Chapter 2296: Time for the Divine Veluriyam Talismans

The two yin forefathers were struggling.

The blood forefathers charged at the four sacred beasts in a flash of crimson light when they received their orders.

The four beasts knew it was now or never. If they failed to kill the two remaining forefathers of the yin tribe, then they wouldn’t have the chance to do so anytime soon.

The blood demons were closing the gap.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was glad to see the addition of four new forefathers. He transmitted to Xia Tianze, “Come, Old Brother Xia.”

Xia Tianze had been resisting the blood mist’s corruption with the Great Veluriyam Torch. He handed the torch to Old Pill Rune and Mad Fiend when summoned.

“You two, take my place...

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