Chapter 2292: The Battle Begins

The demonic army finally set off at the first hint of dawn. Like a cloud of demonic locusts, they surged onward, darkening the sky over Winterdraw. With forbidding momentum, the ten tribes encircled the sea around the island so tightly that not even a mosquito could slip through.

They’d meticulously prepared the positioning of their various forces. Everyone knew the role they had to play.

Learning from past failures, the six forefathers of the celestial tribe deployed their tribe’s domain as soon as the army was in place. This was both to safeguard their forces and to prevent Jiang Chen from using possible confusion to spring an ambush, as he’d done the last time.

The young lord was indeed hidden somewhere unseen. He observed the demons’ movements, waiting for a chance to catch them unawares. But judging from the enemy’s vigilance, opportunities would be scant.

He’d have to break the domain before any possible ambush, but he didn’t yet have that sort of strength.

It wouldn’t have stopped him had he been at seventh level divine realm. He could’ve charged straight in their midst and killed everyone standing in his way.

But there was an enormous gap between fifth and seventh level, so he kept his impatience in check and stayed hidden, patiently biding his time while waiting for whatever devilry the demons were up to.

Under the protection of the celestial tribe’s domain, the four blood demon forefathers led their tribe in laying out the foundations of their blood mist. 

It wasn’t a difficult task in theory, other than being laid out in the sky, but to enclose a vast island like Winterdraw was another story altogether.

They had to arrange four formations first, then use the formation cores to gather blood demon energy. Then, creating a demonic resonance magnified by the formations, they’d engulf the entire island.

Secret arts dealing with status effects weren’t too different from each other on a fundamental level. The demonic blood mist was a formation like any other, merely a harmful, evil one.

“The blood demon tribe, as expected.” Jiang Chen’s brows creased at the sight.

He mentally sifted through what he knew of them. His knowledge had been superficial at best in his past life, but he’d gained new insights after running into Bloodmalva. The four forefathers were on another level of power, of course, but their battle tactics shouldn’t be too dissimilar. For the young lord, it wasn’t entirely uncharted territory.

“Four forefathers... Not a weak tribe by any stretch of the imagination.” He observed them in earnest.

Currently, the optimal way would be to sneak up on them and pounce on them from the shadows.

Sadly, the celestial tribe stayed ever-cautious, never allowing for this kind of opening. Their protection followed the blood tribe wherever the latter went. 

“The celestial demons seem to have learned their lesson after losing a forefather last time. But their domain requires a constant supply of energy. I’ll tip my hat to them if they can keep it up it forever!” He stayed unruffled as he was in no rush. Opportunities would come in due time.

The blood demons’ formations weren’t overly complex. Each forefather levitated a blood bead in their hand that summoned the surrounding demonic energy and continuously absorbed it.

Little by little, the beads changed colors, finally flaring a bright crimson in the end.

Meanwhile, once processed by the beads, the demonic energy vaporized into the air and spread rapidly, shrouding all of Winterdraw in a mist. 

Having expected this scene from the start, Jiang Chen continued to wait for his moment to strike.

Somewhere below, Xia Tianze clucked his tongue. “The young lord’s foresight is truly beyond compare. Just as he’s said, the blood demons are the ones launching the first attack. An Kasyapa, you know how to use the Earth Bodhisattva Orb he gave you?”

A wise smile floated on the latter’s lips. “Let’s start.”

The orb fashioned another layer of protection for the island’s formations. Pulsating with formidable power, this layer worked tirelessly to offset the blood mist by diffusing it toward the sea, crashing mighty waves over the water’s surface.

Meanwhile, Xia Tianze opened his hand uptwards, the Great Veluriyam Torch unexpectedly appearing within.

As the Veluriyam Palace’s esteemed elder, he was the most suitable person to entrust the torch to.

“Great Veluriyam Torch, quell all demons with your sacred radiance!”

Suffused with the holiness of gods and buddhas, the torch’s most marvelous ability was to purge all evil where it shone. No matter how many fiendish demons sullied the earth, the sacred light would purify them all.

In fact, not even the Great Divine Veluriyam himself had fully understood this power. But Jiang Chen had studied the item’s characteristics in depth and mastered its uses.

Sure enough, the encroaching blood mist lost some of its luster the moment it came into contact with the torch’s light, while the Earth Bodhisattva Orb pushed the remainder to the sea.

As a result, less than two tenths were left to assail the island’s defenses.

At full power, the bloody mist would have sorely tested mankind’s defenses, but it was a mere tickle in its present state. 

Of course, the blinding light from the Great Veluriyam Torch also made it difficult to accurately gauge the situation on the island. The demons had yet to realize their plan had been effectively foiled.

Blissfully unaware, the four blood demon forefathers smiled grimly when they saw the light try to hamper their efforts.

Bloodreed sneered. “The torch is powerful, but how long can they last? We can maintain our mist until the end of the battle if need be. They can’t win a battle of attrition. Let’s put our backs into it, everyone, and make them bend to our tribe’s will!”

In spite of its fearsome powers, the blood tribe had ultimately underestimated mankind’s resilience.

While supporting the celestial demon domain and protecting the four blood demon forefathers, Celestial kept an attentive eye on Winterdaw.

The Great Veluriyam Light made his task arduous. Even so, he could see the torch dissolve half the blood energy at most. The other half should be battering the island’s formations this very instant.

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