption with the Great Veluriyam Torch. He handed the torch to Old Pill Rune and Mad Fiend when summoned.

“You two, take my place for a bit.” With that, he moved to Jiang Chen’s side.

The young lord draped the Immaculate Robe over Xia Tianze with a quick hand seal.

“This is the Immaculate Robe. With this, you’ll be able to hide in thin air and approach enemies without being detected. Will you sneak up on four blood demon forefathers and kill a couple of them for me?”

Xia Tianze was close to reaching seventh level divine realm. Although the Divine Transcendence Pill had yet to send him up a level, he was already on the doorstep of advanced divine realm.

His cultivation was impressive. Though he might not win in an open fight with Forefather Bloodreed or even Goldenhowl, he was confident in his chances in launching a sneak attack.

His eyes lit up. “Is this what you had on when you attacked the celestial demon sixth forefather?”

“It is. Use it well. I’ll consider it a job well done if you kill one of them, and a remarkable feat if you kill two!”

“Hehe, what if I kill three of them? Is the robe mine then?”

“In your dreams.” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes before schooling his expression. “Don’t get reckless. Those demons aren’t fools. They won’t let you get away with sneaking up on them too many times in a row. Your safety should be your top priority.”

Jiang Chen had to stay put to keep the morale-reviving music flowing. Lending the Immaculate Robe to Xia Tianze was a good solution to his dilemma.

With him playing the zither, the enemies would lower their guard since they assumed he was rooted to his spot. That made the perfect opportunity to stage an ambush.

Xia Tianze took the robe a quick spin through its paces. The treasure was indeed magical. The senior marveled at it quietly. He’d thought Jiang Chen’s most impressive heritage would be the ancient Veluriyam Palace, but the young man presented this out of nowhere. Where did it come from?

Xia Tianze was overwhelmed with excitement. He tried his best to recover his composure and snuck away from the island, approaching the battlefield.

The four blood demon forefathers wouldn’t have left the protection of the Bloodfiend Defensive Dome if they weren’t sure Jiang Chen was still playing the zither. They only charged at the four sacred beasts without concern because they believed humanity’s leader couldn’t spare any effort for them.

The same thought occupied their minds: If they could tame a sacred beast as their steed or contracted beast, it’d benefit them greatly.

Greed steadfastly gripped the forefathers.

The four sacred beasts had received instructions to buy Xia Tianze some time so he could ambush the blood demons.

They calmly built a formation and faced the blood forefathers rather than going after the yin forefathers. Their formation was so powerful that not even the four blood forefathers could break it.

This caught the blood demons by great surprise. They hadn’t expected the four sacred beasts to gain the upper hand just like this.

Forefather Bloodreed scoffed. “Forefather Celestial, you’ve been projecting your soundwaves for a long time with no results. Are you going to keep at it?”

The blood tribe was growing displeased with the celestial tribe.

They’d thought their four forefathers would be able to easily deal with the sacred beasts. They hadn’t expected the beasts’ coordinated formation to be so powerful that the four of them were thoroughly suppressed by it.

If things went on like this, the best case scenario would be a standstill. But one wrong step would spell their doom.

As Bloodreed cursed the celestial demons out, Xia Tianze sidled close to the blood demons. He manifested an offensive talisman and activated it with a twist of his hand.

He was being highly ambitious. He wasn’t aiming at only one of the demon forefathers, but at all four of them. The talisman he used was the Veluriyam Divine Talisman. A single attack contained Divine Veluriyam’s full power!

Divine Veluriyam could rival Forefather Celestial back in the ancient times. An attack at the level of his full power was terrifyingly destructive.

Blinding light shot out of the talisman; the tremendous might of divine radiance enveloped all four of the blood forefathers.

One after another, statues of Buddha warrior attendants emerged from the talisman and attacked the blood demons with a great variety of techniques.

The talisman’s might was undeniable.

The four blood forefathers had been struggling beneath the attacks of the four sacred beasts to begin with when the talisman came out of the blue and caught them by surprise. The powerful attacks of the warrior attendants landed directly on them.

Two lesser forefathers were caught up in the attack and exploded into a mist of blood, crushed by the might of Divine Veluriyam.

Bloodreed was the first to react. He took one hit with his back and attempted to flee, sending crimson crescents from both hands to offset the incoming attacks.


He coughed out a mouthful of blood when the two forces clashed behind him. He rode the momentum and leapt right back into the defensive formation. The remaining forefather, however, wasn’t as lucky.

He’d been on the fringes and dodged the first shockwave from the talisman. But the four sacred beasts weren’t going to let him escape.

Crushed between the two grinding forces, this forefather was pulverized into ashes in the blink of an eye.

The sudden turn of events left only one of the four blood demon forefathers alive. Bloodreed cursed as blood gushed out of his wounds, “F*ck you and your entire tribe, Forefather Celestial!”

He was furious. He believed the celestial demons were responsible for his tribe’s downfall.

It would be fine for the celestial demons to stay out of the fray if their soundwaves did indeed take down Winterdraw’s cultivators. That would help the demons win the battle.

However, the celestial demons had not only failed to kill the human cultivators, but also failed to keep Jiang Chen occupied.

Even now, Bloodreed still believed the one attacking them was the young lord. The thought that it could be someone else never crossed his mind.

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